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The ice seemed to move to her feet, not her moving to the ice. She guided herself gracefully over the frozen platform and into a perfect spin off. Standing on one foot she urged herself backwards and slowly skated, on one foot, backwards into a perfect figure eight. She completed the show with a well-rounded back flip, where she landed perfectly on one skate.

Cheers irrupted from the stands as the stadium was filled with noise, all cheering on the fifteen year old girl in pink and black uniform who skated her way to the judges, smiling at each of them and then backstage. Once backstage her boyfriend of six months hugged her. She ran her fingers through his short black hair, and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek.

"Miss Sango?" A voice from behind her said. She turned around to find her towel boy holding out a cushion and towel. Smiling at him she took the towel and lifted her foot to the cushion while he undid her skates. Pulling her feet out of them she breathed a sigh of relief.

Sango turned back to Kuranosuke, but he was gone. She turned to Miroku, the towel boy to ask him where Kuranosuke went but she found herself attacked by another person.

It was Kagome Higurashi, followed by her boyfriend, InuYasha. Kagome hugged Sango and told her how good her performance was. Prying herself from Kagome's grip, Sango stood face to face with her.

"How was your show, Kagome?" InuYasha then took charge, stepping forward to tell Sango how awesome Kagome had been. "She's got the trophy for sure. First place. I know it." Kagome blushed and poked her head around InuYasha. "That is to say if you don't get it." Sango smiled.

"Miss Sango, I hate to bother you but we must be leaving." Miroku stood beside her. Sango stared at him for a few seconds, caught in his gaze by those beautiful blue orbs of eyes.

Recomposing herself she nodded her head. "Yes, we must. See you later Kagome! Bye InuYasha!" Kagome waved her hand and smiled but InuYasha merely gave her a "feh" before dragging Kagome along.

Sango and Miroku walked beside each other to Miroku's car. He would be taking her home that night to ensure she made it safely. Much to Sango's surprise, Miroku stepped forward in front of her and opened the passenger door for her. Once she climbed in he carefully shut it. Sango felt herself blushing.

She then remembered her boyfriend, Kuranosuke. Must think of him, she told herself. He was so snobby sometimes though; always he was about what he wanted, not her or what was best. Smiling to herself she thought, I am being selfish now, not him…


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