This is my first fanfic so ... don't hurt me! This is a note to all people who read this I do not own the characters from x-men evolution or the characters from teen titans this story takes place after the world finds out about mutants but before acpolics shows up also I do own melodee don't use her! Thanks:)
Manor Everything at Bayvile seemed normal well as normal as things get with the Exavior institute and the group of mutant teens living there. The mutants in question where out in the base ball fields playing a very loud and talkative version of the game baseball though I don't think the game is normally played with an ice bat or superhuman powers to catch a fly ball, but these are mutant teenagers after all
"Kitty catch" Scott yelled as he thew the base ball at the first base

"I got it" she answered jumping to catch the ball "oh yeah you're out" she sang as she pounded the base with her victory dance
"My god you don't have to make a big fuss Ah know Ah'm out" Rouge muttered as she turned the dugout
"You're like sooo jealous" Kitty teased making a face behind her back
"And you say I'm immature" Kurt said as he poofed right behind her causing her to jump
"Kurt" she screamed as she started to chase him around the field throwing baseballs and mitt even bats whatever she could get her hands on
"Looks like our games over " Jean muttered as she floated off the field followed by Scott and Evan
"Dude I actually sorta wanted to play " Evan grumbled "oh well" So they all went in different directions Scott and Jean to the library, Kitty still chasing Kurt around, Bobby to his room, Evan to see if he could find his aunt, and Rouge stayed in the dugout just staring at the now empty field
"Well they just when off and left me alone ...again" she sighed as she stood then headed off to the gym she had an appointment with a very worn out punching bag.

Jump City
A small group of kids was gathered in the Jump City Central Park the laughing voices and exited gestures suggested that they were up to some thing. The fact that their parents were nowhere to be seen seemed to support this guess
'Bothersome little kids' Raven thought as she approached them 'why do I bother' she was closer now close enough that she could hear their childlike lisps
"I want to be starfire " one girl was saying " you can be Raven" she told the smallest girl
" Okay if you say so" the child muttered as she plopped down and crossed her legs. Raven smiled unusually out of character
" And I'll be Robin" the brown haired boy said " titans go" this time raven had to cover her mouth to keep her self from laughing she quickly caught herself and hid her emotions Then stepping into their view
She questioned" where are your parents " the kids stopped playing and looked at her the little girl that was playing her stood up her mouth hanging open
" Are...are you really Raven?" she asked quietly her voice soft with awe
"Of course Sarah" the other girl said catching her hand Suddenly the silence was broken as a young teen came running toward them yelling and apparently out of breath "oh thank you god" exclaimed as she picked up the small girl ' I thought you were lost" she mutter talking to all the kids while she started to lecture them Raven measured her she was slim with wavy ebony hair and big ice blue eyes that were now staring evilly at the defenseless kids the clothes weren't much to talk about just a pair of black jeans with holes in the knees and frayed edges proof of constant wear her shirt was a plain white tank top the kind that are two dollars at the local super center. The girl broke off her lecture as she realized the raven was there " oh I'm sorry thank you for..." she trailed off as the littlest girl pulled at her pants
" Melodee that's raven " she whispered as she was set on the girl's hip
"Oh well thank you raven" she muttered as she turned to go
" Wait are all these kids yours" Raven called "No way " Melodee called walking backwards "there from my church I'm babysitting " she explained then added to the kids "say bye to raven "
" Bye" they said as the left her alone to her thoughts she wasn't the only one alone even though Melodee was surrounded with kids she was alone too.