Hello extremely loyal fans, I have recently been going through my emails/review/following notifications and I have noticed that most of them are for How Seamus Met Helen and Better Left Forgot. These stories are very important to me and your interest is equally important. Sadly I have come to realize that if I haven't found the time to finish them by now, a fully fleshed out version is just not likely. So I have an offer. I am going to drag up my old notes, write a quick summary of the important plot points yet to come in both stories, and post it as a gigantic spoiler for the final chapter. I know that is not what any of you were hoping for, but I know how aggravating it is when a favorite story just stops with no closure. I wanted certain chapters in both stories to come out at the same time to further the story in both. Knowing what has been motivating them and how eventually the conflict is resolved. So there will be notes to indicate which plot points are revealed at the same time. Please let me know what you think, the chapters should be out in a few weeks.