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Epilogue: Of All Things

Tifa woke up later in the day, noticing she was still in Cloud's arms. She felt her stomach growl as she got up quietly, careful not to wake the sleeping man.

She changed into a pair of dark blue shorts just up to her knees and a matching blue tank-top. She had already figured out that it would be hot out by the heat in the room.

She silently walked out of her and Cloud's room and down the stairs leading to the kitchen. Upon walking in, she saw Barret in an apron 'attempting' to cook, and Cid at the table, arguing with Barret of when his food would be ready. Just as she walked in, Barret turned to her, stared for a minute and went back to cooking breakfast.

"Damn, woman! About fucking time you got here! Barret already burnt two fucking batches of pancakes, four of french toast, and a dozen eggs. Get your lazy ass to the stove, kick the fucker away, and make me my damn breakfast! And don't forget my fuckin' tea!" Cid demanded.

"Shuddap, foo'! Dat's no way ta talk to a lady. Show some of dose manners ya keep hidden!" Barret snapped.

Tifa sighed and walked over to the stove to see how Barret was making out the cooking. A scream escaped her as she saw the obscurity of cooking Barret had done. At this rate, they would be out of food in no time whatsoever. "Barret, move aside, I'll do the cooking from now on.. Geez, you must be worse than Yuffie at this!" Tifa paused a minute or so then continued, "So, take the dishes you have dirtied and DO THEM NOW."

Barret jumped back, surprised by the demand and took the twelve pans he had dirtied in his attempt to cook and washed them.

Yuffie woke up hearing Tifa's scream. The first thought that came to her mind: Tifa's in trouble. Vincent had also awoken from his slumber. Yuffie mumbled something like, "Going downstairs," and headed to her bag to reveal neon green shorts much like the ones she wore when AVALANCHE had defeated Sephiroth and a yellow(What is with me and bright colors?!) spaghetti strap shirt. She quickly changed into it and rushed downstairs, accompanied by Vincent at her side. Sighing, she entered the kitchen to see Tifa cooking while Barret and Cid at the table looking hungry. She let out a giggle as she motioned for Vincent to sit down by the boys and walked over to Tifa.

"What was the scream about?" Yuffie asked, then mumbled, "Gawds, it woke me and Vinnie up."

"Oh, sorry about that, it was just.. I came in here to see Barret cooking. He's even worse than you! It's amazing how he survives with Marlene and all," Tifa replied, not once looking at Yuffie.

"Yeah, it's a wonder. Then again, I bet Elmyra does all the cooking," Yuffie stated.

"Yep. Oh, and what was this about you and Vincent being woken up together? You and him in the same bed or something?" Tifa whispered to the younger girl.

"NO!" Yuffie screamed in reply, turning a deep shade of red. All she got as a reaction was a totally lost stare from Vincent and Cid and Barret laughing.

"I'll take that as a yes," Tifa looked up from her cooking to Yuffie, giggled, then back down.

"Gawd! You're right, I admit it, but I swear nothing happened!" Yuffie exclaimed, her blush darkening. Well.. Not yet, anyway, Yuffie added to herself and turned around to make her way to the table.

After half an hour, Tifa had successfully made breakfast and Cid's tea. The five ate in silence as Cloud walked into the kitchen accompanied by Nanaki.

"Didn't even wake us up?! Oh, I feel so..unloved." Cloud stared at Tifa, pouting.

"Something OBVIOUSLY happened," Yuffie blurted out.

"Couldn't be much more than you and Vincent last night!" Tifa blurted out as well, rewarded with a glare from Vincent.

"Nothin' coulda happened between da vamp and brat. They're jus' too damn..different," Barret stated.

"And between spike and Tif, something more than anyone knows probably fucking happened. Tifa, we all know you fucking love spike, just admit it, and be over with it," Cid stated matter-of-factly.

"I confirm that something may have happened between Yuffie and Vincent. After all, I'm not much for gossip, but this is truth, I saw it with my own eyes. Tifa and Cloud on Cloud's bed, sprawled out. Also, Yuffie and Vincent on Vincent's bed, his arm wrapped around her, and hers around his. The blanket was not all the way up, so I could see, but might I remind you I never enjoyed it, some skin. She obviously was not dressed," Nanaki said, letting his mind wander and not realizing what he had said before he said it.

"What?!" everyone except Vincent, Yuffie, and Nanaki exclaimed, apparently shocked.

Yuffie growled, and Vincent, seeing the way she was taking this, spoke up, "It is not what you think."

"Exactly!" Yuffie stated.

"Yeah, than what was it?" Tifa asked after winking at Yuffie.

"Want the full story or just short?" Yuffie asked, a single sweat drop dripping down the side of her face.

"Full," Tifa automatically answered, seemingly excited.

"Well.. Last night.. I woke up, Tifa had undressed me from the food-covered clothes because Vincent was nice enough to think-er, I mean know, that I wouldn't want him seeing my body, though I did not know that at the time. I walked over to his bed in confusion as to what had happened, and I sorta just fell down from tiredness and fell asleep on his bed.. During the night I got cold and he warmed me up. That's all, so NOTHING bad happened.."

Everyone except Vincent and Yuffie broke into laughter.

"And what about in the middle of the night? My ultra sensitive hearing not just picked up you and Vincent admitting love for each-other, but Tifa and Cloud doing the same as well. Was my hearing not deceiving me?" Nanaki asked, immediately receiving a death glare from both Vincent and Yuffie.

Everyones jaw dropped at the Vincent and Yuffie part of what Nanaki had said.

Yuffie let out a sigh and spoke, "Alright, I admit it, I'm utterly head-over-heels in love with Vincent. Now, can we get on to something else?"

"So, da fuckin' vamp and brat again, eh?" Cid questioned.

"Again?" Nanaki asked, slightly confused.

"Kissing at party last night, caught by everyone, didn't you see it?" Tifa counter-asked.

"No, not really.." Nanaki mumbled and turned away, walking out of the room.

Yuffie stared at Nanaki leave before jumping up from her seat, knocking it over, and grabbing Vincent's arm and dragging him out of the room after Nanaki, giggling while telling the others, "Later all, me and my new, ahem, BOYFRIEND, Vinnie are leaving."

The others, except Tifa, stared in awe. She got up much like Yuffie except without knocking her chair over and did the same as Yuffie, except saying, "Well, bye! Me and Cloud's gotta go somewhere and do something at random, soo.."

"Bye!" Cloud finished for her, grinning like a school girl(ah, Cloud, a girl o.o;;). He scooped her up in his arms and dashed out of the room.


"Heey! I wan' someone ta do dat ta me too!" Barret whined.

"Well, I don't fuckin' know much about romance, but I know that I can be that damn special person!" Cid answered, slightly amused.

"Le's go, den," Barret replied, standing up, Cid following suit and scooping Barret into his arms, running out the door as well.


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