Have you ever experienced what it feels like to go on stage? To feel your heartbeat through your veins, to feel the blood go to your head and make you feel lighter than a feather, or the refreshment of feeling like you have wings. Well, this is my story; a once graceful, well-respected dancer turns into the next laughing stalk of our high school. Well, actually it isn't that bad, I mean I am still good at hip hop and dirty dancing just no longer able to do ballet anymore, that is one talent that is lost forever, probably knowing my luck, it will never return. Although, my love life has been extremely complicated, you know living in a fancy pants neighborhood really doesn't help me any. All the people that live next door to me are so preppy and disoriented; I will never understand the true meaning of life, well at least not anytime soon.
I am sure, like every gossiper in my town, I am almost positive you are wanting to know what happened. Well, it's a long story but I think you'll live through it. Okay, (sigh) well, there was this competition that every ballet dancer in my town hopes to live after it is called The Dance Association Test (TDAT). Anyway, I took a look around and I saw all these wonderful dancers, dancing around and I thought these girls are much better than I have ever thought about being, they are so graceful, their energy you could feel from twenty feet away and not miss it. Their sweat, for some reason made them seem like they were so focused on what they were doing that it knew that I wasn't going to stand a chance, not here anyway. I turned away from the performance for a minute to see what, a few gossipers chatting away as usual with their stupid giggles and their stupid excuse of secrets, anyway, I thought I was going to puke with disgust so I turned away, but I still had my eye out on them and they were now staring at me, so I ignored them completely and concentrated on the performance.
--To be continued.