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Translator 101 (Just in Case):

Sonna – No Way

Tasukete – Help

Kuso – Damnit/shit

Shio Ramen: Type of ramen that has a transparent, salt based broth.

Wonton – Chinese dumplings often used as a feature topping in ramen

Tempura –seafood, vegetables, or mushrooms coated with tempura batter and deep fried

Nigirizushi - Small rice balls with fish and other vegetable toppings

Norimaki sushi – Tradition type of sushi consisting of sushi rice with other ingredients rolled in dried seaweed sheets

Onigiri – rice balls made of cooked rice, usually wrapped with seaweed, is slightly salted and often contains some additional food in the center (i.e. Seafood or pickled vegetables)

Yakitori – marinated grilled chicken pieces on skewers

Agedashi Tofu – deep fried tofu pieces dipped into a soya-based sauce before being eaten

Hamubagu – a Japanese style hamburger without the bread

Domburi – A bowl of cooked rice with other food (i.e. chicken, egg, beef, etc) put on top

Gyoza – are fried dumplings with minced vegetables and ground meat filling

Itadakimasu – a phrase said before you start eating, means "I gratefully receive"

Sou da – That's right

Kyaa – Ahhh, a sound made when one is surprised or scared

Doshite – Why





Blow Out the Candles




Chapter 4: Lunchtime Delights





It took all of a minute until Inu Yasha actually believed that the heavenly vision standing before his very eyes was not an illusion, an extremely tempting figment of his imagination concocted in his current state of mental strain. Taking a quick glance at the equally silent flea still dangling on the string entangled between his fingers, Inu Yasha allowed his eyes to gaze back upon the beautiful figure standing by the doorframe of his office.

In order make certain that the Kagome he was seeing was actually a corporeal entity, he did a swift once over with his senses. A small intake of air filled his nostrils with the subtle fragrance of floral nectar, morning mist, and an intangible scent of something wholly feminine and Kagome diffused into the room alongside the various aromas of warm food. His youki aura was tickled as it excitedly extended towards her welcoming presence while his blood quickly surged throughout his body when her smile widened. The quick rotation of his snow white ears caught the harmonious sound of her mirth, which she no longer suppressed and released in tiny fits of giggles. Finally, upon locking eyes with his beloved and feeling the mystic symbol entrenched on his chest give another strong throb, all Inu Yasha's previous doubts were dispelled.

'I KNEW I wasn't hallucinating when I felt her mark pulsate a couple of minutes ago! How long was she been in this stinking building and I didn't know?' He slated himself before once again feeling the familiar sensation of the mating mark intensifying on his left pectoral muscle.

By the way Kagome's giggles abruptly ceased, she too was entranced when their eyes met.

Yet, neither made the slightest sound nor indication of movement. They simple stayed rooted in their position, transfixed by each other.

Inu Yasha sat statuesque still in his chair and drank in every curvature and facial feature of his mate from her large doe eyes, her dark lengthy lashes, and her adorable nose to her lustrous cherry lips like a dehydrated man would guzzle his first drop of nourishing water.

Similarly, Kagome feasted on the somewhat ruffle appearance, but nonetheless attractive traits of her fiancée. Feeling weak in the knees from the smouldering gleam reflecting in the charcoal pools of his eyes and the escalating hum of his mark over her bosom, Kagome utilized the support provided by the doorframe.

Random strands of silver hair escaped the low ponytail binding his normally unkempt mane, fanning his defined chin and strong cheekbones, while his silk, maroon tie hung loosely under the collar of his white pinstriped Oxford shirt.

She internally struggled against the urge to run her fingers through the fine tresses or let the tips of her nails run across his exposed flesh revealed by the top two buttons being undone. Instead, she opted to tighten her grip on the numerous bento boxes she held and swallowed what moisture was left in her parched mouth as a means to occupy her wayward thoughts.

Though Kagome's action was ever so slight, it did not go unnoticed by her observant mate. Despite the fact that Inu Yasha was often times tactless and had a knack for disregarding Kagome's emotional sensitivity, he knew how to interpret every physical movement, shift, or reaction that her body underwent. And at the moment, he knew what and who exactly was on her mind. In response he flashed her a smug and arrogant grin, displaying a pearly white canine fang in the process.

Seeing the pointed tooth and instantly recalling the feel of it running along the slopes of her breast before gently scrapping over her left nub not a few hours prior sent a tinge of colour to her cheeks. Although their morning activities had been disturbed by Miroku's pointless phone call, Inu Yasha did not immediately stop his ministrations then. On the contrary, he had her panting and crying out for him before abruptly stopping and indifferently moving about to prepare for work.

'That's right! He left me hanging this morning when I said he had to go to work. I think I should make him squirm a little for that stunt.' Kagome mentally smiled to herself as she began to plan the details of her retaliation. Just as she was about to say something to her hanyou, a loud smack broke the silence, the sound ricocheting off the walls.

At the opposite side of the room, Inu Yasha now stood glaring menacingly down at the once again flattened flea. Judging by the three to four inch increase in his size, Myouga had been enjoying another quick lunch – courtesy of the artery on his employer's wrist.

"Myouga-jijii! I ain't a free buffet for you to fucking dine on!" Inu Yasha shouted to the flea, who was still momentarily dazed.

After motioning for Kagome to step away from the doorway with his free hand, Inu Yasha hastily removed the tangled string from his fingers and untied the knot on his jacket button.

"You better thank your lucky stars that Kagome is here 'cause I would've handicapped you for the next month!" Having been brought up to eye level with Inu Yasha, Myouga could see that his master was dead serious. "I'm no where near finished with you yet," Inu Yasha tersely spoke to the flea, "Since you happily agreed to this conference, you'll be happy to partake in it as well."

"B-but, Inu Yasha-sama, surely you don't need me there!" Myouga begged, distraughtly trying to think of any excuse that would extricate him from joining the brothers in their meeting. "I would only get in the way and there are so many other matters that I'm sure you would want me to attend to like–"

"Forget it!" Inu Yasha interjected before Myouga could start. "Or perhaps you would prefer I call Shyuga-babaa, huh?!"

"Sonna! Tasukete Kagome-sama, tasukete!!!" The flea cried, turning pleading eyes to one of the very few people who could persuade the temperamental inu youkai.

"Keh! She's already saved your ass once today. Don't go pushing your luck," replied Inu Yasha as he walked around his desk to stand in front of it. Looking through the open door, he yelled to his secretary, "Alexia, get your scaly butt in here!"

He didn't have to wait long before the alligator youkai was within sight.

"Is there something I can do for you Takainuhiko-sama?"

"Yeah, keep Myouga close by. I want him present for my conference with Sesshoumaru, so DON'T let him get away!" Inu Yasha then promptly flung the flea towards his secretary, whom caught him by the binding thread with ease.

"No problem, Sir." Alexia replied before closing the door and walking back to her desk. When she was comfortably seated, the reptilian proceeded to securely tie the flea executive to her coffee mug to keep him near.

During the process, Myouga had attempted to bite her numerous times as a means to startle her into releasing him. Unfortunately, Alexia was the ideal babysitter for the flea. Her thick exterior was difficult to penetrate and doing so only granted Myouga with a mouthful of her cold blood – a bitter taste he could scarcely stomach.

Following his fifth failed attempt to getaway, Myouga finally slumped onto the desk surface beside the half full mug. Alexia actually took pity on the old flea then by offering to get him something to drink when she saw him pull out a handkerchief to wipe his damp brow.

As Alexia went passed Inu Yasha's iron-plated doors, which were now bolted shut and temporarily sealed by Kagome's holy powers, on her way to retrieve some caffeine-free tea from the executive lunch room, she could only hypothesize what the company president and his mate were doing within the room.

Her guesses weren't too far fetched either.

Slightly leaning against the front of his desk stood a smirking hanyou with his bride to be standing to his left near the leather sofas in his office, her arms carrying delicious takeout items he couldn't wait to sink his teeth into. His mouth, however, only began to water at the sight of Kagome innocently bending over to place their lunch and drinks she held onto the marble coffee table. When she had turned to face him again, Inu Yasha motioned for her to approach him with a clawed index digit.

Of course Kagome happily obliged with a bright smile on her face and a seductive swagger to her steps. Inu Yasha was none the wiser as she leisurely leaned in to give him a kiss on the lips, a kiss he thought would permanently imprint the taste of her on his lips and taste buds for the rest of the day.

Hence, Inu Yasha was sorely disappointed when their lips were only millimetres apart and she unpredictably tilted her head to the right to give him a light and fleeting peck on the cheek. She even had the nerve to casually step away from him after the incident as if what she did was not deemed a deadly sin – at least in his opinion anyways.

Inu Yasha stood silently fuming at her actions, especially when she cheerily called him to join her for lunch.

"Yasha, aren't you going to join me on the couch?" Kagome asked as she coyly patted the seat next to her. "I ordered all your favourite meals," she tempted in a sultry voice.

Rather than dignifying her with a response, the inu hanyou merely scowled at his mate. When she did nothing other than politely grin at him, Inu Yasha decided to no longer remain mute.

"Oi, wench! What the hell kind of kiss was that?!" He growled and crossed his arms across his chest in a sulking manner.

Fluttering her curly lashes, Kagome asked in an overtly naive tone, "What are you talking about Inu Yasha?" To emphasize her point, she brought her index finger to her chin and tapped gently in a contemplative manner, "I bet you're becoming delusional because you're hungry and stressed. Oh my poor mate! Koi, come over here and have lunch before your ramen gets cold and starchy."

Seeing the flicker of indecision in his eyes, for a spit second Kagome thought Inu Yasha was about to cave. She knew better than anyone else that his stomach was desperately urging him to devour the delicious noodles while his pride and ego demanded that he not succumb to her no matter what the cost.

'Kuso! I probably deserve this for what I did to her in morning, but there's NO WAY I'm gonna retreat from HER challenge!'

Congested or claustrophobic areas, or more importantly dead-end situations similar to his current position, never did bode well with the rash inu hanyou. The animalistic instinct in him despised being cornered or caged, and thus often resulted in him acting recklessly or lashing out violently. And due to his present frustration and indecisiveness, like so many times before, Inu Yasha blurted out the first thing that came to his mind.

"Bitch, run your fucking ass over here and greet your mate properly, or else!" The hanyou ordered before he realized what exactly he said and how he said it.

'Ah hell! I just shoved both my feet into my mouth,' the hanyou mentally cursed his stupidity. By the way that Kagome's smile gradually dissipated, her lips pursing together and her eyebrows lowering darkly, Inu Yasha knew he hit the nail on the head with his assumptions.

"Hmm, I see," was Kagome's only retort as she stared furiously at him.

Thinking fast in order to rectify his grave mistake, Inu Yasha tried his best to apologize without actually saying the words or looking like he was forced to surrender. He could only thank kami and whatever other divine being out there for the fact that the kotodama rosary he wore around his neck no longer possessed a subduing spell. Had it still granted Kagome the power to render him kissing dirt with an utterance of a single word, Inu Yasha was positive he would have crashed through at least three floors by now for his little comment.

"Uhh…C'mon koi, you know that's not what I meant," Inu Yasha cautiously began, "I've had a crap-filled day and the ONLY good thing about it is seeing YOU. Now I want a real hello kiss from my mate and I'm not moving a muscle until I get it." For good measure Inu Yasha also threw in a barely audible please, gruffly and awkwardly spoken under his breath.

Kagome, for her part, took a long look at Inu Yasha before she gave any indication of forgiving him. Having taken into account her stubborn mate's somewhat slouched posture, wilted ears, and downcast eyes, she knew he didn't mean what he said and truly did regret saying it. Kagome even guiltily thought that perhaps she was a bit harsh in her revenge, especially when she knew he was suffering from a horrible day and on his birthday nonetheless.

A compromise was the sole solution to their standstill, so with a long sigh Kagome stood and walk towards her fiancée.

She was apparently moving too slow for Inu Yasha's preference because in the next instance he took a large step forward, seized her by the waist with one hand and by her wrist by the other and locked his lips upon hers. Without any hesitation, Inu Yasha showed Kagome just how remorseful he was and how much he longed for her all morning.

While he greedily ravaged her sweet lips, enticing her mouth to part for his questing tongue, Inu Yasha slithered the hand draped around her waist to the small of her back, and with a firm push of his palm he was holding her snugly against his hard body. His other hand, having long released her wrist, slid to and fro along the bare skin of her upper arm, shoulder blades, and nape of her neck to ultimately deepen their embrace.

For Kagome, the light scrapping of Inu Yasha's pointed finger nails on her skin was absolutely maddening, causing the tiny sensory hairs on her arms to stand on end and sending a shudder shooting down her spine.

When Inu Yasha swirled the tip of his tongue in figure-eight patterns on the roof of her mouth, Kagome couldn't suppress the small pleading whimper or airy moan that sprung from her throat. His deep-chested growls exuded vibrations into her very marrow in every place their bodies touched and Kagome vaguely wondered if her knees would buckle under her weight. In fear of breaking their passionate kiss as a result of her inability to stand, she held onto Inu Yasha all the more desperately.

Inu Yasha, having felt and sensed Kagome's worry when she gripped onto him earnestly, reassured his mate that he would never let her fall by firmly cradling her posterior. It was all the encouragement Kagome needed because she loosened her hold on him and in appreciation she suckled on his bottom lip before mingling with Inu Yasha's own probing tongue.

'Kami, she tastes good! No wait, she tastes way better than just good.' Inu Yasha absent-mindedly thought as he desperately tried to savour and memorize every emotion, feel, smell and flavour of the woman in his arms.

No matter how much he caressed, embraced, nuzzled, or explored the uniqueness and delights of her body and mind, Inu Yasha could never remotely get his fill of her. She was more addictive than any drug; such substances were artificial and only effective for a short amount of time, where as Kagome was substantial, whole, purely natural, and possessed an infinite wealth of love.

To think, he, Takainuhiko Inu Yasha, second son of the almighty Inutaisho of the Governing Western Territories, third wealthiest male in the entire Asian hemisphere, and voted one of the most interesting person/hanyou/youkai alive by the media for four years running, had been hesitant to admit his true feelings for the girl he loved.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, and even months had been wasted after he first realized his affections for Kagome. Nevertheless, being the guarded fool that he was, Inu Yasha hid his love for her instead of gathering her into his arms to show her precisely how much she meant to him.

Thinking back on his past insecurities and reservations, Inu Yasha now realized how ridiculous he acted. He should have undoubtedly known that Kagome would never reject or ridicule him as countless others did; she had always stayed at his side and offered him unconditional love, even when he tried to push her away or wasn't worthy of her kindness.

The past, however, remained as the past and rather than dwelling on it, Inu Yasha was determined to make up for every second they had lost together and seize every possible moment he got to spend with Kagome. More importantly, he planned on putting their time with each other to good use – much like he was doing now.

Finally, when the inhalation of air and exhalation of carbon dioxide became essential, the couple parted from their heated kiss. Though they only separated enough so that their lips where no more than centimetres apart and their noses were still rubbing against each other. Both were panting heavily and it was a few minutes before either spoke.

It took Kagome two attempts to swallow before the lust coloured haze left her mind and she had her breathing under control. Yet, even when she spoke – what few coherent words she could utter, that is – her voice was barely above a murmur.

"Better?" She questioned light-heartedly.

Smiling for the first time since he arrived to work, Inu Yasha chuckled, "Fuck yeah! That's what I call an appropriate hello kiss from my mate."

He was about to say more when his stomach choose that instant to make itself known with a large rumble.

"C'mon, I guess it really is time to eat now," the sheepishly grinning hanyou said as he pulled his snickering mate onto the seat next to him on the plush couch. "Besides, my ramen always did taste better when I've had a hardy taste of you with it." Inu Yasha stated to cover up is tinted cheeks.

The couple then proceeded to arrange and divide the plentiful amount of food Kagome had bought, which would normally be enough to feed six grown men. As soon as Inu Yasha had a pair of chopsticks in his hand, he went straight for the extra, extra large, wonton laden, shio flavoured ramen.

Disregarding the use of other dining utensils such as a napkin, a soup bowl, or a plate, Inu Yasha merrily slurped the rice flour noodles from its plastic container, spraying droplets of broth here and there. Between mouthfuls of ramen, Inu Yasha sampled the other various dishes and appetizers scattered on the low table consisting of deep-fried morsels, a mixed garden of steamed and sauté vegetables, a cornucopia of seafood platters, and enough meat cutlets to please any carnivore.

"Itadakimasu!" Chirped Kagome before she began the meal. Having far better dining etiquette, she properly served herself a decent helping of domburi, steamed vegetables, sushi, and shrimp tempura on a plate instead of eating them straight from the takeout boxes like a certain demon.

Inu Yasha on the other hand could care less about table manners when he was starving. He just couldn't understand why people wasted their time and energy fussing over useless things like the proper way to hold a pair of chopsticks, the proper way of swallowing food first before speaking, the proper way to chew food discretely, and the list went on. So long as the food ended up in his mouth and he didn't choke on it, then nothing else really mattered.

Seeing as to how Kagome didn't bother lecturing him about his eating habits today, Inu Yasha continued to devour whatever he could get his hands or chopsticks on. The nigiri-zushi, norimaki sushi, and gyoza were popped into his half filled mouth as if they were simple snacks. The tuna-stuffed onigiri, agedashi tofu squares, and hamubagu were eaten in a single bite each and shortly swallowed afterwards while the yakitoris were licked clean down to the skewers.

A comfortable silence, aside from the sounds of Inu Yasha's chomping or the wooden clicking of chopsticks, filled the room and settled between the preoccupied inhabitants. Every now and then Kagome would look up from her meal, which she played and shuffled with more so than actually ate, to watch and cheerfully smile at her fiancée. Typically, Kagome would be astounded by the rate in which Inu Yasha consumed his food, but even he wasn't eating fast enough for her today.

The bubbling excitement and anticipation that she had felt all morning only seemed to intensify as the day wore on and now with only minutes to wait before she gave Inu Yasha one of his major gifts, her childish enthusiasm returned to her tenfold. One would think she was the person receiving the gift and not vice versa. She just couldn't help her eagerness though.

All day she had been imagining what his reaction to her present would be. She wondered if he would be rendered speechless or whether he would shout his heart's content. She wondered if he race down all forty-three flights of stairs to touch his refurbished treasure or whether he could stare at it in awe for fear of damaging it. Most of all, she wondered what look of surprise would strike his features and wash away all the signs of restlessness that marred his face due to a hard day at work.

And she would have continued with her wondering had it not been for the hand waving in front of her eyes.

"Earth to Kagome." Inu Yasha asked setting down his empty container of ramen and licking each of his fingers clean of any lingering sauce or crumbs. "Are you somewhere in that mess you keep calling your mind?" He playfully joked while gently tapping his finger on her temple once the pensive look left her eyes.

"Oh… Gomen ne, Inu Yasha. I just got a little carried away." She flushed with embarrassment and tried to find something to change the topic. Looking around, she noticed that most of the food, if not all, had been eaten…

'Hey, if he's done eating then I can give him his gift now!' She suddenly squealed then, the high pitched sound stinging Inu Yasha's ears.

"Oi, wench! What the heck as gotten into you?!" The hanyou protested while flattening his ears against his skull to drown out the noise. He was midway gulping down his lychee fruit-flavoured bubble tea when she startled him, nearly causing him to choke on the tapioca pearls and jack fruit pieces in the sweet drink.

Of course Kagome was too thrilled about giving him his surprise to take notice. "Ah, sou da! Inu Yasha, get up, get up!"

"Na-nani? Doshite?" The partially coughing hanyou asked. Some of his drink had gone down the wrong tube, entering the wind pipe instead of the esophagus and making it difficult for him to inhale let alone speak. With one final cough, Inu Yasha cleared his air ways and could easily breathe again.

"Come on! I'll give you something good!" She enthusiastically said while tugging at his arm to get him to stand.

"You're such a bother." He complained with mock annoyance in his eyes.

"Onegai, come on," Kagome requested as she clasp her hands together in a beseeching manner. "Just close your eyes for a second." It was then that she gave him the look, the look that never failed to liquefy his resolution and sway his decisions.

"Keh," was his only response before he did as he was told and closed his eyes.

Inu Yasha allowed Kagome to lead him around the couches before they shortly stopped at the balcony doors of his corner office. At this point Kagome temporarily released his had to retrieve something from her purse. Twitching his ears, Inu Yasha heard the plexiglass doors sliding open. Moments later he was pulled out into the open air where a cool breeze ruffled his bangs and he felt the high noon sun on his shin.

"Can I open my eyes yet, Kagome?" Inu Yasha impatiently whined.

"No! Not yet!" She practically yelled when she thought he was going to open his eyes. "Wait a minute, it's almost ready." Just to be safe, Kagome covered his shut eyes with her hand right hand to prevent him from peeking.

She then began to navigate him around the lush plants, decorative shrubbery, and small steel patio set on the balcony patio. She was grateful towards the architects whom had designed the building because the outdoor terrace enabled her to show Inu Yasha his present without having to lead him all the way out of the building.

His office was only one of two rooms that boasted a private balcony, a bathroom complete with a shower, a walk-in closet, and mini-bar in the entire building. Of course Inu Yasha rarely took notice of the aforementioned perks, how could he when he was always piled high with work to do. Thus, this was a special occasion in deed.

By now he was extremely anxious to see what Kagome had gotten him for his birthday. Being in such close proximity to her, Inu Yasha could clearly feel the thudding beat of her heart through her hand on his eyes and smell her excitement and nervousness. Whatever she had planned, he knew it was something huge if she went to all this trouble to surprise him.

Acting as his typical self of wanting to speed things along and have a little fun with Kagome, Inu Yasha quickly swiped his inherently long tongue along the under ridge of her hand still covering his eyes.

"Kyaa!!" Kagome squeaked and automatically withdrew her right hand as if she had been burnt. "Inu Yasha, that wasn't funny!" She scolded the laughing hanyou.

"Are you done yet?" He managed to say between laughs. Feeling the light punch on his arm, Inu Yasha got himself back under control. When he straightened, he felt Kagome slip her hands into his prior to her leaning forward and sweetly kissing him on the lips.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now, Inu Yasha."

"'Bout time!"

Blinking quickly to allow his pupils to adjust to the light, Inu Yasha took in his surrounding. It had been a few months since the last time he was out on the balcony and he noticed that many of the flowers were beginning to bloom, concealing the smoke-filled Tokyo air with their pleasant fragrance. Though other than the flowers, he didn't see anything else out of the ordinary. Not quite understanding why Kagome insisted he kept his eyes closed, he turned to her with a questioning look.

In reply, Kagome's smile widened and she withdrew her hands, taking a step away from him. Inu Yasha wasn't sure what she was doing until his mind registered that he was holding an object within his folded fingers. Tensing with interest and exhilaration, he compelled his fingers to slowly uncurl.

When his hand fully opened to reveal the item, Inu Yasha's breath caught in his throat despite his gaping mouth and his hands trembled at the sight of it.

'It can't be… can it?' His mind clumsily tripped over itself trying to process everything that was happening to him. Needing some form of reassurance, he forced his eyes away from the object lying on his palm to look at his beaming mate.

As if she could read his very thoughts, Kagome vigorously nodded her head in assurance to answer his silent question. Slowly leaning over the balcony railing, she pointed at something directing down below. To her eyes the object beneath was no more than a red blurb from the forty-third floor, but she knew that Inu Yasha could see the major details of her gift with his enhanced youkai eyes.

Following the direction of Kagome's finger, Inu Yasha peered over the railing and his eyes widened at the sight he saw.

"H-h-how," was the only word that could bypass the boulder lodged in the passageway of his throat and cross the desert that his tongue had become.

All he could do was stare in awe and disbelief at the innocent silver key resting on his hand to the parked car that resembled his once cherished classic Porsche 550 Spyder. The car he had spent nearly a year restoring with his own two hands, that he himself had paid every cent for with an honest day's work. The car that held so many memories for him and Kagome before the horrific accident occurred. Never did he expect to see that car again, yet here he was with the car's original key in his hand.

He was snapped out of his dazed state when Kagome began speaking.

"Well, after the accident and you thought that the car was beyond repair, I immediately called Toutousai-jiichan to salvage anything and everything that he could from your car before it was spent to the junk yard." There was a silent pause while Kagome shivered in remembrance of the ghastly ordeal. When she spoke again, her tone was somewhat downcast, "It was all my fault and – "

"Don't you dare, Kagome!" Inu Yasha abruptly ordered and pulled her into his shielding arms.

"But... "

"I said don't, Kagome. The crash wasn't your fault, so just don't start! Got it?!"

Nodding in compliance, Kagome took comfort in Inu Yasha's warmth, delighting in the feel of him nuzzling her temple and neck.

"I'm still sorry it happened… I knew what the car meant to you, so in the six months following the accident I secretly searched for the auto parts that needed to be replaced."

Taking a deep breath Kagome continued, "Since we couldn't fix the car's original frame, Toutousai-jiichan called in a few favours and helped me remodel the new Porsche Boxster S 50th anniversary model."

"Ka-go-me..." He could only whisper her name and hold her tightly, realizing how much work and effort she had invested in his present.

"I was planning on giving it to you as a wedding present, but I couldn't want until then. Um… Do you like it, Inu Yasha?"

Mentally chuckling at her question, Inu Yasha found it highly amusing and surprisingly endearing how her insecurities about pleasing him still occasionally surfaced. He was grateful for fact that Kagome never lost the air of childish innocence about her or the sparkle of light in her expressive eyes even after all the tragedies and hardships they underwent to be together.

"Do you even have to ask me that?!" He acclaimed. 'Kami, I really don't deserve you!'

Wanting to hear her jovial laughter rather than a reply, Inu Yasha swiftly picked her up bridle style and spun her around until she begged him to stop. Having no desire to release Kagome anytime soon, Inu Yasha carried her back into his office and took a seat on his leather business with her in his lap.

He gave her a minute at most to catch her breathe before he pounced on her with eager lips, focusing exclusively on their kiss as a means to convey all the love and adoration he felt for her. Heaven only knew that he was not a hanyou of many words.

It didn't take long before the kiss was not enough to quench the couple's raging desires. With the scent of arousal was thick in the air, adding fuel to the rampant fire that was Inu Yasha's need to completely feel his mate, his handle on rationality was dwindling faster than sand in an hourglass.

The fact that it was broad daylight and the only thing preserving their privacy was a door hardly crossed Inu Yasha's distracted mind; he was far too busy worshiping Kagome's neck and inching his hands up underneath her dress to care about anything else. Before he could go any further though, Kagome halted his actions, pushing gently on his shoulders.

By all means, she was readily willing to finish what they had begun, but she was not quite so far lost in the lustful maze of their primal needs to overlook the situation at hand. A random glance at the clock on the mantel above the digital fireplace screen saver of the plasma TV revealed that it was nearly five minutes before two o'clock. Knowing Sesshoumaru as well as she did, he was NEVER one to be kept waiting. It was nothing short of a miracle that Alexia had been able to detain him for this long already.

"In-Inu Yasha, stop..." Kagome gasped, wanting to disregard her own words, but knowing that they couldn't continue. "We can't do this now… O-or here."

A grunt of disapproval was all he did, never straying from his pleasurable task.

Seeing that he wasn't going to speak any time soon, Kagome continued, "You have a meeting with Sesshoumaru… Mmmm… and Alexia-chan has been stalling him for thirty minutes already."

Between nips and licks, Inu Yasha finally mumbled a reply against her ear, "Screw Sesshoumaru… He's just here to annoy the shit out of me!" His next nip was a little harder than its predecessors, making him proudly smirk when Kagome inhaled sharply. "Anyways, my hands are full as it is." He emphasized with a playful squeeze.

"Inu Yasha no henati!" Kagome hissed, turning an interesting shade of red due to his comment and actions.

"Hey, only for you," he assured and then resumed worshiping her neck.

Although the feelings he evoked within her were simply blissful, Kagome held true to her decision and in another attempt tried to coax Inu Yasha to stop. "Onegai, Inu Yasha, we're going to be interrupted one way or another"

As if on clue, Inu Yasha's phone began to ring.

"See," Kagome insisted and sighed disappointedly as the phone continued to buzz.

After a very apparent grumble and huff, Inu Yasha allowed Kagome to partially slide out of his lap to press the phone's intercom button. The raspy voice of his secretary soon sounded through the speaker phone.

"Sorry to disturb you Takainuhiko-sama. Your brother is waiting for you and refuses to wait any longer."

Inu Yasha couldn't stop the growling that sprang forth at the mention of his half-brother. It took a gentle caress on his cheek from Kagome to tame his riled instincts before he managed to brusquely retort, knowing fully well that Sesshoumaru could hear what was being spoken.

"Fine, send her highness in," Inu Yasha sneered into the intercom, "And don't forget to bring Myouga in as well," he added in last minute. He couldn't help the sadistic smile that appeared at the distinct sound of Myouga's wailing. 'Serves you right, this whole mess is your entire fault to begin with!'

Releasing the button, Inu Yasha then turned to his mate. He grudgingly helped her straighten and walked her to the door where she shocked him with a brief, but nevertheless fiery farewell kiss.

"Don't look so gloomy, Inu Yasha." Kagome cajoled while leaning up on her toes to reach his velvety ears and gave them a good rub. "It's a Friday so you'll have me to yourself ALL night and week-end."

"Feh, like that's enough." He remarked distractedly due to the ear massage.

"Just remember: NO bloodshed when you see Sesshoumaru. We've had to remodel this office far too many times before and I don't want Alexia-chan dealing with it on Monday morning. Promise me, Inu Yasha. "

"Whatever, the asshole always starts it!" Inu Yasha shouted childishly as he watched her peal away the sacred seals on the doors that ensured they would not be bothered during their lunch.

Kagome opened one of the double doors and began to exit when she turned her head around and smiled charmingly at her fiancée. "Besides," Kagome threw over her shoulder, "if you get hurt, you won't be able to fully enjoy your other presents."

A splash of red coloured her cheeks and her words were spoken barely above a whisper for his ears alone, "And believe me when I say that your other presents entail a more hands-on approach." That said, Kagome winked at her salivating mate and strolled out into the foyer.

Watching Kagome leave, the only thoughts racing around in his mind were: Don't kill Sesshoumaru until Monday and get home FAST this evening!


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