Disclaimer: I do not own Flame of Recca, cheers to Mr Nobuyuki Anzai, who created it, and may he live to a hundred years or more. The characters here were all created and named by Nobuyuki-sama, and I had no part in making them whatsoever, though I love them all, or at least most.

The Health Food Fight

(By the way, this story seems slightly similar, yet considerably different, to 'War of the Kitchens', a Golden Sun fanfic taken from the website 'Garet's Kitchen'. I hope they don't mind, and many thanks to them for the idea which started me off on writing fanfics. This is my first attempt at humour, and my first real fanfic, come to think of it.


-Raiha no Hime! (or Ikazuchi-chan out of respect for Fuuko-san.)

Chapter One: A Mission for Kurei's Right-hand Man

Raiha had no idea what to do. Yes, he was bored.

Kurei was in no danger of any sort, and Mori Kouran was nowhere to be seen. He lay on the grass, daydreaming about a young lady holding dangerously sharp darts between her fingers, and wearing a strange contraption on her right arm, threatening to beat him up. He smiled with pleasure.

All of a sudden, something rang. Raiha leaped up, katana at the ready. Then he realised that the ringing was coming from his waist. Ah yes, the mobile. He had never gotten used to these modern devices. Swinging his hair over his shoulder, he answered it. "Hellooooo?" he said cheerfully.

"Raiha! I need your help! Get here this instant!" Kurei's frantic voice came from over the phone. Then the phone went dead.

Raiha gasped. His master must be in grave danger. And at the right time, too. Beaming, he headed for Kurei's mansion, the only place where it was raining in the area. It even rained while the sun was shining. 'Ah well,' Raiha thought. 'At least the rainbow's a nice side effect.'

Thoroughly soaked, Raiha, ever polite, knocked at the door. When nobody answered, he sighed and kicked it down. When the splinters had finished raining down, Raiha raced down the hallway and peered into Kurei's room.

Kurei was sitting on his imitation golden throne, perfectly healthy, and generally in a good mental condition. (for Kurei, that is.) He looked up and spotted Raiha. "Raiha!" he cried, getting up and running over to him, grinning like a small child (though it was a little impossible to tell behind that creepy mask).

"I have a new mission for you!" Kurei announced happily. "It'll be dangerous along the way, so I thought I might need a skilled fighter like you!"

Raiha glanced at Kurei in his ecstatic state, and raised an eyebrow. He definitely did not like the sound of this.

-end of chapter one-

Raiha: That was a short chapter.

Raiha no Hime: Hey, it's MY fanfic, after all. And besides, that was just an introduction.

Kurei: And why am I portrayed as a madman reliving his second childhood? (begins to summon Kureinai)

Raiha no Hime: (backs away) Erm... because it makes you seem more... kawaii? Aaaahhhh... (dodges Kureinai's attack)

Raiha: (restrains Kurei) Take it easy, Kurei-sama. There's always the next chapter.

Kurei: This had better be good.