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Summary: From the tattered shards of the Dark Tournament…a sinister warlord arises. A violent death…a dark proposal… "Take my word for it, Botan. If you don not agree, death will surely flow."

It will truly be…



Chapter One: Borrowed Time

"A spy?" Botan asked incredulously. "Me?"

The dark figure who sat across from her shook his head yes.

"But surely you must be joking!"

"My dear," he began, leaning back in his seat, causing the dark hood over his head to fall even lower. "There is trouble going on in the depths of Spirit World. Make no mistake of that. You yourself knew that after all these long years, something was going to happen. And it has."

Botan blushed slightly, picking up her teacup. "But still, Mr. Mamoru—"

"Botan," he interrupted. "You cannot hide from it anymore. He has come. Sooner or later, he will take power. And personally, I would rather it be later than sooner. If he come to power," he said, his voice becoming low and gritty, "no one will escape his wrath. All I'm asking you is to find some weakness. Some…something that will help us lead the resistance."

"I refuse." Botan set her teacup down forcefully, causing the coffee table to shudder slightly.

"I came to you, Botan, because I knew you could get the job done. I want you to get close to him, enter his defenses. If there is a person who could do that, it is surely you."

Botan's lower lip trembled. "No."

"Have it your way." The tall, cloaked figure known as Mr. Mamoru stood up. He bowed gracefully, and pulled a hat off a coat hanger. "I will give you a fortnight to think it over, my dear. And trust me, my pet. If you refuse me, death will surely flow. Make not mistake of that."

He tipped his hat. "Until then, I bid you good day, my lady." And with that, he opened the door, and walked out into the cold evening air.


"Koenma, sir?" Botan asked, quietly stepping into the well-lit room. "Is something wrong?"

Koenma sighed from his spot at his desk and rubbed his hands slowly over his face. "I just don't know what do anymore, Botan. They've hit our defenses, our communications…all our fighters are worn out. I can't stop him." Koenma gave a shaky sigh, and looked at his hands. "I just can't stop him!" he banged his fist on the table, and his head drooped. He heaved a sob.

A hand was placed on his. He looked up, startled, into the kind gentle pink eyes of Botan. "It's all right, Koenma, sir. You'll figure something out. I just know you will."

Koenma felt like crying all over again. "Botan, I—"

The door banged open. Botan gasped, and her whipped around. There, standing in the doorway, was a tall, dark figure. He reached into his robes, and pulled out a gun. He cocked it, and aimed it straight at Koenma. "Die you slimy son of a bitch," he gritted out.

"No!" Botan screeched.

A shot rang out. Koenma was dead.


Botan awoke with a jolt. Breathing heavily, she looked around the dark room, her chest heaving in and out. She let out despairing sigh, hid her face in her hands, and began to sob quietly. "He's dead," she said between shaky breaths. "And its nobody's fault but mine. I killed him."

Desperately, she threw off her blanket. Swinging her off her bed while quiet tears fell from her cheeks and on the sheets. The dream had haunted her ever since he died. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw the shock and surprise upon his lovely face, how his beautiful golden eyes died out in death. Heaving out another sob, she walked over to her window, a hand placed over her eyes. It just wasn't fair. Why was she still alive and her own Koenma-sama dead? Why had he done to deserve that? It was her. Her. She was why he was dead.

"If only I had accepted Mr. Mamoru's proposal before," she whispered desperately. Three days before Koenma had been assassinated, she received a note. It read: What is your decision? She disregarded it, thinking Mamoru wouldn't take the matter as far as he had told her. The next morning, she received another note: You cannot run from this any longer, Botan. And again, in the afternoon: You're living on borrowed time. And then the most horrible of them all: Death will surely flow.

If only I had believed those notes, Botan thought urgently as long sobs racked her slight frame. Koenma would still be alive.

There was only one choice left. Botan rubbed the tears from her eyes, trying to calm down. Slowly, she turned and left the room. She wandered downstairs, where she grabbed her coat and wearily pulled it on. The short trip to Mamoru's was interminable, it seemed. Botan shivered as a chill passed over her, and pulled the ends of her jacket together to try and get warmer. She began to cry again, gentle tears falling from her cheeks and onto the pavement. When she reached his door, she stood on its stoop, tears running down her face.

She heaved a shuddering sigh, and rang the doorbell. It didn't surprise that it opened almost immediately, the infamous Mamoru in his pajamas and a bathrobe. "Well, well, well," he said, assessing the weeping Botan on his front porch. "What do we have here?"

Another tear trailed down her cheek. "You win," she said, quivering. "I can't fight anymore. I'll be your spy."


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