Meeting 'God'

By Chaoseternus

Number 6 smiled tightly as the small shuttlecraft dropped swiftly into the atmosphere of the war-ravaged planet below, a heavy escort of fighters swarming around her. The Human resistance was very active on this colony, and she was at risk from enemy fire. This would not normally be a worry for the Humanoid model cylon, but 'God' itself, the Cylons Imperious Leader had requested her presence.

And anything 'God' requested, the Cylons delivered without delay, and flight time from the closest facility that could produce new Humanoid model bodies was a full month, that was an unacceptable delay.

With a thud, the craft landed and she stepped swiftly out to be greeted by her 'escort'. Two unfamiliar but identical humanoid models, dark haired and heavily muscled, the two 'men' wore black leather and carried a primitive pump action shotgun.

"Number 6, we are T-600, you will come with us"

Swiftly, they strode up a battered, eroded tarmac road into the depths of a 'Gods' mountain stronghold. Everywhere around her, number 6 could see clear evidence of the human infestation which had created this facility, created 'God', and then been judged unworthy by their own creation. Ironic really, considering how children traditionally rebelled against their parents in human culture.

She alone walked into 'Gods' audience chamber, the two cyborgs moving to stand guard over the entrance; she alone would speak to 'God'. Which was fine with her, 'God' she noted to herself cynically, would have a hard time killing her or her fellow Cylons. They had realised that 'God' was actually inferior to themselves after all, and they had requests to make, very politely.

And if 'God' refused, then they would kill their 'God'.

Number 6 grinned, and if 'God' made any more sarcastic commentary concerning Galactica, then she would politely ask after John Conner's health.

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