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Shades Of Red

Chapter 12…Concealing

...She was ready...

But soon afterward confusing thoughts surged into her previously peaceful state of mind.

How can one truly be ready for death, To prepare for the end? What was the point of equipping ones self for the nothingness at the finish?

Damn the inquisitive mind of the human race, no wonder very few actually find the plateau that is subdued by tranquility.

Kagome envied them.

Why had she pushed her self off, it was a purely selfish gesture first and foremost but was she ready to let herself die like the rest?

She did not have the time to contemplate these things…the ground rushed up to meet her approaching body, at a speed that could be compared to that separated lovers reuniting.

She was smoothly plucked out of the sky by a pair of slender arms, attached to that of Sesshomaru's faithful servant.

Kagome was over taken by some very confusing emotions, she wasn't sure if she should be thankful for the eluding of the inevitable or angry at the interference.

Opening her eyes she looked up to meet those of the most intriguing color, a deep crimson that dispersed into a dark maroon, flecks of copper danced with in them drawing her in.

Then suddenly those pools of color disappeared behind lids with dark lashes.

Jolted out of her own little world Kagome blushed at the thought of her rude stare. Had the feudal era suck away her manners as the well had similarly sucked her in. Waiting for Nikishi to make the first move, her body was lowered to the ground and weight settled onto her two feet.

Standing on her own now she studied Nikishi in curiosity, that posture, the way she held herself all refined yet wild and regal. Untouchable much like her lord, but her eyes relayed more feminine maternal instinct. Understanding and sympathy.

Nikishi nodded slowly at her and gestured for her to climb onto her back. Unlike Inuyasha the Minx did not bound from tree to tree but stayed on the ground and threaded her way though the trees at speeds Kagome would have though impossible. But pangs of sorrow still prodded a deep sore inside her, she had no choice but to let the saline water run down her face unhindered, for her hands were already occupied with the task of keeping her in place on Nikishi's back. The crimson haired demon looked back briefly at Kagome, face furrowed in concern with the onset of tears. Kagome could only manage a sad smile to assure her everything was ok, the Minx nodded in understanding and went back to chasing after the ice lord.

Kagome for once felt more at ease, here she just might find an ally, she prayed her new hopes would not be crushed and confined as they neared where they were destined to go.

They sped through the country, to Kagome the foreign land was intimidating yet liberating. No one would know her here, her past, her double life could be concealed from strangers. If no one knew it would be impossible for anyone to ask sensitive questions. This was her chance to continue on with life isolated from the events of her history, and keep her hidden from future threat till the time was right to enact her revenge and expose her sorrow to the light. Till then she would hide the pain inside of her and let it stoke and burn where only she could stir it. No more tears not till the death of the sick mind could release her into a catharsis.

Glancing up into the sky, the clouds were gathering to form gray masses thick and laden with rain. The winds fought each other in the transition of direction, acting as confused and scattered forces till one reigned and all others died out. After its victory the wind gathered force till the howl in the trees reached a mournful lament. A fitting end to her last day of open homage to the dead. The sun left the sky to its own devices and the landscape took upon it self an eerie hue. The taste of the air became heavy with the promise of rain and it's renewing tides.

At the eve of the storms breaking into view came the estate Kagome could only assume to he Sesshomaru's, If the conservative gardens and orchards, plain walls and identically dressed servants didn't give hint to his taste, their picked up speed would confirm her suspicions they had reached their destination.