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Toru blushed, "A rose?" She was at her locker, "Who would have"

"Looks like someone has a crush on you Tohru, hey look there's a card." Uo grabbed the card from the dangling rose, "Hana, will you do the honors"

"Beware the hanged bud"

"What Hana"

"Oh, nothing." Hana smiled.

/Creepy, Hana never smiles./ Uo thought. "Here read the card." Uo thrust it at her.

"A symbol of my affection." Hana read.

"Yes, and?" Uo prodded. Hana looked at her. "That's it? Let me see that." She grabbed it from Hana's hand and read, "A symbol of my affection" She lowered the note "Wow, that's creepy. Who types a love note"

"Oh, I don't know, it seems kind of sweet, but I wonder if it's really intended for me. Maybe they put it in the wrong locker"

"That could be, but it's still creepy, and if it is for you, you might have a stalker. Hana we'd better walk Tohru home today to make sure she's safe, we should tell the guys about this so they're on their toes. A rival in love should keep them plenty protective"

"I agree, that note had a strange energy about it, it's waves were very different but I can't identify if they're good or bad"

Tohru put the note in her book, and removed the rose carefully from her locker. On the way home Tohru felt happy she'd never had a secret admirer before it was kind of fun, but she would have liked to write them a thank you note for the flower. Hana and Uo were walking up ahead carrying her books so she daydreamed a little staring at the rose. /I wonder what they meant "A symbol of my affection"/

"Tohru keep up how are we supposed to protect you from this creep if you fall behind where we can't see you?" Uo called.
/What if Hana and Uo are right and he is a stalker, I might really be in danger./ "Coming" she called. /But he can't really be that bad if he's giving me presents can he/

The girls arrived at the house only to discover no one was home. "We'll just stay until they get back then." Uo said sitting down.

"Oh no, I couldn't impose on them like that. They didn't know you were coming! Please, I'll be fine until they get home."

"But Tohru I'm not sure it's safe for you to be all alone...What are you doing?" Uo cut off.

"I'm putting it in a vase, so it'll keep fresh. It is a beautiful flower I don't want it to go to waste, and it'd be rude to throw it away, it was a gift. You guys don't have to worry about me." She smiled.

Uo and Hana exchanged glances, they both knew she wasn't backing down. "Well at least let us search the house to make sure there's no one here." Uo said begrudgingly. They searched every room, every closet, even under the porch, and found no one. "Be careful Tohru, lock the door the second we leave, and don't open it for anyone you don't know, okay. And the second Shigure gets home tell him what's going on, I don't want you to be alone for a second okay?" Uo really didn't want to leave, but Hana seemed to think she would be fine for tonight.

"I'll be okay, Uo, I promise. The boys'll be home soon and I'll keep the door locked until they get here." Tohru waved to her friends and as promised, went inside and locked the door.


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