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Sin City


"Why are you leaving? What happened?," Neo-Queen Serenity asked from under the soft, white linen sheets of her wide canopy bed. It was late, even for here on the moon. She clutched the sheet to her breast, covering herself, as she watched her beloved gather his things.
King Endymion could barely look at his Queen. Although he was hurriedly gathering his possessions into a suitcase, he was still neatly and meticulously folding and placing them, so he could fit everything. But try as he might, he glanced at her from time to time, saddened at how she had let herself go.

Her hair, which used to always be neat and beautiful, like soft spun gold, was now scraggily and limp. Her eyes, those wonderful blue windows to her inner person, that used to glow with the soft comfort of courage and strength, now were dull with fear and paranoia. The peaches and cream skin had paled from lack of light, and the kind voice underlined with commanding awe, had gone timid and weak.

"I'm going to Earth. I have a meeting with my father, and then I'm staying for a little," he repeated for, what felt like, the umpteenth time. He had awoke and hour ago, trying to get ready without disturbing the stranger that he now shared his bed with, but she was now so skittish, that she awoke as soon as he lifted his arm off of her.

"Endymion...," she whispered, her voice trembling. It was months since she had left their chambers, no one knew the direct cause of it, but they did have a small connection. But everything she needed was in her room, and her friends or servants would bring her, her meals, so she saw no reason to leave. Which was what she had hoped for. The others had to let her do as she pleased, she was Queen after all, but on occasion there would be a complaint. But now, the one thing she needed more than anything, was leaving her, and for how long or why was unknown to her. But she had seen this coming, she knew it was because of her and her heart was slowly breaking as she watched her marriage fall to shambles.

It's unfair to say that she never left her chambers these days, she did, on extremely rare occasions. She didn't enjoy it though, as everyone around would look at her with piteous eyes, for it seemed she was now the lost wandering ghost of the savior that both the Earth and Moon had respected. Not only that, but she had trouble ignore the whispers that ran through the palace like wildfire, that the King had taken on a mistress. That didn't exactly help the Queen's stress.

"Serenity, I have to go," he said, getting frustrated with his wife. She had been haunting him so much, that he not only planned this trip for a little time away, but had also started to confide in one of the princesses. Serenity was past the point of overbearing, so he went to someone he thought could be trusted. What he was actually doing, and what people whispered about, was no one's concern. He had dismissed all charges without a second glance. Endymion had always been reclusive, his stony demeanor would only waver for his love, but now, not even that could bring a smile to his face.

She rose from her bed, clad in only an extremely loose fitting nightgown. And he saw, with saddened eyes, how thin and gaunt she was. For, that nightgown had once been filled out by her strong, lean body. The sinewy muscles, which she had gained from battle, were now gone and wasted away. She walked over to him, her bare feet shuffling along the white rug. When she reached him, she laid a hand on his arm. It took everything within him not to pull away.

"Endy... Darien, love, don't go, please," Serenity pleaded, a whine edging into her voice.

"Serenity," he growled, slamming the suitcase shut. "How long has it been since you've left this room? How many battles have you shied away from?," he asked her, wheeling to face her. She cringed away from him as he gathered himself up to tower over the slight Queen. "Have you seen what's befallen your kingdom?!" The look in her terrified eyes told him all he need to know.

"I'm going. I'll be home when I've taken care of my kingdom," he announced, and zipped the case closed. He picked it up and walked out of chamber, Serenity at his heels. She paused before the doorway, then rushed out, afraid she'd never see him again.

He was walking down the long corridor, servants looking away as they made their way, his heavy footfalls echoing off the walls. Her own breathing was sharp and rapid as her head darted from side to side, as if something was following close behind. He walked out of the large archway of the main entrance to the palace. Yet, Serenity did not dare to venture beyond those doors.

"Darien," her voice rang out, like that of her old self. He turned, halfway down the stairs, hope in his heart. But he saw nothing except what he was leaving behind. "Who is she?"

"Good-bye Neo-Queen Serenity. I shall see you on my return," King Endymion said, using the proper farewell. He gave a quick bow and turned, going down the rest of the stairs. Without another look, he climbed into a carriage that awaited him at the bottom, which took him to the transport area. He didn't even glance out the window to see Crystal Tokyo in its new state.

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