Disclaimer: Do you honestly think I own any of this? It all belongs to the goddess, JKR…even Severus…damn. An angsty plot bunny would not leave me alone until I wrote up this admittedly brief resolution to another plot hole in the Harry Potter series. Written in about 15 minutes.

Web of Lies

It would have been such an easy thing to convince him of the truth. He is so caught up in his hatred and his bitterness that he was blind to the possibility that they had all been honest with him. Fearful, yes, but honest nonetheless. Who would not be fearful in the face of such rage and fury?

It is an abysmally early hour in the morning and I am drained from what has happened. Severus has just left my office and I can only hope that he takes my advice and administers himself a dose of Dreamless Sleep Potion. He is a walking wraith and I fear for him.

I cannot ever let him know that the children were right.

It would be child's play to take out my pensieve and show him the thoughts that are now in Harry's mind or Hermione's mind or even Ron's. A pensieve cannot lie. It takes powerfully dark magic to do that…even Voldemort would have difficulty. Ironically, Lockhart is the only one I can think of who would have had an easy time of it.


Both he and I.

I could even have asked Severus to give Harry three drops of his most potent Veritaserum and even my Potions Master would have to admit that the fantastic story of the Rat-Who-Lived is fact and not a fiction borne of a Confounding spell.

It would all be perfect and Sirius would be free. Peter would be the one hunted by the Dementors and Harry could live with his godfather.

Yes, it would all be perfect.

Thankfully, we have avoided bloodshed tonight and, for that, I am very grateful. The story will make the headlines of The Daily Prophet and Fudge will look like a fool once again. I cannot say that I am all that concerned.

It would all be perfect if I could simply show the truth.

But I dare not go against the prophecies…some of which have not yet come to be. I am bound by ancient rules as I watch the fates weave their intricate tapestry of which our lives are but the threads.

Peter still has a part to play. He is indebted to Harry and this will be important in the future. Sirius still has a part to play, from both sides of the veil. Severus has a part to play…as do we all. I cannot interfere for it is strictly forbidden.

And then, it occurs to me, as I tiredly conjure a cup of hot cocoa.

This is no tapestry.

It is a web of lies, spun by a most cunning and deceitful spider.

My only hope is that, at the end, none of us are bitten and no threads are left unraveled.