Dearest darlingest readers,

I'm sorry for the hiatus, nice people. I've been having a lack of inspirationnot writer's block, mind you, just a lack of inspiration. When I looked at what I had for the next chappie, I just thought, "Okay... What now?" and came up blank. :shrug: Sorry, my dearsies.

Uh, please don't kill me, but I have some bad news. There's gonna be another hiatus. :ducks as they throw pies and small, sharp forks at her: Er, sorry! Really I am! But I find the story in great need of being rewritten. When next you see it, it may be missing a chapter or twosome of them were too shortand will have a new name. I think I shall probably call it CANDLE, but you know... That's my working title, anyways.

So sorry!
Heavenly Awkward

P.S. I've thought a bit more... The title will be Candle. I'm putting up the first chapter today. It's a slightly changed mesh of most of the first three chapters. Sorry, it didn't change all that much... But I'll give you some more fun stuff to read when I put the next chappy together.