Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: Sometimes, late at night, she'll catch wisps of fragments that run through her head. 

Sometimes, late at night, she'll catch wisps of fragments that run through her head.  She'll recall the parties that would last till all hours of the night with her friends in L.A.  Her mother's soft touch as she bandaged scraped knees.  She was always playing to hard with the boys. 

A ghost of a smile plays on her lips; almost making it's way to her eyes when she thinks of this. 

The smell of her best friends house makes its way back to her nose.  It was always a homey smell, almost like homemade cookies but not as sugary.  It felt like she spent more time there, towards the end of her time in L.A., then she did at her own home.  Her mother didn't like to her to hear the fighting. 

In her mind's eye she can see her friends home.  The way the staircase's railing was never completely sturdy.  She almost laughs out loud when she remembers the time they both fell because of that railing. 

Instead the laughter stops short.  Caught in her throat.  A sob escapes her lips, replacing the laughter.  None of it was real.  A lie placed in her head by men who thought they were helping the world.  She quickly whips at the flow of tears making their way down her face. 

She quickly glances at the digital clock sitting next to her bed glaring red numbers at her.  She rolls over to face away from the light and closes her eyes tightly trying to block out the false memories that float through her head.

Sometimes, late at night, Dawn catches wisps of fragments that float through her head.  Those are the nights she wishes that Glory had succeeded in killing her, its not like her old "friends" would care.  They weren't even real.

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