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Blow Out the Candles



Chapter 1: Preparations






Amidst the sea of silken fabric, satin lace, and designer garments, a young raven-haired woman shifted from one clothing rack to the next with a look of deep concentration etched across her delicate features. Catching her lower lip in her teeth, she cautiously stepped away from her current position in the casual sleepwear section to the more intimate attire items randomly decorating the back wall of the trendy boutique.

As she moved, her black, open-toed stiletto heels clinked on the smooth marble tiling of the floor while her matching sheer black chiffon summer dress swayed to and fro on her curved hips and shapely, slender legs. Under the warm glow of the ceiling lights, the young woman's ivory skin shone radiantly against the colourful collage of various clothing and undergarment materials strategically placed around the store. Her honey speckled chestnut eyes arbitrarily darting between the sparse number of people around her and the endless displays and racks of outfits – well at least it seemed that way to Kagome in her momentarily hesitant mood.

Considering that it was still rather early in the morning, Kagome was one of the few individuals present in the refined lingerie boutique aside from its scattered female employees. Letting out a frustrated sigh and quickly glancing at her Hello-Kitty watch, Kagome proceeded in searching the racks holding various styles of bras, camisoles, slips, teddies, and night gowns for an item that suited her particular needs for a very special occasion.

Kagome had been browsing through a series of neatly arranged bra and panty sets for what seemed to be fifteen minutes when she felt a person's presence standing behind her. Before she could look up from the pair of teal bra and thong she was examining, a timid voice interrupted her.

"Excuse me Miss, is their anything I can help you with today?"

After returning the undergarment set to its rightful hook, Kagome turned around to face the retail personnel and greeted the girl, who appeared slightly older than herself, with her typical warm smile.

"Hi there, any help I could get would be great actually. I'm rather short on time and would really appreciate the opinions of others right now." Kagome spoke as she eyed the metal nametag that identified the employee standing before her as Maya.

Not needing to resort to her miko abilities, Kagome immediately knew that Maya was a full blooded youkai from her appearance. Taking into account the youkai's wild pink cotton candy-coloured hair, black outlined eyes, and well manicured talons, Maya most likely belonged to a bird species, more specifically she looked to be a flamingo youkai.

Seeing Kagome's inviting smile and realizing that she was assisting one of Tokyo's most prominent and elite citizens, Maya enthusiastically replied.

"Well, is there anything in particular that you are looking for? A certain colour that you favour or even a specific size you're trying to find. Here at Blush, there's sure to be something just for you to suit all your personal needs."

It was midway through Maya's questioning that Kagome became slightly flustered and coincidently a rose pink blush spread over her cheeks. Quickly avoiding the sales clerk's eyes to focus on the fidgeting movements of her fingers, Kagome explained her situation while trying her best to control her darkening blush. She was almost a university graduate for goodness sake's and yet Kagome couldn't cool the heat the touched her cheeks at times like this.

"Ano...I'm actually trying to find a special item for...umm...well as a surprise for my fiancé's birthday tonight." At this point Kagome was fighting a loosing battle and her cheeks were now a dark red hue. Nonetheless, she continued to outline the necessity of the outfit she desire instead of running out the doors and never looking back as her sensibility repeatedly urged her to do.

"You see it's my fiancé's first youkai birthday with me since he proposed and I really want to make tonight a night he'll never forget. The only problem is that he's a hanyou, a rather impatient inu-hanyou at that." Kagome made it an important point to emphasize the word impatient and her efforts did not go unnoticed by the sales clerk.

Smiling wider in understanding of Kagome's message and seeing her dilemma, Maya began to suggest various garment options to Kagome.

"Since your fiancé is rather impatient, I'm sure that laced-up bustiers, garterbets, and most definitely button or lace-up corsets are out of the question. Well, that is unless you don't mind them being torn to shreds in your fiancé's hast to show you his...affection." At Kagome's bashful nod Maya continued with her recommendations.

"To narrow your choices, do you have a specific colour in mind perhaps?"

"Red. What I'm looking for has to absolutely be red!" Kagome beamed as she answered the question without hesitation. Before Kagome could utter another word, Maya was clapping her hands excitedly and practically squealing with glee in the next instant.

"I think kami is smiling down on you today. We just received our latest summer collection last night and I'm positive I have the perfect 'surprise' for your fiancé that you are looking for!"

She then proceeded to drag an unsuspecting Kagome to the merchandise storage rooms to show her the season's selections and practically pushed the stunned girl into the back changing rooms to try on the assorted outfits.

Usually satisfied with wearing simple bras or camisoles with their matching tangas, low-rise underwear or thongs if her attire absolutely called for it, the whole ordeal of shopping for more delicate and alluring intimate apparel proved to be quite awkward and daunting to say the least for Kagome. The twenty-two year female never required the presence of such apparel to please her mate and soon to be husband, but tonight was completely different. Yes, today was Inu Yasha's twenty-fifth birthday and Kagome was determined to engrave the events that she had oh so carefully planned for the remainder of the day and more importantly later tonight into his mind for the rest of their lives.

Her mate and long time friend had done so much for her in all the years that they had known each other and Kagome felt this was the least she could do to surprise him. Inu Yasha had shown her countless joys she would have never thought possible in her present life time or the next, and for that she couldn't help but feel blessed for each waking moment she spent with him.

Even before they began to seriously date after her seventeenth birthday, he had constantly taken care of her in his brass, most often times crude, overly possessive, and yet gentle, unconditionally devoted, and covertly affectionate behaviour that was purely Inu Yasha. And for him, Kagome would do anything to bring that elusive smile to his face, set his ember eyes aglow to an intensity that rivaled the sun itself, and cause his pulse to thump just a little faster with the rising of his blood.

'Yes, for Inu Yasha I would do anything,' Kagome thought to herself assertively, 'I love him.'

There was also the fact that due to his aggressive nature, majority or if not all of their remotely sexual encounters were usually initiated and most often dominated by him. It was just instinctive for Inu Yasha to take the commanding role in their sexual relationship with his demon blood fuelling him on. Yet despite this fact, he never ever forced Kagome into anything that she wasn't fully willing and ready for.

Inu Yasha wasn't stupid – hot-headed yes, but definitely not stupid. He knew his limits and had no interest in being purified anytime soon by Kagome's petrifying miko powers or encountering her mean right hook and thundering voice, which could leave his sensitive ears ringing for days on end. In return, Kagome accepted Inu Yasha's domineering carnal desires unconditionally in the same manner she did for Inu Yasha's other less than amiable traits.

Truth be told, Kagome was immensely inflamed by Inu Yasha's brazen, straight for the kill, sword swinging (both metaphorically and literally speaking) tactics that he applied not only to their sex life, but to everything else he did. And for what reasons did she have to complain when he left her as nothing more than a quivering mass when each orgasm after body quaking orgasm coursed through her body in a manner that was far from merely pleasurable.

However, it was Inu Yasha's impeccable ability to utterly scatter her thoughts and set her body ablaze with lust and desire with the simplest of caresses that had Kagome wanting to reciprocate the same blissful sensations for him. It amazed Kagome to no end to see how Inu Yasha always managed to keep a firm grasp on the single thread that was his resolute control during their love-making. And it was this sense of control that Kagome desperately wanted to sever in order to freely embrace him in the pure and unadulterated ecstasy he had given to her time and time again.

'That's right; I'm doing this for his enjoyment as well as mine,' Kagome confidently declared.

Reflecting on their past history, Kagome recognized that their friendship and relationship would never be considered anything but smooth. On the contrary, weekly heated banters, fits, and loud arguments charged with an underlining sexual current were seen as the norm for the perfectly matched duo.

Heck, Kagome would even have to admit that she either provoked or most likely prolonged said disputes with her compulsive misinterpretation of his words, stubbornness, and fierce temper. Of course that's not to say that Inu Yasha helped these situations with his impulsive outbursts, jealous tendencies, and equally matched temper. Yet, despite their conflicts, Inu Yasha and Kagome's relationship survived and would continue to survive come what may in their upcoming marriage.

That thought in mind, Kagome fingered her simple diamond encrusted, platinum engagement ring and idly traced the mystical emblem that Inu Yasha had lovingly seared over her heart with his youki and blood when they had first consummated their love for each other. Although his mark was invisible to the average human eye and on occasion appeared as such to that of the more dim-witted and senseless youkai population, Kagome could easily feel it pulsate in sync with the gentle rhythm of her mate's heartbeat and see its faint outline shimmering under her skin's surface.

The mark, as her direct link to Inu Yasha and likewise his link to her, only emerged during the two extreme conditions either involving a direct challenge to the mating claim or during a state of heavy arousal. For Kagome, the former occurred far too often for her preference. Thankfully however, most male youkai had enough self-preservation instincts to avoid Inu Yasha's wrath when it concerned her. It was the human males that usually sent Inu Yasha in an uproar and as a result would spark an argument between the couple.

As for the second and more pleasurable condition in which the mating mark would appear, Kagome could in no way deny, especially when she was in Inu Yasha's presence or when she was simply thinking about him – much like she was doing at the moment.






It was about an hour later when Kagome finally left the lingerie boutique with a neatly packaged shopping bag in her left hand, which to her utter delight contained the coveted treasure that she had obtained. Walking out into the brilliant sunshine of the Friday morning, Kagome languidly headed towards her silver convertible BMW Z4 Roadster that was parked just down the street from the store.

As one of the few materialistic items that Kagome truly cherished, her pride and joy was indeed a fine specimen of mechanic ingenuity. However, she loved her car not because of its expensive price tag or its state of the art style. No, she loved it because it plain and simply reminder her of the person who gave her the gift – Inu Yasha.

To say that she was beyond surprised was an understatement when Inu Yasha had blindfolded her and carted her off to a remote location for her nineteenth birthday. When the blindfold was finally removed, Kagome found herself in the driver's seat of the sports car with a key, carrying Inu Yasha's crest on one side and her name on the other side, in her hand. Kagome sat paralyzed in the car seat with her mouth gapping and eyes wide while Inu Yasha eagerly explained all the special features of her car that he had designed and had installed especially for her. Kagome was brought to tears when she realizes how much thought and time he had invested into her present.

Inu Yasha had literally thought of everything relating to her safety, comfort, and liking. The interior of the car was lined black leather with red pinstripes on the seats and headboards, the windows were tinted black to prevent annoying photographers from taking her photo, and an elaborate wood craving ornament adorned with glass prayer beads and canine fangs hung from her rear-view mirror. The central computer system, which was located in the dashboard above the CD player and linked to both her main office computer and palm pilot, was equipped with more features than she could imagine. It had a plasma screen, a GPS system that Inu Yasha cogently expressed was imperative considering her little to no sense of direction, wireless internet access, and voice message alerts that reminded her of crucial things on her agenda since Inu Yasha vocally detested her less than punctual flaw. There was even separate miko and emergency first aid kits he had prepared for her and placed under the passenger seat and in the trunk. Kagome had also discovered her bow and arrows she used for her daily lessons and purification expeditions with her miko sensei, Kaede, were present as well.

Gliding a finger over the surface of her car on her way to the driver side door, Kagome marveled at its structural beauty.

'Wow, they really got Inu Yasha's hair colour down to a science for the paint job,' Kagome thought as a random giggle escaped her lips remembering how Inu Yasha had forced the car designers to match the hue of his silver mane because she had admitted to him how much she loved his hair. He even went as far as to cut a piece of his hair off for the designers to have a sample to analyze.

'Poor souls, they spent months just trying to perfect the paint colour until Inu Yasha had finally approved.'

Once comfortably settled inside her car, Kagome did a mental count and review of all the items and things she still needed to do before dropping by Inu Yasha's office for a surprise lunch date.

"Hmm...let's see I still have to pick up some groceries to make tonight's dinner. I also have to make a quick stop by the repair shop to pick up Inu Yasha's main present from Toutousai-jiichan, which hopefully should have all its finishing touches done by now."

Looking at the digital clock on the plasma screen, Kagome estimated that she had about two hours left before seeing Inu Yasha if see wanted to bring him lunch at around twelve thirty. Considering that his office was located in Shiodome Shiosite, one of Tokyo's newer business districts consisting of spectacular skyscrapers mainly reserved by Japan's most influential industry leaders, she should have just enough time to get all her errands done.

'This is perfect! I'll have plenty of time pick up Inu Yasha's favourite meals after I get Inu Yasha's present from Toutousai-jiichan. That reminds me, better call the restaurant to place an order while it's still early. The chefs will definitely need a head's up to prepare everything in my order with all the food that Inu Yasha consumes in one sitting. Mou, I know he's a hanyou, but he just devours food like there's no tomorrow.'

Nodding her head in resolution, her car was started and Kagome headed off to Toutousai's auto manufacturing and mechanic repair shop located by the outskirts of Tokyo city. Driving on the highway with the roof down, a warm breeze tousled her raven locks and it was a feeling that Kagome welcomingly basked in. The wind combing through her hair as she drove her car, sending black tendrils of her tresses into an untamed whirlwind, was the closest thing that compared to the exhilarating thrill she experienced every time Inu Yasha gave her a ride on his back. The incredible speed, the rustling wind, and the raw power that surrounded her were all aspects that reminded her of Inu Yasha to further validate her love of her car.

'Yeah, there's not too many things that can beat a ride on Inu Yasha's back...well okay, I can think of some things that are better.' Kagome blinked, momentarily shocked with her line of thinking. 'Wait, what am I thinking!'

'Mou, I'm really turning into a hentai! This is all Miroku-sama's fault! Note to self: spend less time with lecherous priest. He's becoming a bad influence. Although, I have to applaud him for his creativity since he was the one who inspired this whole birthday bonanza.' Those thoughts in mind, Kagome accelerated and happily continued to her destination.







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