Harry Potter and the Portents of Doom 1/?

Rated: R contains violence and hints of non-con. Slash of the HP/SS variety in later chapters, also HG/RW.

Authors Notes: I do not own Harry Potter or it's characters, that would be JKR. Subject matter not for children, although nothing too graphic, but be careful when reading just to be on the safe side. I will put appropriate warnings up when we get to the violent Death Eater scenes though. Please heed the warnings.

A Bitter Return

Harry sat beside Ron and across from Hermione at the Gryffindor Table during the Welcoming Feast trying not to be overtly bitter. It was his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and all his classmates were chatting happily, blissfully unaware of the menacing scepter shadowing all of their problem-free lives. Unlike the rest of the students, Harry was no longer under the mistaken impression that Dumbledore would protect them. Those were the same misguided fools who regarded Harry as alternately crazy and their Savior depending on popular public opinion. Dumbledore was not invincible, and all the luck in the world wouldn't prevent casualties. Hell, Dumbledore's actions led indirectly to his own Godfather's death.

Harry had much time to think over the summer in between the nightmares, visions, near constant headaches, and vague, yet infuriating correspondence from the Order. His anger had solidified to a cold fury, nearly impregnable. The only people who could breech his cool exterior were those who accompanied him to the Department of Mysteries. Although a good deal of his fury was directed at himself, there was more then enough anger to spread around.

Harry came to the conclusion that had he had more information, not only would he have been more prepared for Voldemort's false visions, but he would have been more apt to work harder on Occulmancy with Snape. While they had never been anything but antagonistic to each other, had Harry known the possible peril he was placing his friends and Sirius in he would have sucked up his discomfort and done what he was told. Instead, Dumbledore told him nothing, not speaking to him all year. Only telling him of the prophecy an hour after his godfather's death, a death that could have been avoided. Instead due to his ignorance, Harry was responsible for not only his Godfather's fall through the Veil, but also his friend's injuries as well.

Since Harry's arrival to Hogwarts he had done his best to ignore Dumbledore's worried gaze as well ass Snape's glaring heated countenance, unsuccessfully, if McGonagall's shocked face was anything to judge by. She had seen one of Harry's more venomous looks directed at Dumbledore a few minutes before and since was watching him sternly.

Harry ate in companionable silence with Ron and Hermione, smiling at the reassuringly when they looked at him in confusion, having seen his anger at the Headmaster. He hadn't seen them all summer, per Dumbledore's orders, not even in Diagon Alley to shop for supplies; although they wrote daily over the summer thereby keeping him halfway sane. In fact he corresponded with Luna, Ginny and Neville via owl often as well.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts." Headmaster Dumbledore spoke, standing up from the Head Table after everyone finished his or her meal. "As many have no doubt read over the summer in the Daily Profit, Voldemort was confirmed seen when he launched an attack at the Ministry a few months ago, as well as releasing the Dementors at Azkaban. Due to these harrowing circumstances there have been a few curriculum additions put in place to help you protect yourselves if the need should arise. Please welcome your new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, the real Alastor Moody. Some of you may recognize his face from two years ago, but incase you were unaware; Mr. Crouch Junior was in fact using Polyjuice to impersonate him. Professor Moody is a former Auror and will also be directing a Dueling Club along with Professor Snape every Tuesday after dinner. All are welcome to attend. Offered as an elective is a Basic Healing class, taught by Madame Pomfrey in the Hospital Wing should her job permit it. Now, I would like to raise a toast to Sirius Black."

The Great Hall collectively gasped and shocked whispering broke out at all four house tables. The nearest end of the Gryffindor table was noticeably silent however.

"Not only was he innocent of all crimes, but he gave his life during the fight at the Ministry so that others could live."

Harry snorted disdainfully, loud enough that quite a few students looked questioningly in his direction.

"To Sirius Black. A heroic man doing what was necessary to make the world a safer place. He died bravely, fighting the Dark with his last breath. He will be sorely missed."

The rest of the Great Hall raised the goblets somberly and echoed Dumbledore's sentiments. Harry did not participate in the toast, nor did Ron or Hermione, after they noticed Harry's reaction. Instead they sat in their seats while the others stood and gazed stonily at the Head Table.

"The bloody hypocrite. He kept Siri locked in his bloody house until he would go crazy." Harry cursed softly before standing after the others sat. "To Sirius Black- my godfather. He died needlessly and will be sorely missed by those who actually valued him when he lived."

Silence spread through the hall as all watched Harry in shock, unused to seeing the harsh gaze from someone usually so cheery. Finally Hermione and Ron stood up calmly, looking saddened as they raised their glasses in tribute.

"To Sirius Black."

Harry smiled at his friends gratefully before sitting down looking impassively at Dumbledore. The elder wizard looked vaguely uncomfortable and the twinkle in his eyes was noticeably absent.

After the feast was over Harry made his way quickly from the hall, ignoring Dumbledore when he called after him. Harry spent the next hours, as his roommates unpacked and eventually slept, staring out the window looking at the stars. One particular star caught and held his attention. It was Canis Major: the Dog Star. When Harry finally got to bed he slept fitfully and awoke exhausted both physically and emotionally. Not exactly a comforting portent for the year to come.