Title: Kate, The Vampire Slayer

Author: electricgurl

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Disclaimer: I don't own BtVS. Wish I did...If I did then all the girls...and possible some of the guys would all have little Spike dolls that they could play with.... But the Kate character is mine...If you want to use her please let me know and I'll send you her Profile:-)

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Timeline: Any time during Spike and Buffy's relationship in the Sixth season.

Spoilers: Probably a few but I don't think there will be many.

Paring: Spuffy

Summary: Once a Slayer dies another is called so where is the Slayer for the second time that Buffy dies? Here she is. Kate, the Vampire Slayer. But something's wrong...not only is she fighting the vampires, she's fighting the white hats also!!!

A/N: In my story Buffy and Spike are closer then they are on the TV show. Although they aren't in 'love' yet they are somewhat of close friends. It's a slight AU. Also thank-you to my beta-reader Gwen....


Kate slowly made her way around the outside of the crowed club. She could feel the pulse of the music and was taken back at how loud it was. She grinned and slowly stocked inside what had been an abandoned warehouse at one point in time.

The rave was in full swing and there was groups of people everywhere. She tugged at her necklace. She was nervous but she had work to do.

She moved into the crowd. Most of the crowd was just happy teens, out enjoying the nightlife outside of L.A.

But then there were the less innocent children. She slid her hand against her back and felt the familiar stake and knife that rested there.

The jobs half done. Don't muddle it up now! She screamed at herself. Her hand falling back down to her sides she let herself go.

Her walls fell down and she could sense everyone...and everything in the room. Her eyes narrowed. Weakling. Not even worth her time. She growled deep in her throat. Three of the nearest teens backed away from her.

She sighed. After all she had spent the money to get this far. She pushed through the crowd finally coming to a stop in front of a small group of 5 teens. A mixture of male and female they were laughing at a joke. The nearest looked up at her.

"Can we help you?" The girl snubbed.

"Maybe...See I was looking for something."

"Go away girl, you don't know what your getting yourself into." A boy told her. She grinned.

"Actually, I think I do." Then she let her final wall fall. The shock that entered their eyes were priceless. "Well come on then." She growled at them.

All at once they charged her. She flipped backwards landing on a low nearby table. She pulled her stake and knife out one in each hand.

"So who's first?" Kate asked as she licked her lips. She grinned and shifted back and forth.

They growled at her and the boys jumped her. She smiled and flipped over their heads, hearing them crash into a table as she landed. She faced the two girls. They hissed and bared their teeth.

"What're you waiting for?" The one on her left jumped forward and Kate punched the stake into her heart. She yanked it back out and spun slamming the knife into the second girls left eye. She felt to the ground and Kate pulled her knife free as she slammed the stake down. Their mouths formed perfect 'O's as they disappeared into dust.

She spun and faced the three boys. She wiped her knife clean and dove forward. She sliced upwards cutting the first one bad enough that he fell to his knees. She sighed and punched the next in the face. She tossed her stake into the back of the one trying to flee for the door. He disintegrated and the stake fell to the floor. The other two were trying to get their bearings when she pulled another stake out of her waistband. She growled, stepping forward and quickly finished them off. She looked around the small rave, a frown forming on her lips. A tall well-dressed man came up from behind her.

"What are you pouting about now?" He asked.

"There were only five. And they didn't even fight back."

"You will get a fight soon enough." He told her. She nodded.

"So we are headed to the next town?" They began to walk towards the doors. People moved out of their way. They only paused long enough to pick up her fallen stake. She replaced all the objects into her belt.

"No, we are headed to a new town. A great evil has risen." She raised her eyebrow at him.

"What town?"


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