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Chapter 1 – Downfall

Be my saviour and I'll be your downfall.

They were cornered...trapped with no place to go.

Paige was the first to go down and she lay unconscious at Piper's feet. Phoebe was hanging on by a thread, battered, bruised and bloody, she was swaying on the spot. Piper was in a similar condition, but the rage surging through her veins was keeping her going.

They were surrounded...out numbered with little strength left to fight.

Chris was struggling under his captor's grasp, but to no avail. His lean 14- year-old figure was no match for the butch demon that had Chris in his vice grip.

Piper blew up the demon closest, only to have two more shimmer in to take it's place.

"Give me back my son!" Piper bellowed, blowing up a couple more demons.

The demon holding Chris let out a low, dark and sinister chuckle.

"I don't think you're in a position to be demanding anything."

Piper would have blown him up if she wasn't worried she would hit Chris in the process.

The demon smirked, he could see in her eyes how much she loathed him, how much she wanted him dead, and in reply he tightened his grip on Chris. Causing him to gasp for air.

"Let him GO!" Piper screamed, but was met with a dozen energy balls flying in her direction.

She managed to freeze most of them, Phoebe empathetically deflected a few, but one caught Phoebe in the shoulder sending her crashing to the underworld floor beside Paige, unconscious.

Piper's panic rose, she was the last sister standing now. Unsure of what to do she tried to freeze the whole room again, but there were too many of them and she was too weak. After that plan failed she returned to blowing up as many as possible. After killing about twenty, another thirty shimmered in to replace them.

"By all means keep killing my minions, I daresay I have plenty." The demon holding Chris sneered. "But I'm growing tiresome of this charade."

The pool of blood around Paige's still body seeped across the rocky floor and her chest seized to rise and fall.

Chris saw that his aunt was dead and struggled further trying to reach them.

"No...no...Paige!" He screamed, before the demon holding him hit him over the back of the head, causing his vision to blur as pain spiked through his already battered body.

Piper looked down at Paige's lifeless body, and the distraction cost her, an energy ball hit her square in the stomach sending her backwards, joining her sisters on the floor.

Phoebe stirred and instantly knew Paige was dead, she grabbed hold of her body and clung to it as if her life depended on it, sobbing uncontrollably.

Chris' head lulled to one side as the darkness threatened to take him over. But the demon tightened his grip, roughly taking Chris' head in his large hand, and directing it so Chris could see his dying family.

"I want you to watch." The demon whispered in Chris' ear, then he ordered his minions. "Kill them."

"NO!" Chris yelled, but it was too late.

Another wave of energy balls flew towards the sisters. Phoebe, too weak to defend herself, took two in the chest and one in the stomach. Her body jerked but then lay still; dead beside her dead sister. Piper managed to freeze some but another connected with her shoulder causing her to cry out.

"Mom!" Chris screamed frantically trying to escape, but the demon only squeezed tighter. Chris groaned in pain as he heard a dull snap as one of his ribs broke. But he continued to struggle. "MOM!"

Piper, tears streaming down her face, looked down, both of her sisters were dead, and if she didn't do something fast, her son and herself were soon to join them. She froze another energy ball, but her strength was waning, and two she had previously frozen, unfroze and hit her in the chest. She fell back on the rough ground, her breathing shallow as she spat out a wad of blood.

Satisfied she was defeated, the demon released Chris, who scrambled as fast as he could to his mother.

"Mom...mom stay with me..." He cried, as he took his mother's bloody form into his arms.

"You may go." Ordered the demon, as his many minions shimmered out, leaving only him, the charmed ones and Chris in the dark cavern.

"I love you..." Piper whispered, as her head lulled to one side, and she let out her final breath.

"Mom...no...you can't leave me...mom please..."

"Awww isn't this just so sweet." The demon mocked.

Chris kissed his mother gently on the forehead, and then lay her body gently down beside his dead aunts.

Shakily he rose to his feet, pure fury surging through every fibre of his body.

The demon chuckled. "Aww the little boy thinks he can take me!"

Chris felt as though there was a gaping hole inside of him, but through his pain he felt power. The demon's binding spell was finally wearing off and his powers were returning to him.

"Bring it on child, I shall take great pleasure in ending your life."

Chris' fury took over him, his pain a distant murmur in the back of his brain. His overwhelming thirst for revenge got the better of him as he charged at the demon.

The demon easily dodged him, and sent a fireball at him, causing Chris to crash painfully into the cavern wall.

From the ground Chris could see the bloody and broken bodies of the Charmed Ones, and their death weighed down on his. Pushing himself to his feet, his grief came crashing in and he crackled with magical energy.

The demon felt the power boost in Chris, and was wise enough to back away from the teenager.

"You killed THEM!" Chris bellowed, as the walls shook around him. "I will destroy you if it's the last thing I ever do!" Chris vowed as he held his arms out and sent electricity surging straight at the demon.

He barely shimmered out in time, shimmering back in behind Chris, wanting to sneak up behind him. But Chris, whose powers were all stronger due to his rage, could sense the demon at his back. He spun round to face him.

The energy sparked around Chris and the walls gave another tremor, as rocks fell all around them.

The demon was smart enough to know to run from a losing battle, he smirked at Chris, his horrible yellow, snake-like eyes staring into Chris' deep green eyes.

"Another time." And he shimmered out as Chris sent another wave of electrical energy at his family's murderer.

Chris let out a yell, and fell to his knees as the walls shook again, unable to contain Chris' growing power.

"No!" Chris screamed.

The magic sapped the remaining strength he had, the walls gave a final tremor as the darkness surrounded Chris, and he fell unconscious to the floor.