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Over Jump City
Raven flew with Sarah cradled in her arms over the towering office buildings of Jump city. " You hafta turn to the left here" Sarah called over the rushing wind. Raven complying with her directions immediately." Right there" she yelled her voice more energized and full " there's my church!" Sarah wriggled in raven's arms and was almost dropped as they neared the old church house. Raven landed neatly in the green grass outside the church. She looked up at the opposing building and was surprised to find that the buildings all around it made the first assembly church seem dwarfish and homely.
Raven set her mind not to be deceived by the outsides she had learned the hard why that 'looks can be deceiving' as the cliché' saying went. Reluctantly she followed the enthusiastic child up the flower-lined steps. Her hand rested briefly on the worn black hand rail her. Suddenly a light flashed and she wasn't staring at the church door way.' Or am I' she thought as she looked up the door was definitely the same yet different the door had bloody hand prints on the handles and the flowers were burn only a sad reminder of their pastel colors. Then just as quickly as the vision came it was gone and she once again starring at the church. Only now it's homely quality was gone and the doors seemed yawn wide looking to sallow her. Slowly she edged toward them following Sarah inside.
" Where is everyone?" Raven asked surprised as she looked around at the gigantic entry room. Directly in front of them stood a stairway winding into two separate stairs. As the sign said the right led to the office the left to the kids classes and then the sign pointed down indicating the "youth" and nursery were down stirs along with the generosity center. 'Of course' she thought 'no church is complete with out a generosity center'
She looked at Sarah who was halfway up the stairs holding tight to the rails " I fell down these big stairs once" she said distractedly "Um hum" was Raven's only reply as she flew up to the kid " Can I leave you here I have to go help my friends " she explained Sarah nodding before she finished " Church will be out in a tiny bit anyway," she said as she continued to climb the steps 'strange it's only Wednesday ' Raven reflected to herself as she started to open the door. "YAHHOOOOO" a wild shriek came as a group of teens came through an almost invisible door under the stairs. "WHOOO" the girl with cropped red hair and sky blue eyes yelled again as she started to dance with abandon others joining her as they dance pure joy radiated off them. A couple glanced her way then shrugged as if she was a normal sight. The girl that started to dance originally had started to sing her voice rich and angelic.

It's crowded in worship today
As she slips in trying to fade into the faces
The girls teasing laughter is carrying farther than they know
Father than they know

But if we are the body
Why aren't his arms reaching?
Why arent' his hand healing
Why aren't his words teaching?
And if we are the body
Why aren't his feet going?
Why is his love his love not showing them there is a way?
There is a way

A traveler is far away from home
He sheds his coat and quietly sinks into the back row
The weight of their judgmental glances
Tells him that his chances are better out on the road

But if we are the body
Why aren't his arms reaching?
Why isn't his hand healing
Why aren't his words teaching?
And if we are the body
Why aren't his feet going?
Why is his love his love not showing them there is a way?

Jesus paid much too high a price
For us to pick and choose who should come
And we are the body of Christ

If we are the body
Why aren't his arms reaching?
Why arent' his hand healing
Why aren't his words teaching?
And if we are the body
Why aren't his feet going?
Why is his love his love not showing them there is a way?
There is a way
Jesus is the way

By this time, the whole congregation was in the entrance and the room didn't feel so big. Slowly so that no one would notice her one she eased through the door. When Raven was through she ran into Melodee her hand reaching toward the door. She was sodden and her hair was tangled as if she hadn't brushed it
" Is Sarah alright" She asked her voice tired and concerned
"Yah she's inside" Raven muttered as she pushed past the other girl
"Thank god " she heard Melodee fervor as she lifted into the sky her heart and mind racing before her to the mini-mall.
Again she passed by the tall towers and zoomed through the familiar streets landing lightly just outside the mall. She walked calmly in and stared at the scene in front of her. A blur was racing around the mall trashing the clothes and piling them on the confused titans chains and other accessories while a fast snotty voice teased them
"This has gone on long enough" Raven muttered along with her magical words causing the boy to stop in mid striped his arms poised to toss heaps of merchandise at her teammates "Who are you" Robin questioned as he removed a pair of woman's underwear from his hair. Raven removed her spell from his mouth
"Personally I think that thong rather suited you" he said smirking at his joke. Turning Raven watched as beast boy rolled on the floor laughing at Star.
"What is it" she kept asking him " Ah star you might want to get the ballerina tutu off your head" Cyborg muttered as he pointed up
"Some lot of super heroes you are" the guy said his words shooting out of his mouth at 110m/p/h "Magneto and Slade really don't have to worry about you guys I don't know why they sent me"
"Who are you?" Robin asked his voice low and deadly everyone else silent
"Quicksilver "
"Get him to jail" Cyborg told Raven as she walked toward the door
"Got it " she muttered ============================================================================ ================================================== The manor
Standing in front of the wind oak doors of Professor Exaviors office Ororo wondered why the professor had called her on such short notice. She had truthfully told Evan that she had a meeting but not the fact that the meeting had been set up just seconds before in her mind. 'Well I'm gonna find out sooner or later' she thought as she knocked lightly on the stylish ebony doors. Like most everything else in the institute it was expensive The Professor thought that it would make the students feel comfortable in their new home. Sometimes Ororo wondered if it really hurt the students like Rogue or Kurt who had come from poor families. 'He's the telepath' She thought as Exavior told her to come in.
"Ah Ororo" he smiled warmly as she entered "We were wondering when you would get here" He paused as Logan who was leaned against the bookshelf arms folded boardly across his chest muttered under his breath "Speak for you". Shifting feet he added louder " can we just continue the conversation"
"Yes" Exavior muttered then hastily continued "As I was saying before Ororo walked in I've found a new mutant." He paused as Logan interjected.
"So we got enough of them as if adding one more won't make a difference way why did Ya call us" he again shifted feet " I have better things to do."
Ororo looked at him noticing for the first time bags under his eyes then wondered when he got to bed last night.
"Maybe you should let Charles finish" Hank Mcoy said his voice soft "He might tell us why we're here" he finished carefully no one wanted a mad Logan. Leaning back on the bookshelf a disgruntled Logan muttered something under his breath. Ororo sighed as Exavior started to talk again.
"Well anyway I won't beat around the bush I think we should bring the students in on this one." He explained looking around the room at the three teachers.
"Chuck one question" Logan raised his hand as Exavior looked at him.
"Yes Logan" The Professor replied obviously allowing him to ask
"Why" the one word seemed to please the Professor
"One let me straiten out which students the older ones like Scott maybe Kitty or Kurt. Rogue and Jean for sure. They would bond with her better Two because I can't seem to get a good reading on her powers, which I find to say the least weird. Three because this would give them a good training mission and a chance to get away from the institute and Bayvile" Charles wheeled his chair back a bit then opened his desk drawer. He reached inside pulling out a yellow folder. Taking a glance at the folder Ororo could see the name MELODEE printed on the tab. she smiled as he continued
"This is all the information I can get on her" he handed the folder to hank who cracked it open a bit flipping through it pausing briefly on the medical records "Hmm never been sick" he muttered surprised. Quickly he closed it tossing it to Logan. Unlike Hank he read through the file meanwhile the remaining teachers discussed a plan of action finally deciding that they would let Rogue and Kitty go since Jean had gone to her friends house for a study group.
"Whoa whoa whoa time out " Logan said as he finished reading her records "She's sixteen don'tcha think that's a little to old to Ya know start having powers?" he asked as he handed the folder over to Ororo.
"Actually the appearance of mutation can be triggered by many things most of the time it's puberty but in certain cases it comes from physical or mental stress possibly both " hank quickly explained
"She's also an orphan who is currently living by herself and she pays her own bills" Ororo commented looking around
"Yah if Ya ask me it sounds like the kids doing good by herself" Logan added
"That's all before her mutation I think we should at least ask her to join us until she can control her powers" Professor said as he rolled backwards
"What ever Ya say Chuck but I'm leaving" He turned to go passing Ororo who was still looking through Melodee's file. She flipped past the pages with her medical records finally finding a picture of the girl in question. In the background she could hear the door close as Logan left but for the moment she was studying the picture of two teens the top of the page had the signature of an Assembly of God church. In the picture two teenage girls stood in front of a mountain range a sign behind them reading smoky mountains identifying where they were. The girls them selves were poising for the camera the taller one with medium length wavy black hair and smiling ice blue eyes was leaning on the shoulder of the other girl messing up her short red hair they were both laughing. Underneath the caption read Melodee and Megan on the spring breakaway 2004. Slowly she closed the file "So if we leave now we'd get there around nine" Hank said as he rubbed his hands together" I'll go get Kitty and Rogue we'll get there and talk to her then get back in time for bed". He turned and put his hand on the handle about to leave when the professor spoke "Uh Hank wait I think that Ororo should take this" He smiled apologetically. "Sorry"
"It's okay "
"So I'll go now and get the girls ready" Ororo said as she left the room
"Yah I kinda thought that the fact that I'm blue might scare the girl which is not what we need"
"Don't forget that you're furry too," the professor added jokingly
Ororo had no trouble at all finding Kitty who after three rounds of losing had given up on the game muttering as she walked away about how horrible the game was. She turned a corner phasing through Ororo muttering an incoherent word. She continued walking. Ororo turned around placing her hands on her hips
"Well if that's not what I call pitiful I don't know what is " she said catching Kittys attention
"Like what do Yah mean" Kitty said annoyed "Well you didn't even say hi.... if I ran into the person who was gonna get you out of the house till say ten I would be more enthusiastic" Kittys eyebrow came together in a frown as Ororo stopped talking
"Like where are you taking me" she asked "Some kind of like mission or something"
"Yep you and Rogue well and me. The Professor found a new mutant we got to go talk to her" Ororo paused then added "So where is Rogue anyway?"
"Like last time I saw her she was like headed to our room and she wasn't in like the best of moods". Turning Kitty smiled " You can like go get her I'll be like waiting down stairs" .she phased through the floor before Ororo could say a word
Ororo moved through the hall looking at the picture on the wall as Rogues room get closer and closer until it was right in front of her. Slowly she tried to turn the door knob but found it was locked. She blinked then knocked softly on the door calling as she did "Rogue?"
"Whatcha want" the muffled reply sounded angry and bored. "Hey we have a mission for you and Kitty so get going" the door open and Rogue stepped out
"Do Ah hafta?" She questioned pleadingly
"You won't want to miss it" Ororo said allowing Rogue to think "Fine" she grumbled after a few moments of silence "Ah'll go" she closed the door and followed Ororo into the living room where Kitty was waiting near the TV "Okay let's like go already" she babbled excitedly as they headed toward the X-Men mission van. ============================================================================ ==================================================
Jump City
Stiffly Melodee marched through the deserted back roads taking the shortest route to her apartments. The majestic wings that had once adorned her back were gone having seemingly disintegrated after she landed 'probably for the best' she thought numbly as her apartment house loomed over her. Snatching a look upwards she caught a glimpse of her font door. It looked small in the distance ' glad there's the elevator' Melodee thought as she painfully made her way to the front. " Those wings are nice at first but they leave Yah with an ache" she muttered under her breathe as she watched the cement pass under her feet. Looking up she saw the elevator doors closing as it took some of her neighbors to there floors
"Man" she muttered as she pressed the first floor bottom. "I'll never get up there at this rate," she said as the numbers lit up indicating what floor the elevator was on. Leaning against the wall Melodee thought about what happened the wings, the fact that she knew where to look for Sarah, the flight. She smiled slightly at the joy of that flight. Even the memory was incredible. She could almost feel the cool air on her face opening her eyes a bit she realized that the door to the elevator had opened letting cool air wash over her.
Smiling sheepishly she stepped inside pressing the eighth floor button then enjoying the ride in the cool AC to the top. All to soon she had to step out and walk again. Forcing her limbs to move according to her will she painfully made her way to her room.
Unlocking the door she slipped in turning on the light which flickered then fluttered out. Groaning she made her way through the inky blackness blinking her eyes furiously causing her head to hurt. In the kitchen she turned on the light her head screaming at the sudden light. Reaching for the cabinet she pulled out the bottle Advil. With trembling fingers she fumbled to get the lid off. Finally managing her goal she shook out two pills and swallowed them. Melodee turned toward her room fully intending to fall into bed and not get up until 12:00pm the next day but exerted her self control and set her alarm for seven. Then sliding in her Casting Crowns CD she turned the music up loud ignoring the yells of her next door neighbors to "turn that racket down". As she went to turn out the light she crumpled her mind spiraling into darkness. The last thing she could remimber was the blinding kitchen light and the blaring Christian music.

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