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Wishing to the Stars

Chapter1 Success is never on the first try

"Stop falling behind girl," shouts demon eyes Kyo as he looks over his shoulder and glares death at me.

I smile and run over to his side, still smiling. He just looks down at me, still glaring.

Well he won't be glaring for long.

I giggle and his jaw drops but he realizes his mistake and quickly clamps his mouth shut.

Yup this will be fun! For I Yuya Shiina, will make Demon Eyes Kyo crazy out of his mind once I'm through with him!

I place my hand on his shoulder and coo, "Kyo, darling I'd like you to come with me." I end that sentence with a wink to Benitora and Yukimora and they quickly grin at me. Kyo looks over at them in question.

Yukimora grins, "Oh! I think you should go with her! Go Kyo, I think she has something that she needs to give you!"

Benitora starts whistling and I giggle again to add the cherry on the top. Kyo then has no choice but to follow me and we walk through the trees and away from the group.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow, "What's she gonna give him?"

Yukimora chuckles and Benitora laughs his head off while ruffling the boys hair, "I'll tell ya when you're older.

Sasuke growls and slaps Benitora's hand off his head.

Somewhere off into the forest...

"Where are you taking me, woman!"

I grin back at Kyo and turn back to the path that leads us to our destination, "Oh Kyo! I'm taking you to...well you'll find out when we get there ok?"

Kyo growls and suddenly he turns me around really hard to where I almost fall on my ass, but Kyo catches me. His ruby red eyes glare down at me in annoyance, "Where are you taking me?"

For a moment I forget where I'm taking him myself but I remember quickly and I smile adoringly up at him, making him flinch, "Oh my dear Kyo, you're so impatient!"

And I giggle again as I kiss his cheek leaving him once again, speechless. Now we are heading back towards the awaited place.

Somewhere in the forest again...

"So uh...what's happening again?"

Yukimora smiles over at Megeria and says, "Oh, so you're saying that you don't know. Well my boy I think you're too young to know, so you'll just have to get the answer from Benitora."

Megeria snorts, "Tooyoung! I bet I'm older then you!"

Benitora nods his head in agreement, "I think he's right. How old are you Yukimora?"

Yukimora chuckles and says, "Old enough to get pleasure from a pretty lady."

Sasuke is frowning next to Saizo but he doesn't say anything.

Megeria only snorts again, "So you're telling me that Demon eyes Kyo is gonna get pleasure from Yuya-san?"

They stay silent and Megeria takes that as a yes, "Oh pushaw! Whatever man! I doubt Yuya even knows what kinda trouble she's getting herself into. I mean sure she's beautiful but I don't think she's had much experience when it comes to giving a guy his stuff you know."

Benitora frowns and says, "Nope. I think she does know what she's doing. But what troubles me is if she knows how BIG the situation is."

Yukimora coughs and...then he coughs again, "Well Yuya is just teasing Kyo. She's not really gonna do anything. But you're right. I'm not sure if she really knows how BIG this is."

They all nod to themselves and stay silent for a couple of minutes until Saizo thinks that he's had enough silence and he says, "Ummm, guys...what exactly...are we talking about?"

They all just stare at him in shock.

Somewhere else in the forest....again....

"See Kyo! This is where I was taking you!"

Kyo stares in amazement as he realizes she just took him to a hot spring with a really good view of the mountains. The water was steamy and the hot spring was surrounded by trees making it shady with some rays of sunlight still shining through to light it up. The place looked pretty darn romantic so he was wondering why exactly she brought him here. But he didn't have to wonder very long when he saw that Yuya was taking off her clothes while looking at him with lust filled eyes. He smirked when he realized that this was all a game.

Does this woman really think she can outsmart me? Well 2 can play at that game.

And with that thought running through his mind he began to take off his clothes as well while wearing a lecherous grin.

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