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And so, the story begins one morning, let's say it's about 7:22 AM, at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters:

Jean was sitting on the edge of her bed, holding a pair of panty-hose that she had just discovered had a huge run in one leg. Of course, she didn't discover this until she had put them on and slipped on her shoes, intending to be on time. But no, fate was being a bitch today. And, to top it all off, she was running late for her first class at the university.

Scott knocked on her door, trying to be polite, but his car was in the shop after Tabitha had "gone to get milk" and Jean was supposed to give him a ride to his first class, too. Now they were both going to be late.

"I'll be down in a minute, Scott!" she called through the door. "I have to find a new pair of panty-hose!"

[Why do women always take so long to get dressed?!] Scott wondered to himself, stomping back down the hall to wait in the kitchen.

Everyone was crowded into the industrial sized space that still seemed about the size of a middle class family room when so many people were trying to get breakfast. They were in several different states of awake and eating. It looked like something out of National Geographic.

Rogue sat in a chair at the table looking unhappy and trying to eat her Pop Tart in peace. She had forgotten to do her laundry the night before and thus had no clean shirts beside a tube top Kitty had given Rogue to annoy her the last time she had forgotten to do her wash, and a sheer over shirt to, ya know, stop that whole power-absorption thing she was so angsty about. Even if she'd decided to take the rest of her high school courses at home and get her GED, meaning that no one other than the other students would actually see her wearing the tube top, she still would have liked to borrowed a flannel shirt from Logan. The Institute boys, however, liked the tube top, but they were at least smart enough not to say anything out loud.

With absolutely no time to spare, Jean rushed into the room wearing only one shoe still, and TK'ed a strawberry Pop Tart to her. She was followed by Amara, who was still putting on her make-up. Scott sighed in annoyance and scanned the entire female population of the Institute like they were crazy and he couldn't believe that any living being would be this slow.

"How difficult is it to get dressed in the morning?" he asked.

Every girl in the room turned a death glare on him.

"Please, Scott," Jean sneered at him. "You have no idea how stressful it is. Not only do you have to put on up to two extra layers of clothes depending on the weather- try wearing a bra under a tank top in the summer- but you have to dress so that you look good, without crossing that boundary into sluttiness."

"Unless that's your plan," Tabby grinned. "Then you got a whole new set of guidelines to follow." "Exactly..." Jean said, a small frown between her brows. "You have to be socially acceptable, let's put it that way."

"A-hem!" Rogue cleared her throat. "Or not socially acceptable, dependin'."

"As one chooses," Jean ceded.

The guys rolled their eyes and still didn't believe a word of it. They were so tired of hearing how bad girls had it. They wanted to be treated like equals, then pulled this crap. It wasn't fair, and it didn't make any sense whatsoever.

"Come on," Remy smirked, leaning back to give the room a good view of his innate yumminess. "I get dressed in under a half hour. An' y' t'ink it's easy t' look dis hot on a daily basis?"

Rogue looked him over. Loose, faded jeans over his usual construction boots, and a T-shirt. "Yup."

"Ouch!" Bobby laughed.

"Don't get me started on you," she snapped.

After the laughter in the room died down, Scott issued a challenge, eager to show his team leader superiority (cough complex cough). "How much do you want to bet that any guy here could get completely dressed- shoes and all, Jean- in half the time it usually takes you girls?"

"Ooo!" Tabitha leaned forward. "Now thems be some fightin' words, Summers. Whatcha got to back it up?"

"A day of the guys wearing the girls cloths, and the girls free to wear the guys cloths," Scott said. "The winner pulls off the look the longest and with the shortest amount of time clocked getting ready."

"Um," Sam said, looking uncomfortable. "Ah'm not sure Ah wanna wear girls cloths, man."

"Not sure?" Kitty asked. "Meaning that you've, like, thought about it before?"

Everybody, except Sam of course, laughed.

"If the girls are willing to take up the challenge, what would we win when you end up taking hours longer than we trained professionals do?" Jean asked her over-confident boyfriend.

"We'll be your slaves for a week!" Bobby jumped in.

The boys tried to shut him up, but Jean already knew the girls thoughts. They were planning manual labor in the form of chores and bringing them snacks, whereas Bobby had been thinking dirtier thoughts that would not get realized even in his wildest dreams.

"Done," she said. "And if you win we'll-"

"Strip f'r us," Remy cut her off. "In private. De guy gets to say how far his fille goes."

He moved to the back of the room with his back to the wall and managed to avoid getting lynched.

"So ya sayin' that whatevah girl ya pick fo' yo' clothin' donah has t' take off as much a' her cloths as the guy wants?" Rogue asked, just to make sure she heard him correctly so that she could kill him for it later just on principle.

"Yeah," he smirked. "Tit f' tat, an' all dat, an' I gave de tat already."

"Until someone made him stop," Tabby grumbled, a wistful expression on her face.

Rogue was about to jump to her feet and throw her hands up like a Baptist minister she'd known in Mississippi, and shout "Hell, no!" when Amara, strangely enough, took the lead for the girls.

"Hell yes! Let's do it! I'm not used to not having servants."

Before two minutes were up, everyone had a partner. Remy was the only one with the balls to take on Rogue. Kurt had been called by Kitty due to his size. She didn't want her clothes getting stretched out! Jean and Scott looked at each other competitively, each one envisioning their victory. Sam had somehow wound up with Jubilee, Amara tagged Jamie, Roberto was claimed by Tabitha, and Bobby squared off with Rahne.

They agreed to meet after everyone was back from school to pick out clothing for Saturday.

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