Chapter 7: We should all have a little Faith

Buffy convulsed harder and pushed Giles onto the floor. He grunted as he hit the floor and bounced slightly.

"A little help would be nice." Spike grunted out as Buffy's free side hit his body as he tried to help her. Xander rushed over and grabbed his long time friend and held her down. The two of them slowly got her back into some type of control and she slowly came back to normal. They sighed together and pushed up and away. Spike held onto her hand for a few moments longer then needed.

"What's wrong with her?" Dawn asked frighten. "I mean, Normaly no one should do that." Spike bit his lip and turned back to the newest slayer.

"Please." He pleaded with her. "If not for me, then for them." He pointed to the scobby gang. "They are her friends....her family. Would you be so cruel that they aren't aloud to live with her?" He demanded. Blood tears dripping down his cheeks.

Kate looked around at the number of people that had finally gathered. She locked eyes with Spike and nodded. "I'll help you." She stated. Spike smiled softly.

"Thank-you." He said softly. "You will never know how much this means to me." He informed her. She smiled and thought back to what it would be like to go back to her normal life with her boyfriend and friends.

"I think I do." She said as she smiled. "I can take you to our hotel room if you will undo my chains." She said as she twisted in her seat.


Faith never really had a major problem in jail. She knew what she had to do to live comfortably, and she did everything to a tea. She didn't cause problems and she didn't look for a hand-out, she worked hard and made friends with those that were in power. She didn't bother to hid the fact that she was stronger then most of the woman, and the guards that were in the facility with her, but that still didn't stop the new players from challenges her for peaty little reasons on their first day in.

Which was what she was dealing with at the moment. Jane was a butch girl. She was in for a triple count of murder that she proudly talked about to any one that would listen, she also spoke about the contracts she was still getting now. Faith didn't pay any attendance to her as Angel had stopped all the latest attempts on her life. Which causes Jane' attack to be even more surprising when it happen.

It lasted longer then it should have but it ended the same way it always did. With Faith kicking the challengers ass and then going out to lunch or being placed in solidation. It was the first one but not until after she made a quick phone call.

"Angel's Investigations-"

"Shut-up Cordy." She hissed.

"But Angel on."

"Oh yeah, it's Faith." She hissed. She covered the phone with her hand and then Angel picked up.

"Faith? What's wrong?" He asked.

"Oh nothing really." She picked at her nails. "I only just had another attempt made at my life. I thought you had dealt with those problems." She hissed again.

"I did Wolfman and Hart, said that they would stop coming for you. It must be some one different." Faith bit her lip.

"Do you think that it could b the watcher Council?" She asked nervously. Angel didn't reply for a little while.

"If it is then you aren't the only one that was attacked."

"B..." She whispered. "We have to go to Sunnydale."

"My thought exactly." Angel said. "I'll be over to pick you up in an hour." He informed her. She sighed.

"I'll be here."


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