Only A Dream

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: She never told him what she dreamed about, but he knew.  She dreamed of her mother's death. 

A/N: This is kind of a squeal to Peaceful, which is sort of a squeal to Somehow. So that means, by transitive property, this story is almost a squeal to Somehow.  I think that it stands on it's on, though.  Just know it's in the 5th season when Buffy's mom is sick. 

Buffy whimpered softly in her sleep.  She had been doing that a lot lately, along with waking up in cold sweats in the middle of the night.   Spike moved from his spot in the chair beside her bed to comfort her.  The soft white sheets rumpled when he climbed into them.

This had been a pattern for them.  Dawn had been spending a lot of time over her friend's house. Not wanting to believe that her mother was really sick.  Buffy, not wanting to be alone in the house, asked Spike to stay with her.  They hadn't slept together yet, just in the same bed.  Spike would hold her most nights, trying to ward off the nightmares.  Sometimes it helped. Other nights it didn't. Those were the nights that Buffy would wake up in clod sweats crying out. 

She never told him what she dreamed about, but he knew.  She dreamed of her mother's death.  Joyce still hadn't come home from the hospital and the doctors said her condition was worsening.  Buffy tried her hardest to keep together and be the slayer, the friend, and the sister that everyone expected her to be but at night things were different. 

Buffy's whimpering grow louder and Spike held her tighter, running his hand through her head.  She quieted down and snuggled into his side.  He leaned down and softly kissed her forehead. 

He held her gently not wishing to wake her but firm enough to assure her that someone was there, that he was there.  Spike was just about to fall into dreamland when Buffy's cries started.  She cried unintelligible words into the darkness around them.

"Shhhh, luv, it's ok. Nothings gonna hurt you.  I'm right here, everything's all right." Spike said in a quiet yet firm voice. 

Buffy quieted down but her whimpers still remained.  Spike continued to stroke her hair trying to offer some support from whatever she was fighting in her dream. 

He desperately didn't want to wake her but also didn't want her to go through that much pain in her dream.  Buffy once again let out a cry. 

Spike leaned down and whispered in her ear, "It's only a dream, baby, only a dream."  Buffy relaxed noticeable, as if she had heard his words and was taking them to heart. 

Spike thought that she was finally going to be able to get a good nights sleep, when the phone rung startling him and waking Buffy. 

He glanced at the clock that sat on the night table next to the bed.  2:18 No one calling at this time was going to be bringing good news. 

Buffy leaned over Spike to pick up the phone. 

"Hello." She said into the receiver.  As she listened to the person on the other end of the phone tears started to roll down her face.  Spike prayed that it wasn't the hospital calling.  Like usually, his prey went unanswered.

"When did she, umm, pass?" Buffy crocked out.  Spike hung his head low.  His words of comfort to Buffy had been wrong.  They couldn't be woken up because this time it wasn't a dream, this time it was real. 

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