Kim Possible: Legend of the Four Armors

By Dragonfang 33

Synapse: A KP/MTG crossover, (don't laugh please), Kim Possible must confront her greatest challenge as a villain from the distant past returns.

Introduction: The Armor of the Gods

Long ago, when the Earth had just been forged there existed upon it's surface the Plains of Dominia and Mirrodon. Upon each of these plains dwelt one of four Good Spirits, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water each one represented by one of four symbols, Mountain, Plains, Forest, and Island. For countless ages the world was at peace but all were deceived for another spirit, Darkness existed, and through the power of the Swamp Darkness founded his own realm, the Dark Empire upon the shores of Mirrodon. Yet the four Good Spirits did nothing. Despite the growing power of this Dark Empire, everlasting peace was more important then standing up to the Darkness. It wasn't long before the Good Spirits would feel the full weight of the Darkness and his hordes. It didn't take long for Darkness to find his champion, a blood thirsty warrior whose name has become lost to history. Once his bargain was struck this dark warrior became the Dark Emperor, and thus began the War of Darkness.

One by one the Free Lands of both Dominia and Mirrodon fell to the power of the Dark Emperor and his dark hordes. But there were some who dared to resist. Emerging from the chaos of the war came four warriors, clad in armor forged by the very Gods themselves, and representing one of the Four Good Spirits. Together these four warriors confronted the Hordes of the Dark Empire, and through their combined powers the Dark Emperor and his lieutenants were forever sealed away in the Void. Countless millennia have passed since the end of the War of Darkness, and today all that remains to remind the world of the days of Dominia and Mirrodon is a simple card game. But legends say that the day will come when the Dark Emperor and his legions shall once again walk the Earth, and when that day comes the Four Warriors of Power will once again dawn the Armor of the Gods to defend the freedom of the world.

Sorry if this sounds weird, I'm just now getting over a case of Writer's Block, and I've written this at 1:30 in the morning, any way stay tuned for Chapter I: Magic in Middleton