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Epilogue: A Tale of Two Brothers

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Wyatt Matthew Halliwell

D.O.B: 16th May 2002

Date: 16th May 2020

P.O. V.


It's a different world they said, it's all circumstantial they said, you would not do those things they said. Liars! The whole fricken lot of them! I turned evil and tried to kill mom and the aunts and in a way, again.

Ok, so I was under the influence of a potion as everyone keeps telling me (well, everyone except Chris) but it doesn't make what I did any less real. The point is, that if I was evil, I would have no qualms about doing those things.

The thing about being evil is, that you have no restrictions, no moral guidelines and I guess I enjoyed that aspect of it, there was a side of me that really loved being able to use my powers without fear of personal gain, and that really scares me, it just felt so natural.

Mom, Aunt Paige and Aunt Phoebe sat me down and started telling me stories that I had heard a million times before about the numerous times when they had each turned evil. It was excruciating, I really began to wish that I could have just gotten over it. Maybe then, my younger siblings wouldn't have taken it upon themselves to throw water balloons at me . . . don't ask. The point is I got soaked for no plausible reason.

I just felt so bad for what had happened, I mean the sisters could rant on all they like about how I was under the influence of a potion but the fact of the matter is that I stabbed Aunt Phoebe. She wasn't feeling great so she spent a lot of the following week in bed and I felt it was my duty to act as her servant, keeping her in a great supply of juice and tea and whipping her up anything she wanted to eat, even though most of the time she insisted she didn't want anything but I knew she must have been hungry. I was right as well, for every time I went back to check on her, the plate would be cleared, I felt better after that.

In between waiting on Aunt Phoebe I managed to sort things out with Katie and Elizabeth. As awkward as it was that day at the door with her and Chris I have to say it was the better of the two encounters. For the first time in my life I wished that I had listened to Chris. He had told me that telling Elizabeth that I had cheated on her with Katie was not a good idea and boy was he right.

When I told her, she completely freaked out and started screaming and yelling. Then when I said that Katie and I were going to give things a go she hit me! Right in front of everyone too! It was awful.

Anyway, things have been going pretty well with Katie and me since then. I mean we have fights all the time but we always make up afterwards. I mean we have only been going out for like two months and we have already broken up three times! I've never had this much confrontation with a girlfriend before, but I think it is what is making it so intense. We agree about very few things and it just keeps it so interesting. We get on so well, when we are not fighting anyway, that it is really, really, strange.

Our favourite thing to do together is to creep Chris out. It's just so much fun! We always go out of our way to kiss or be all coupley in front of him cause the look on his face is priceless! He scrunches it up and goes "Guys! Stop it! You are totally wigging me out!" It is just brilliant, he's not used to us being together yet and is pretty uncomfortable with it but I know he is completely alright with it. I mean for one thing I asked him and for another it is Chris we are talking about, he is a big fan of speaking his mind. If it bothered him that much I'm sure we would have heard about it by now.

I do feel like I am slowly but surely becoming my younger brother. I'm beginning to think that Katie must be a bad influence on me. Suddenly, I find myself staying out past my curfew to spend time with her and I go out with her instead of studying or doing my homework. My teachers are worried about the sudden change in my attitude concerning school about the lack of preparation that goes into my work. Plus mom walked in on Katie and me making out on the couch the other day. It was awful, Katie couldn't stop grinning but I had never been more embarrassed in my life. At dinner, mom kept giving me this knowing smile then Paige and Phoebe began to do the same. I feel bad now for laughing at Chris when he got shouted at for these things cause when it is happening to you it's not just as funny.

The good news is that I got a new power. I now have the ability to conjure . . . and man does that piss Chris off. It's such a cool power all I have to do is think of something, anything I want and it appears in my hand. It did come however, with a lecture from mom about being careful with how I use it for fear of personal gain. I can see her point, it's a power that is easily used for my own non-magical agenda, but that doesn't make me feel like she is being any less of a spoil sport.

I turned 18 today and mom finally let me take Excalibur out of the stone. It's such an amazing sword, even if Aunt Phoebe hadn't have given us some basic training with swords I know I would be able to wield it appropriately. It practically hums when you swing it and it guides you, it feels like it gives you this awesome power boost.

Mom wouldn't let us summon a demon to let me give a little test run though so I guess I will just have to wait not so patiently for the next demon attack before I get to use it in battle.

What's really sad is that my own little sister is now regularly taking the piss out of me. She keeps curtseying to me with these big extravagant gestures and calling me "King Wyatt." I mean it was amusing the first time she did it but by three o' clock when she had done it for what felt like the hundredth it was just damn irritating and I can't help but feel that was her intended reaction all along.

I'm having the best time though, mom threw me this huge party at P3 and let me invite all my friends, this place is packed and she booked a really good band to play. Katie is here too, she looks amazing, she's all dressed up. I haven't got to spend too much time with her yet though cause mom made Chris come and she is keeping him company. It is probably for the best as there is a large majority of my friends that Chris wouldn't mind beating the crap out of and they feel the same about him, so Katie is sort of acting like a chaperone.

I love that about her, she so up for a fight or argument herself but she can always see the rational side of things, even in the heat of the moment. The truth is that if a fight did break out she probably would be punching away but there she is, trying to keep Chris calm. I have to admit, I'm falling for her fast in a pretty major way. Going to college in a few months is going to kill me. I guess I will just have to spend as much time with her as I can between now and then.



Christopher Perry Victor Halliwell

D.O.B: 4th February 2004

Date: 16th May 2020

P. O. V.


You know all in all I have to admit that March was an interesting month. For starters, I had just recently turned sixteen . . . woo hoo for me! Then you know, there was that whole travelling to the past to save my mom and aunts from ancient demons. That was an experience in itself.

There, I found out about this whole other world out there in which Wyatt was evil and I had to travel back in time to save him, where you know I get myself killed on my 23rd birthday, tough break.

I had all the memories removed of that world once we got back and things settled down. I still have a faint recollection of some of them, but at least now they feel like they happened to someone else.

It was fun trying to explain about the other world and my other self to Patricia; she was almost as confused as me.

Also I leant to heal, an achievement in itself. I was a little irritated when I found out that Aunt Paige's inspirational line about 'her having faith that I could do it so I just had to have the same faith in myself,' had came from the fact that when me and Wyatt had went to the past 16years ago I had learnt to heal then, not that she had faith in me.

It doesn't take away from the fact that I am all pleased with myself though, cause I also sort of mastered my invisibility because other than orbing, I've never really embraced my whitelighter half. I always tried to reject anything my dad gave me. I guess I just felt that since he was never really part of my life I didn't want to embrace the part of me he contributed to. I thought that it would just be an easy way for him to feel close to me, without having to put in much effort.

Now I realise that I'm just cutting off my nose to spite my face as mom would say. I was being childish and neglecting perfectly good powers! Plus, Wyatt can't do it which is what makes it so much better.

The other thing that made March such an interesting month was the fact that thanks to my little trip to the past, dad and I seem to be getting on much better. I think that it is just that I understand him better, cause now I realise that a lot of the things that I previously misjudged as him underestimating me was actually concern.

I mean when we were going to vanquish a demon he kept going on about how he didn't want me to go, that it wasn't safe for me but he rarely said such things about Wyatt's presence during a vanquish. I thought it was because he was just a nag who didn't think I could take care of myself, that I wasn't good enough to not get myself killed. Now, however I realise that he just didn't want to relive what happened with my other self.

Plus, he seems to have taken what I said to him in the past on board. He makes much more of an effort to spend time in the manor. We see him more or less every day now, which resolves a lot of the issues I had with him as well.

I've never seen mom this happy. On the Thursday family dinners when dad and me are sitting talking she just has this blissful look on her face and just beams at everyone around the table, she's just so pleased that we are getting on now.

I guess the extent of the impact the lack of communication between dad and me had had on her never really hit me before, which is making me feel slightly guilty, but I console myself with the fact that I did have my reasons.

It took Aunt Paige a full three days before she died her hair brown again, Phoebe got the money, I thought it would only take her two. When she came down the stairs with brunette locks on the Monday, Phoebe got up and did a little dance in front of me and mom saying "Pay up," over and over again in a sing song voice.

Aunt Phoebe went to bed for like a week though, with the exception of the above incident. The entire ordeal exhausted her both physically and mentally . . . poor little empath.

Patricia is still on a high from the big non vanquish - I honestly couldn't be more proud of her if I tried. Mom and Dad were a little angry at first about her little sleeping spell but we talked them round, spouting of the advantages of Patricia being able to think on her feet. She's been vanquishing demons with us ever since.

They even let her help out in screwing over the underworld. Basically we spent a couple of days going around and vanquishing the faction leaders and a few other random demons. We couldn't have let it as it was, we never would have survived, it was just so . . . organised!

Patricia's potion worked on Wyatt wonderfully, you know except for the fact he was unconscious for about 12 hours after she hit him with it. When he did wake up however, he couldn't stop apologising – it was brilliant! He waited on Aunt Phoebe hand and foot for like a fortnight! I did feel sorry for her, he kept trying to feed her food he had made himself. Aunt Phoebe didn't want to hurt his feelings cause she knew he was just being nice so as a result there is a lot of food in the bushes below her bedroom window.

He was pretty shaken up about the entire thing, though turning evil and trying to kill your aunt can do that to you, well not that I would know first hand or anything, though I'm sure my time will come.

I was right though, he moped about for ages about the fact that he had turned evil and needed a younger sibling to bail him out, he was pretty touchy for a while about it. He was subjected to hours of listening to the sister's brushes with evil plus me and Patricia helped talking him around. Well, we hit him with water balloons and told him to get over it and not take himself so seriously. The moping stopped soon after that.

Mom put my time travelling and bond breaking spells in the book. (Go me! Go me!) I was so pleased with myself; I paraded about the house like I owned it, looking all smug for the rest of the day. As she was doing it, I even sang a little song for Wyatt about how much better than him I was as none of his spells had ever made the book. He conjured an apple and took a bite out of it. I stopped.

I hate that! It's so unfair that he got a new power, I mean he's the one who turned evil! Yes, yes it was a potion blah, blah, bloody, blah. Mom had already told me off for using that "insignificant and circumstantial matter" against him. Damn Wyatt and his molecular rearranging powers!

Explaining my one-week absence to my friends and teachers was less than fun. In the end I told them that Wyatt and I had went on a spontaneous road trip to Salem to do some research to history. For obvious reasons they didn't believe me but that was the only explanation I gave so I'm sticking to it.

Tom and Benji are convinced I got really drunk and had to spend a week sleeping it off – I wish! The reality is much less fun. Anything further from the truth could not have been thought of I'm sure, but then again these are my friends I'm talking about so I wouldn't challenge them.

Today is Wyatt's 18th birthday. We had a big ceremony earlier in the attic where mom finally let him extract Excalibur from the stone and we all applauded. I suggested summoning a demon so that Wyatt could give it a test run but mom wasn't having it. She gave me this big lecture about not bringing demons into the manor, and especially not on special occasions . . . it's safe to say I backed down. If I'd have known that she was going to freak out that much I would have kept the idea to myself.

It's so funny cause every time Wyatt enters a room, Patricia stands up and curtseys, addressing him as King Wyatt. I love my little sister, I really do. I mean honestly if she wasn't my little sister I would still so totally hang out with her, she's just so cool – must be a genetic thing.

Anyway, mom threw this big party at P3 for him with all of his brain dead friends. I tried to get out of it, I really did, but despite some of my best excuses, here I am. Mom is seriously scary when she gets an idea into her head i.e. me being subjected to spending several consecutive hours in a room filled with my least favourite people in the entire school and listening to crap music to celebrate the birth of my oh so wonderful yet socially retarded brother.

Thankfully Katie is hanging out with me and keeping me sane . . . well keeping me from starting fights in front of my mom, something which would not go down too well and most likely result in me being grounded until my 18th birthday.

As Katie keeps reminding me, it is one thing for her to hear that I was involved in a fight but entirely another for her to see me in a fight. It is that sole piece of information that is stopping me from going over to Richard Parks right now and punching that smug, superior look that he keeps flashing in my direction smack, bam of his face.

Wyatt and Katie talked things out and decided to give this crazy idea of them as a couple a go. He explained it to Elizabeth, who in my opinion took it rather well considering. She only punched him the once. He bruised, I laughed, he glared.

Plus that lunchtime she came up to Katie and started yelling at her saying that she was just "A fat, unpopular, junior little wench who was out to get anything she could get from anyone she could manipulate with her sadistic little ways," to which Katie retorted, "I am most certainly not fat," before laughing in her face and sitting back down.

Elizabeth didn't like being made a fool of in front of everyone so she pulled her off her seat by the hair. Before me, Benji or Tom even had a chance to stand up Katie had knocked her out cold. She got a Saturday morning detention but she still insists that it was totally worth it.

Despite the fact that Tom and Benji threatened to disown her, Katie has been seeing Wyatt ever since and I have to say it's been pretty weird. I mean Wyatt has been spending time with me and my friends just to hang out with her, it is just so wrong. Plus the whole kissing thing, I mean honestly they need to get a room!

I told them as much, a decision I regretted soon after when I came home one day to find that they had. My room in fact. Ok, ok so it is half Wyatt's but they did it just to piss me off, I know they did, the evil glint in Katie's eyes was the giveaway. I told Aunt Paige and she couldn't stop laughing. Apparently, it served me right.

From what I have heard, I'm not the only one to have walked in on them making out about the manor. Apparently the other day mom walked into the living room and just saw the girl on the couch on top of who she knew was one of her sons and so she started yelling, "Christopher Perry Victor . . . Wyatt?" I personally would have paid to be there, well for that part anyway. Ah, that wonderful moment when mom realised that 'the good one' isn't all he's cracked up to be.

I've been wondering, since Wyatt turned evil and has been sneaking in late and being caught around the house with girls (well girl, singular) does this make me the good one? I asked mom, she just laughed before turning round and going back to whatever it was that she had been doing. Hope . . . crushed.

Even weirder than all of that though, is the strange feeling I'm getting when Katie and Wyatt are around, it's almost like I am, ugh just saying it is making me queasy, but it's almost like I'm jealous.

At first, I justified it as I was jealous because Wyatt was getting to spend more time with her than I was, and things just aren't the same when it's just me, Tom and Benji hanging about, doing nothing, and they think as much too.

But then, tonight it hit me. Katie came into P3 with her hair all done up and she was wearing heels and a skirt! I have known her since the 4th grade and I have never seen her in anything but jeans and trainers. When she came over to me, we talked for a bit before she said, "You can stop looking at me like that now."

"Like what?" I asked, innocently, for I had no idea that I was looking at her in any certain way. It was her reply that made me realise just what was going on with me.

"Like you have just realised that I am in fact a member of the female sex."

There it was, spelt out for me in black and white. Wyatt going out with Katie, made me realise that Katie was a girl.

Ok so don't get me wrong, I'm not completely thick, it wasn't like I though she was a boy or anything, I did know that she was a girl, it just didn't know she was a girl if you know what I meanShe was always Katie, my best friend, Katie whips your ass at pool, Katie, starts fights with jocks, but now things were different, she was Katie . . . the girl. And not just any girl, she was Katie, my brother's girlfriend.

It's not like she hasn't been out with other guys before, it's just that I never had to spend a very large amount of my school day seeing them kissing.

I guess that I just see her differently now, I never really saw her as someone's girlfriend before, she was always just my friend, that she happened to be a girl was completely irrelevant. But it's different now, now it matters.

So when she stands there, waiting for a response, I smirk at her and tell her that it is the extra height that is throwing me off and it's just nice to be on the same eye level as her then crack some bad joke about how usually when it rains she is the last one to know.

It's when she rolls her eyes and smacks me on the shoulder, glaring at me playfully, that I realise that I wasn't lying before, it is nice to be on the same eye level as her, because now I fully appreciate just how beautiful her eyes are.

I hate myself for even thinking it! But I can't help it, I do. Ugh I feel like that prat with the huge forehead from that old early zero teenage tv show, Darwin's Lake or some shit like that . . . maybe it was a creek? I don't know, but anyway I feel like him. Only noticing that my best friend is a girl at the most inappropriate moment – honestly it's so clichéd that I'm making myself wanna puke.

Oh god, Wyatt is so going to kick my ass, and for once I might just let him. I mean it's just so stupid, Katie is my friend, my best friend, yes, but she has never been anything more than that and all of a sudden I have these feelings that just come from nowhere! It is sounding vaguely familiar, possibly from a biology class I zoned out in. something about hormones, making us act strange, well I don't know but I think they are definitely playing a part in this sick and twisted tale.

The thing is Katie is my best friend and I don't want to ruin that and Wyatt is my brother and I wouldn't do that to him. Damn my stupid rational conscience! It's making me sound like such a chick! I have got to stop watching the old Friends re-runs with Patricia and Aunt Phoebe.

So when she laughs at one of my sarcastic remarks before making one of her own with that playful twinkle in her eye that I'm learning to love, I just keep repeating to myself over and over again, "She's my brother's girlfriend. She's my brother's girlfriend."

So if tonight is anything to go by, March will seem positively boring in comparison, cause it would seem that the next few months are going to be painstakingly interesting.




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