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Okay, don't hurt me for this. Ooo, I know you're all gonna hurt me for this. Don't. Hurt. Me. Okay? Okay. Good.

One more time—DO YOU PROMISE NOT TO HURT ME? I hope that was a yes. Now I'm going to do something that will make me regret existing...


One year later...

--Piper's POV--

Things have settled down quite a bit. Gideon's dead, thankfully, and I have two little precious gifts now, both sleeping contently in the nursery as I sit here in the rocking chair. The future has been saved.

Of course, there were some complications along the way. Gideon decided to strike right when Lynn appeared. While trying to eliminate Wyatt, he saw the baby girl as a threat. You know, part witch, whitelighter, and assassin. Thrice-blessed, you could say. It was an issue.

So he attacked the manor. Chris tried to defend Wyatt and ended up getting stabbed, conscious long enough to see that both Lynn and Wyatt had been kidnapped. He tried to call for Leo but all of the elders were on suspension after Gideon orbed down to earth, and Leo couldn't hear the calls. Paige eventually found him and orbed up to Magic School, where they found an appropriate healer for the stab wound.

Chris was the only one who'd seen it happen. He orbed down to where he sensed Gideon in a heartbeat—only to find Lynn, dead on the floor. He broke down sobbing. He couldn't take it. And then he realized...it was an illusion.

When he snapped out of it and overcame his fear, he saw Gideon and Barbus, holding a knife to Wyatt's shield that was protecting the two babies. Without a sound, Chris muttered a vanquishing spell for Barbus and used telekinesis to unarm Gideon and use his own weapon against him—

Chris killed Gideon.

He stayed with Lynn here long enough to tell us the tale, then promptly left the manor along with Bianca, returning to the true future he deserved.

I smile, watching my two boys. You wouldn't believe it was true, but the pair of them really do get along now. When Chris was first born, it was chaotic. But Chris never stuck around to see his baby self; he was gone long before then.

I wish that he could've stayed to tell me more. I wish he could warn us about all of the mishaps in his future so we could fix it. I wish...well, I wish that I could be there for him. But I have to remind myself that that's another Piper's job in another time, so he'll be okay.

Once I stop rocking and look up, I realize that three-month-old Chris is staring at me, a wide grin on his face. I smile back. That's the funny thing about him—he never cries when he wakes up. He's a very happy baby. I can't wait to watch them grow—both of them.

For now I can only wonder what the future holds. But this time, I don't have to hope for a good one. I already know that any future we come across will be fine.

Chris' POV

One year later...

It's been ten months since I completed my mission, and the future has finally been set right. Bianca, Wyatt, and the rest of the Halliwell family are the only people that can remember the events that occurred in the other timeline. I came here with a new set of memories—and boy, was it confusing at first.

I still have Bianca and Lynn. We live across the street from the manor, since it was a bit too crowded there anyway. It's so cool seeing little Prue and Mel and Colin and Bindle and Bailey all grown up. It's just like I thought it would be.

Bindle, now the baby of her generation, is thirteen years old and currently the girl all the guys drool over. Bailey's a skateboarder relaxed type and reminds me a lot of myself at his age—not that interested in girls when girls are interested in him. He makes me laugh and we're pretty good buddies, even though he's just about to turn fifteen himself.

Colin and Mel are both twenty years old now, and have completely opposite dreams. Mel is engaged to a mortal man, Dave, who knows about magic and accepts her. She's training to be an extreme sports instructor at a camp for kids every summer and winter. Colin's in Harvard Law School, trying to become a lawyer, where he's dating a couple of women. Who'd have guessed?

Prue is twenty one years old now and the proud author of two fantasy books about witches. She's a photographer for a teen magazine (which also has some perks for Bindle) and has photographed and interviewed many popular celebrities. She's single now, but something tells me that she and Brian...umm...I'll shut up. It's her business—and Bindle's when she uses her super-sharp hearing to listen in on their conversations. Heh.

And Wyatt, twenty five years, is married to a mortal woman, Annie, and currently has two children. The first is Leo (gee, wonder where that came from), a two-year-old with Annie's red hair and Wyatt's blue eyes. The second, Alex (a boy), will turn one in a month and is very close in age to Lynn.

The manor's a little too cramped now, considering that Wyatt, Annie, their two kids, Bindle, Bailey, adult Prue, Mark, younger Prue, Paige, Jake—

Oh yeah, Jake. That was a Magic School teacher that Wyatt killed as a toddler in the past timeline. In this timeline he lived so Paige met him and they married. But Mel and Colin were still exactly the same. I think that in the other timeline, Jake and Paige met and...(hem) before she and Richard were married in the first place. Erm, yeah, I know.

As I was saying—Wyatt, Annie, their two kids, Bindle, Bailey, adult Prue, Mark, younger Prue, Paige, Jake, Piper, Leo, Phoebe, and Jason (Mel lives with Dave, Colin lives in a college dorm). With fifteen people living at the manor, we decided that it would be best if Bianca and I moved across the street.

Besides, we're expecting. Matthew Perry, a boy, titled after recycled middle names. We have got to get some more names in the Halliwell line!

Well, he won't be here for another six months or so. But I'm sure that Lynn will enjoy having a little brother. Maybe half as much as Wyatt enjoyed me...

I laugh, watching little Lynn toddle over to me, where I'm sitting on the couch and helping Bianca compile photos of her for the baby book. This is definitely just the kind of future I wanted to create.


Okay, no murdering me. It had to be done. All strange things have to end sometime, right? Besides, it's better than never finishing and leaving you all with cliffies...


Does this mean no more cookies?? Don't try to bribe me, though. I can't be bribed by...(drools)...yummy, delicious, juicy, chocolate—


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