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Shades Of Red Chapter one... Into Darkness

Kagome groaned as the piercing light streaming through her bedroom window struck her sleeping form. Squinting against the light, she jumped as the alarm clock announced the time.

She lay there glaring at it...willing it to say any other time then the present. Pouting silently Kagome swung her legs off the side of her bed and winced as the sore muscles screamed in revolt. Cursing the day she ever agreed to help find the ever alluding shards she preceded to shower and dress.

Glancing again at the clock perched next to her bed...her eyes widened at how long it had taken her to get ready..."damn it all"...rolling her deep blue eyes she added "Inuyasha's gonna have a nice little mouthful of a speech for me ...oh joy".

Running out the door she flung the worn yellow bag over her shoulder. Dashing across the yard... her ebony hair streaming behind her... she quickly came to the entrance of the shrine holding the well that was the only link between her birth place and the untamed lands of feudal Japan.

Shivering as a cold current of air rushed past her shapely frame clothed in a form fitting pair of jeans and a tight black sleeveless shirt she quietly pushed open the sliding doors.

Her stomach flipped as a sickly sinister decaying aura swept from the rim of the well... the affect of the vibes made her skin crawl. Her heart stopped as she lowered herself into the abyss,

Barely breathing Kagome felt the well draw her last ounce of warm essence away from her body. The strands that pulled her from one time to another entwine them selves around her legs and being. Even before emerging into the other time...she could smell the overwhelming scent of hot blood and death coming from the forest...

She glanced up at the stormy sky above her...afraid of what she would find at the top of the well she quickly scaled the wall and peered over the edge...

The scene before her was too much to bear...she let go of the edge of the side and fell to bottom...numb from shock she didn't even feel her drained body hit the cold hard stone. Bring her knees up to her chest she lay there quivering tears running from red unblinking eyes...She screamed as the sight replayed it's self within her mind

The people closest to her heart ...now corpses lay in pools of rancid blood... disfigured and grotesquely positioned...with in a burning and smoldering forest. Sango lay dead under a dismembered Miroku as if he had used his own flesh as a shield to protect the only one he had ever deeply loved ...and inuyasha pinned to a tree run through, his own sword nailing him to his cross... shippo a curled swollen doll...clutching a toy given to him by Kagome pressed up against the outside of the well...a stream of blood stained down from his innocent mouth.

...twisting her very last thread of sanity she plunged into darkness...

She awoke a time later from her tormented dreams...she lifted her head up from it's resting place and her swollen eyes swam as they desperately tried to focus...disoriented she stood up and then the reality of what had happened rushed back to her...she fell to her knees her body ravaged by sobs.

After her throat had long been unable to produce sound... And her eyes unable to shed any more tear...she slowly ascended to the top and pulled her self over the edge...

Standing up... she only then did she dare to look about her...her stomach churned...a few seconds later she was no longer able to keep the contents of it down and was down on the ground heaving for minutes...

Unable to stay in a place so full of memories ...and among the dead once so brimming with life...she ran.