(A/N: Heh I was at a sleepover a while ago and the two things we did was watch the entire series of Nadesico and play Oni. Somehow I got it in my head that Konoko and Akito where soul mates and from there on I just went nuts with the idea. Since no one else has written it down yet and posted any Oni crossovers I thought I'd try my hand at it.)

Nadesico / Oni crossover

Demonic past

Prelude: Memories of a girl.

A purple haired woman ran through his dreams like an avenging angel as she fought enemy after enemy with her bare hands. Her limbs flowed like water as she took down a balding old man with a gun that sprayed a beam of paralyzing electricity. Akito sat on the edges watching as she smashed his face with a purple glowing fist and threw him into another wall.

Griffin, the old man's name was Griffin.

He took yet another blow to the face and went down like a sack of potatoes. The woman grabbed the gun and wrenched it from his hand violently before turning it on its former owner and shocking him until its power source ran dry. She threw it away and set on the man with her bare hands once more. Eventually he lay in a pool of his own blood dead as a doorpost and the woman stopped her barrage. Her chest heaved and the tight fist's her hands made clenched tighter every few seconds. Her knuckles where white under Griffin's blood and her face was even paler. Akito found himself walking toward her holding out his arms as he got close. The woman turned and fell against his chest, finally relaxing her tense stance. Akito smiled at the familiar sound of her breathing as the adrenalin slowly drained out of her system. He shut his eyes and took in the feeling of the scene rather than the sight and let a sigh escape his lips.


Akito sat bolt upright in bed as the dream finished, gasping for breath. The dreams......... weren't exactly bad, but they weren't good either. He so desperately needed to know who he saw in his dreams. The purple haired woman, Konoko, was special. He could feel her, not just see her light he did every night, but actually feel the warmth of her body when he hugged her, hear her voice when she spoke and felt her presence looming around him, even in his waking hours. It was strange but the closer he got to mars the more the feeling that she was there increased. Whoever she was, she was definitely on mars, well, at least that's what his gut was telling him.


He jumped skittishly as the alarm in his communicator went off, telling him morning on the battle ship had officially started. Running a hand through his messy hair he sighed. 'Where are you Konoko?' he wondered within the confines of his own mind. Swinging his legs over the side of his bed the cold air of space hit him like a blast, although he received a shock of a different nature a moment later when he looked up and found himself nose to nose with Yurika Mitsumaru, the captain of the Nadesico.

"AGGGHHHHH!!!!!" he shrieked, scrambling away from the nutcase as fast as he could.

"Hello Akito!" She greeted exuberantly, seemingly unaware of his harassed look or the fact that he was thinking about another woman, "I knocked on the door but no one answered so I used my key again to get in!" Akito looked at her horrified wishing she'd leave him alone, he said as much a moment later when he regained his composure from the shock.

"Leave me alone you nut bar!" he retorted loudly making Yurika reel back slightly. "Can't you give me some peace for five minutes?" His face was flustered he got up and began to push the protesting captain out the door, displaying a strength that no one would of guessed he had by his lanky and unimpressive build. Yurika blinked as she found herself outside in the bright lights of the hall with Akito's door at her back. She turned to go on again and found that her all access key wouldn't work. Puzzled she went to the bridge to ask what was wrong with it. Akito however looked at the sparking panel beside his door with an incredulous expression. All he'd done was slap the button to lock it and it had blown up as if he'd punched a hand through it. Shaking his head he stuffed the wires back into the hole and went to get dressed. His mind, back on the purple haired woman as he forgot about Yurika.

It was all just another day on the Nadesico.

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