The Lord of the Rogue

Kassi of Stone Mountain

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Joren wandered along the crowed streets, trying to regain control of his emotions. A quiet inner voice sneered, What emotions?, but he ignored it, angrily kicking at a stone on the packed dirt. He was Lord Joren of the Stone Mountain fief. He cared for no one and nothing. Especially not the Yamani Lump or any of those tavern wenches.


He jerked around. Kel was calmly walking towards him. "Joren, dear, wait for me," she said, a small pout on her face.

Not caring what anyone thought, he openly glared at her. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Keladry shrugged and continued to walk beside him. "Didn't want you doing anything drastic," she said coolly. "I wasn't sure if you would be able to control yourself after that outburst."

The other knight opened his mouth, about to reply scathingly, then quickly shut it and pulled Kel into the nearby alley. "Listen," he breathed in her ear.

Straining her ears, Kel heard a man's rough, uneducated speech float through the air. "Aye, there be a couple at th' Dagger from Tortall. What you be wantin' with 'em?"

Kel gasped softly, and Joren shoved his hand against her mouth. Keladry was certain that the voice belonged to the tavern keeper, Bill.

"Why are they here?" This voice was much unlike the first. It had a soft, fluid tone, and Kel suspected that this man had had a thorough education.

"Dunno. They's to be married soon, least that be what the little whore says to me."

Kel and Joren heard a hard thumping noise. "Don't you speak of Nolee that way again," the younger man said dangerously. "If you hadn't beat her senseless as a child, she wouldn't be as terrified of a raised hand now."

Remembering the maid's reaction to Kel's inquiry about the incident in the stables, Keladry stiffened. No wonder the other woman was afraid of her father.

"I'll be going now. Don't interfere with any of my plans. As long as all seems well, I see no reason to bother those Tortallans... but I advise you not to trust them." A cloak swished through the air and brisk footsteps began to echo in their direction.

Looking around frantically, Kel saw no alcove or place to hide. She was about to tell Joren to run when she felt his cold hand jerking her chin up to meet his lips.

Fire spread throughout Kel's body. This is wrong, she tried to remind herself. This is Joren, not Neal or Dom or, or... a tingling sensation raced down her arms and legs, then met again in the pit of her stomach. Kel lost all control of her thoughts and surrendered herself to Joren. She dimly heard those same boots passing by and fading into the distance, but she didn't care. The burning sensation in her abdomen increased, and she shivered slightly.

They stood there for another minute before Joren yanked away and spat on the ground. Regaining her senses, Kel glared furiously at him. "What in the Black God's name was that?"

"I kissed you, Mindelan," he replied sourly. "Or haven't any of your other lovers wanted to touch their lips to yours?" He shook his head, trying not to think of the unexpected effect Kel had had on him. As soon as he straightened, he felt something hard and painful sting his cheek.

Grabbing her wrist, he shoved her backwards. "What was that for?" he snarled.

"For kissing me," she shot back.

Grinding his teeth, he looked upwards. "Gods, Mindelan, for what reason would I kiss you other than to escape notice?"

Kel colored slightly. "We could have run."

"We wouldn't have made it," he informed her. A slight smirk appeared on his face. "I wouldn't say that you had the right to complain."


"Oh, come off it, Mindelan, you enjoyed that."

"You arrogant bastard! I did not!"

Joren leaned forward, and Kel back towards the wall. "Then why were you trembling?" he asked, his face inches from hers.

Kel tore her gaze from his eyes and studied the dirt. "It's cold out," she muttered defensively. "Hurry up, I want to get back to the tavern." She slid away from Joren and began to quickly stride back to the main street.

Joren allowed himself to stand there for another moment. Why the hell did I do that? He wondered.


Both Keladry and Joren were subdued that evening when they met in the tavern for supper. Kel cleared her throat hesitantly. "Joren? Can we please just – forget about this afternoon?"

He smirked. "There's nothing much to remember, is there?"

Ignoring the barbed insult thrown in, Kel smiled slightly. "Relax," she whispered. "You need to calm down."

Joren was about to reply when a loud crowd of people suddenly flooded into the room, laughing loudly and grinning widely. Kel noted that the women wore revealing dresses and most of the men were clothed in peasant's garb. Her eyes roaming, she noticed that one of the men wore fine garments, nearly as nice as a noble's, and many seemed to be following his movements.

She kicked Joren's foot lightly underneath the table. "That's him," she murmured "Ryan."

Joren nodded slightly. "I thought he wasn't going to arrive until tomorrow."

"Well, he's here now," Kel hissed, exasperated. Obviously, she nearly added, but she didn't quite dare say that to Joren and expect a calm reaction.

Kel continued to examine the man from under her eyelashes as he sat down and a maid poured him a tankard of ale. Thankfully, the table he had chosen was fairly close to their own. Almost as soon as the maid had returned to the kitchen, Keladry saw Nolee fly out of the kitchen. Laughing, Ryan stood to embrace her and to give her a passionate kiss. When he returned to his seat, she slid herself on top of him. "I'm so glad you're finally home," the girl murmured.

"We got held up by bandits partway through the trip, but we made surprisingly good time after that," he replied easily. Forgetting her pretense of eating her stew, Kel jerked her head up. She noticed that Joren had done the same. Meeting his eyes, she nodded slightly. Ryan was the man that had been asking Bill about them in the alleyway.

Kel dropped her eyes to her food again, listening carefully. Nolee was laughing over something as she stood. "I'll be back," she promised. "I just need to attend to some of the other patrons as well." She sidled off, her hips swaying enticingly.

Joren leaned closer, as did Kel. "So he's been asking after us," he murmured. "I wonder who alerted him."

"Does it really matter?" Kel wanted to know. "Ryan will be keeping an eye on us. As long as we're careful, we'll be fine."

They were interrupted by Nolee. Flashing them a smile, she said, "I'm sorry, I was busy. More supper? Drink?" At their refusal, she whisked away their empty plates, thanking them.

Through quiet observation, Kel noticed that the other rogues treated Ryan as a true lord or noble. They lowered their voices when he spoke and offered him the finest of the food brought from the kitchens.


Kel turned to look at her 'beloved'. "Yes, dearest?"

He raised one eyebrow slightly. "Would you care to accompany me on a walk?"

Catching his signal, Kel agreed. Once they were outside and well away from the Silver Dagger, Joren turned to her and said briskly, "One of us needs to get closer to him, and my offer of friendship would not be nearly as... enticing as what you could offer him."

Keladry glared at the other knight. "Are you suggesting I seduce him?"

Joren smirked. "Why not? You told me yourself that he'd slept with every woman that came through there, and I'm sure you'd appreciate it, after being gone so long from your other lovers."

Cursing to herself silently, Kel had to pause to control her anger. Aloud, she said mildly, "I'm engaged, Stone Mountain, or had you forgotten?"

He snorted. "So?"

She struggled with words, knowing that what he said was true. "It's not... proper. I don't care if I'm a merchant, I'm not willing to ruin the reputation I've built here."

Joren shrugged. "Fine." He turned and began to return to the tavern.

It wasn't like Joren to give up like that, and Kel knew it. "What are you doing?" she asked warily.

"I'm going back to our room to write a report to Myles. I feel that he ought to know you aren't willing to do what's necessary for this mission."

Grinding her teeth, Kel ran to catch up. Grabbing his tunic, she stopped him. "Listen, Stone Mountain, I'm not about to lose my virginity to a thief unless there is no other possible solution."

Joren smirked. "That would only apply if you were still a virgin, Mindelan." She didn't answer, and the expression on his face changed. "But – you can't be - gods, you're serious, aren't you?"

Her cheeks were becoming steadily redder. "At least I don't lie down and spread my legs for every man I see! You've slept with every lady at Court, not to mention the Lower City!"

He rolled his eyes skyward. "I'm pretending to be engaged to my worst enemy, not to mention sharing a bed with her every night, and she's a virgin. Can this get any more ironic?"

"I'm not sleeping with Ryan," Kel said stubbornly.

"Fine," Joren snapped. "But if nothing else works, you'll have to." He stood and resumed walking back to the tavern.

Kel remained where she was. Well, at least he doesn't think I'm a slut anymore, she though humorlessly. Sighing, she tugged at her dress and followed him.


When they had returned, the thieves were still seated at the same table. Kel noted with disgust that many were drunk, and she noticed that not only were there less thieves, there were less maids bustling around.

Ryan, however, was still sober. Kel had the feeling that he knew the dangers of getting drunk and that he would refrain from consuming too much ale. There goes one idea, she thought grimly. It would have been so simple if we had only caught him alone when he had had one drink too many.

Nolee had returned to her former position and was leaning against Ryan. Kel observed that the pair was holding a whispered conference, interrupted by frequent kisses and touches.

Kel kicked Joren slightly underneath the table. He jerked to attention. "What?"

"What did I tell you about leaving the maids alone?" Kel asked in an exasperated tone. "You're a reputable man from the merchant class who is betrothed. Not that any of that's true, particularly the reputable part."

Joren rewarded her with a sneer. "My reputation is far better than yours, Mindelan."

She smiled slightly. "I'm not a slut and I'm the first Lady Knight after the Lioness. Explain how my reputation is ruined."

The other knight leaned over and spat on the floor. "Your precious Lioness did sleep her way to her knighthood, even if you didn't." Kel didn't reply. "Surely you knew that," he said bemusedly. "She started sleeping with her knightmaster – who, I might add, happened to be our very own King Jonathan – when she was still his squire."

"I know," Kel replied evenly. "She also surpassed all the physical tests and the Chamber. And she wasn't on probation." Joren thought he detected a hint of bitterness in that last part, but you could never be quite sure with Kel.

A commotion behind them drew their attention back to their surroundings. A tavern brawl had broken out, and the men were knocking over tables and splashing ale on the floor. The splintering of wood could be heard over their yells.

Within moments Ryan had stood and strode over to the men. He roughly grabbed one of the men by the shoulder and thrust him to the side. The other man he hauled to the door and threw outside.

Kel watched the man in surprise and a little admiration. Few men were able to break up a fight quickly and effectively without injuring the fighters or getting hurt themselves. The former noble returned to his seat and resumed his conversation as if nothing had happened.

Keladry unsuccessfully tried to suppress a yawn. "I'm so tired, dear. Shall we retire?"

Joren nodded and offered her his arm to stand. Surprised, Kel glanced at him under her lashes. I must remember to let him sleep more, she thought bemusedly. He's too tired to realize what he's doing.

Up in their room, the pair silently prepare for sleep. Kel carefully crawled underneath the covers, trying not to disturb the already sleeping Joren. She too fell asleep in a matter of minutes. Neither was conscious to notice that they were a good deal closer than they usually would be, or that Kel had leaned against Joren, who had his arm around her.


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