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This is a compleatly different story line. Nothing is the same, except the characters and the motive. (To Kill Voldemort!!!!!) I will just let the disclaimer stand through for however long this thing goes....

Voldemort is at the Barney, Live! show. He didn't let anybody else know this but he loved the nice, purple dinosaur. He was singing along to the songs and playing with the kids there. Hey, everyone else got nights off from their dutys, why can't he have one too?

However, one Harry Potter was not taking a night off of his dutys this night. Nope, that was for tomarrow. This is because they forgot to check with eachother to correlate their plans.

Well, because Voldemort was extreamly happy to be seeing Barney Live! again, Harry felt a pain in his scar. I have no idea how that works, because if he is happy why would it be pain? But seeing as this is in the Humor/Parody section, I don't see why I have to follow cannon, so it is pain. In his scar. So, of course, not being able to stand just a bit of pain, Harry blacks out.


After he passes out, he has this dream that Voldemort is at Barney, Live!. He knows where Barney, Live! is being held at, because he wanted to go too, but couldn't get a ride. So he quickly uses his wand as a cell phone, (didn't you know that wands can do that?) and called Professer Dumbledore. He alerted him that Voldemort was at the Barney show, and Dumbledore responded,"Really? I am there too! I can see him. But right now they are singing a song that I like, so I have to go now. Bye!"

So Dumbledore wasn't really much help, then.

So Harry decides to just leave him be. It doesn't matter how many people he has killed, or how many he is going to kill, but them Barney lovers had to stick together!

Well, Harry forgot one thing. There was a huge thunderstorm going on above the Barney show and where he was standing, which coincidently happened to be five feet away from the door. The thunderstorm decided that it didn't like Voldemort, Dumbledore, Harry, or Barney. So in one flash of lightning they were all hit and died. For the sack of pity, everyone else on earth died three seconds later for no explainable reason at all.

The End.

If you want me to write more random type stuff, let me know. See ya later!