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Prologue: Forgetful Ninja

It had already been a year since AVALANCHE had defeated Sephiroth. All was calm in the world, with no signs of another threat on the planet. A new organization had formed called Neo-Midgar. This organization had helped to keep the peace between all people.

This particular day, Yuffie was feeling happy. The reason for her happiness was because of the reunion of all who had helped to rid the planet of the psychotic man known as Sephiroth, was in only three days.

The days following had passed agonizingly slowly. Within two days, her excitement had grown little by little, building up inside of her, until it finally reached the highest peak. However, in the evening of the second day her PHS started to ring.

The shinobi picked up the PHS on the second ring. "It's Yuffie, talk now." She said in her ever-so-cheerful tone, wondering who it was.

"Hey, brat, where the hell are you?" a mans yelled at Yuffie.

A startled look reached the girls face, following recognition at the voice, and finally confusion. She stood there for a minute, pondering what he was talking about. Apparently, there was something wrong, but Yuffie could not think of anything she'd done which was wrong--lately, that is. She snapped back from her thought to hear Cid cursing into the PHS. Clearly the middle-aged man wasn't too happy.

A look of confusion shot into her face, as she asked, "what do you mean, old man, where am I? I'm at home, of course!"

"You were supposed to be out here an hour ago! What the fuck do you think you're still doing there? Everyone's waiting for you, so hurry the hell up and get over here already, or we're leaving without you," Cid ordered her.

"But--" Yuffie began to protest, but she was soon cut off by Cids angry voice.

"But nothing! Now shut the fuck up and get over here," and with that, he hung up.

Yuffie slightly grumbled. Who did he think he was? And why a day it had been. 'Oh no!' she thought as she went to check the calender, and realization dawned on her. The plan was to pick up every body the night before, and have everybody spend the night at Tifa and Cloud's house. How could she forget? She'd only been constantly reminding herself for the past three months!

Hastily, she grabbed her already packed bags and ran out the door. It was lucky that she had packed weeks ago, so that she wouldn't forget anything she needed.

As quickly as possible, she dashed through her front doorway and down the steps, nearly falling over in the process, but managing to keep her balance. More than once on her way out of town did she knock someone out of her way, leaving the person screaming after her for an apology, which she didn't give. As she ran though the plains surrounding her village, Wutai, she hoped she was lucky enough to not get caught in a random battle with who-knows-what kind of monsters.

She had turned this way and that, attempting to avoid all monster, which she luckily managed to do. As the Highwind came into view, she rejoiced silently to herself.

She silently thanked Laviathan as she heard the engine start, taking it as a sign that either Cid had spotted her, or he had just gotten sick of waiting. Whichever the case, she was thankful that he was still there.

When she got to Cids airship, she noticed the ladder made of rope and quickly began climbing it to the top. When she arrived at the top, she threw herself onto deck, gasping for air. She hadn't realized she was so tired, nor that her legs were burning from the workout.