Disclaimer: I do not own Flame of Recca, cheers to Mr Nobuyuki Anzai, who created it, and may he live to a hundred years or more. The characters here were all created and named by Nobuyuki-sama, and I had no part in making them whatsoever, though I love them all, or at least most.

Hurricane Fuuko

(I'm taking another stab at humour. To all Fuuko fans, gomen if you don't think I portrayed her very well. Ah well. Three cheers for her anyway.)


-Raiha no Hime! (or Ikazuchi-chan out of respect for Fuuko-san.)

Chapter One: The Weather Report

Fuuko Kirisawa was bored. It was the summer vacation, and although she definitely did not miss school, she had done almost everything she could think of.

She had tried her hand at gardening, cooking and the like, without ideal results, for example, getting banned from the kitchen for eternity by her horrified mother. She had gotten thrashed by Ganko for the gazillionth time at Playstation games.

Recca and Yanagi were on a date. Domon had tried asking her for one, but Fuuko had politely declined on the pretext that she had embroidery class. Kaoru was on a class picnic, and Mikagami was, as usual, nowhere to be found.

Sitting on the grassy field where she had been practicing her martial arts, Fuuko summoned the spirit of the Fuujin. "Yes, mistress?" the furry creature squeaked.

"I'm bored, Fuujin. Amuse me." Fuuko commanded.

The spirit of the Fuujin looked confused, if a white, furry, stuffed-toy looking thing without a mouth could look confused. After thinking for a while, it asked, "How, mistress?"

Fuuko shrugged. "I don't know," she answered. "Just do SOMETHING. Something big."

"Your wish is my command, mistress," the spirit of the Fuujin replied in its high-pitched voice. It closed its humongous amber eyes for a while, then shimmered and disappeared.

Wondering where the spirit of the Fuujin had gone, Fuuko lay back, enjoying the feel of the soft, lush grass. Looking up, she spotted the dark clouds gathering in the distance. She immediately leaped up, her sixth sense tingling uncomfortably.

All of a sudden, a strong gale picked up, threatening to sweep Fuuko off her feet. She kept steady with the help of the Shinryoshintou, but had to tighten her grip on its handle as the speed of the winds increased. "Uh-oh," she muttered under her breath.

-end of chapter one-

Fuuko: Hey! I'm not so stupid as to do THAT.

Ikazuchi-chan: (shrugs) Well, tough luck then. That's how the story goes. At least you're the main character, ne?

Fuuko: That's not the point. My point is, are you saying I'm stupid?

Raiha: (unsheathes katana) You were saying, Ikazuchi-chan?

Domon: (pulls out Kuchibashi Oh) Fuuko is NOT AT ALL stupid.

Ikazuchi-chan: (sweatdrops) No, no... that's not what I meant. I meant er... ah... oh, keisan misu! (runs away)