A/N: This is stupid and pointless. That's why I hate posting drabbles. Oh well, what can ya do?

Disclaimer: "The Sil" and any people and places there-in belong to Tolkien. Not that this has anything to do with anything when taken out of context.

The Right to Complain

This sucks.


I'm so bored. If it wasn't so dark, I might at least have something to look at.


Not that these rocks are particularly entertaining. Let's see, if I spin around a bit—OW—okay, there we go! I can see… more rocks. Great.

How long have I been up here, anyway? I wonder how my brothers are doing.

Gee, I hope there isn't a huge war brewing while I'm just DANGLING here.


Good thing my arm is numb by now.

I should just give up and die.

What's that…? Is that… is some one singing?