TITLE: The Fixer- Book One: Binding the Soul AUTHOR: Danielle

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SUMMARY: What if the PTB were so fid up with Angel and Buffy that they had to send someone to fix everything the messed up. This is only the begging it gets better as you go along and more interesting. DISTRIBUTION: Anyone who already has my stuff can take it and if you want just ask me I promise not to say no.

TIMELINE: S4 and S7 Buffy and Faith are the only slayers, no Lorne, they beet Jasmine and the First, they don't own Wolfram and Hart and Connor is still Connor the insane but he gets good in this story. And Anya died. And Cordy and Angel are sort of dating but its B/A I swear. FEEDBACK: Please, I would really like to now what you guys thought.

AN: I know I still have to finish In the Past, In the Future but I just couldn't get this story out of my head for the last month, its going to be really long and it gets a lot better as time goes on I swear! But Buffy and Angel don't really see each other till Like Chapter 12 or something so don't get mad if there is no B/A, but it is very B/A positive.

AN: If anyone knows the names of the airports near Tuscany, Rome or Athens please email me them. I need it for Past and Future and if I don't get Buffy and Angel might not end together, jk but it would help the story.

The Fixer: Book One: Binding the Soul

Chapter One: The Third in Line

"Angel!" Gunn yelled at the top of his lungs.

Angel turned around and found him face to face with 5 vampires. This isn't fair. He grabbed hold of the first one and punched it in the face. Turing around he kicked the second and it flew up and hit the boxes on the roof. He turned around and saw a stake flying at him. He grabbed hold of it and staked the vamp that was coming towards him. He turned back around and threw the stake on the up coming vampire. He was just about to run for it when he felt someone take hold of his neck. Oh hell. This really isn't fair. He was just about to kick the vamp from behind when he felt himself fall to the ground. What the hell... he got up quickly and spun around and he came face to face with a sixteen year old girl, brunette, holding a stake in her right arm and smirking at him. Wait, I know her...

"Angel, are you okay?" Cordelia said running towards him.

He didn't look at Cordelia but kept looking at the girl across from him. Wesley, Gunn, and Fred all came up to check on him. They looked at the person across from him, confused. Angel broke out in a grin and swung the girl around.


He put her down and his friend looked at him expecting an introduction. With and arm still wrapped around the brunette he said.

"Wes, Fred, Gunn, and Cordelia this is Aashna, Aashna meet my friends."

She looked at them for a second like she wanted to test them. She stopped for a second when she looked at Cordy. Her eyes narrowed but she didn't say anything. She looked at Wesley and smiled slightly. She looked back at Angel and raised her eyebrows.

"When did you move to LA?" The girl named Aashna asked.

"That's a very good question but I think we should go back to the hotel before we get to those sorts of questions, like why are you here and not in New York."

Aashna looked down for a second before her head snapped up, "Hotel?"

"So you own this huge thing?" Aashna asked her eyes wide with amazement.

"Yup," Angel smiled at her. She looked at him for a second with her deep brown eyes and smirked once again at him. He was busted.

"What you never been in a big place before?" Cordelia asked.

"No. Most of my existence I lived in huge places, but this place, it's just a memory from a while back." She said cryptically.

"You have been here before?" Fred asked.

Aashna looked at the skinny girl and laughed. She turned around and faced Angel again. She sat on the couch in the middle of the lobby.

"So when did you move to LA?" Aashna asked.

"Five years ago." Angel answered.

"What happened to finding you destiny in Sunnydale?"

Angel paled and looked quickly at Cordelia, who got red at the mention of her old town, "I had some problems, and you know things don't always work out." He replied quickly.

She looked at him again and it was like they were sharing a secret, "You mean with Buffy?" She asked bluntly.

Angel paled even more and Cordelia just got redder. Looking at Cordelia out of the corner of her eye Aashna tried really hard not to laugh. "Yes." Aashna nodded her head, making it clear that she and Angel would be talking about it later.

"So who are you and how exactly do you know Angel?" Cordelia snapped. Aashna looked at the fake blonde and raised her eyebrows.

"Me and Aashna lived together when I was in New York," Angel answered quickly.

"New York? Angel you moved from there eight years ago, Aashna must have only been eight when you left." Wesley said.

"I was eight and Angel raised me for those eight years and then a demon named Whistler took care of me for four years and then someone else took care of me. But I'm not aloud to say who," she put her hand over her heart, "sworn to secrecy."

Wesley nodded his head and once again looked over the sixteen year old girl. "May ask you something quite personal?" She nodded her head. "How are you so strong?"

"Yeah, you took that vamp out like you were an expert or something," Gunn added.

"Do you want the whole story of just the cliff notes version," Aashna asked talking to Wesley but once again smirking at Angel.

Angel looked at her for a second and like something clicked in his head smirked back. Aashna turned her head towards Wesley, the question still in the air.

"If you don't mind, the long version," Wesley said. She sort of reminds me of Buffy, he thought.

"Okay. In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. But then there is also this version which goes like: Into each generation a Slayer is born, one girl in all the world, a Chosen One, one born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires to stop the spread of their evil and blah-de-la-di-dah so that's the story and questions."

"To my knowledge neither Buffy nor Faith has died." Wesley said.

"See watcher guy, 'cause I know you're a watcher, your British and you wanna know why I'm strong and then the there is the reason that-"

"Aashna," Angel cut in.

"Right, anyways Buffy died two years ago and then I got called, two days later I almost killed my watcher so I mean this works for us right," Aashna said shaking her head.

"And tell me how killing you watcher is a good thing Aashna?" Angel asked crossing his arms.

"Well the slayers have to get along and if they all quit the Council then we all have something in common, we hate watchers. No offence" She said to Wesley.

"None taken."

"The Council wanted them for you to work for them. Are they stupid, after everything they did to you?" Angel said.

"Yup! Could you believe it, I told the watcher to and I quote 'Fuck the fucking hell off' I think he got the message after I kicked him in the balls."

Angel nodded his head. "That's always nice."

"So what are doing here again?" Cordelia said.

"Well see I would answer your question if you weren't such a demon fishy, fake blonde, freak!" Aashna said. She crossed her arms and smiled at Angel.

"Aashna..." he looked at her but her eyes were wide, innocently, "Uh hell, what are you doing here?"

"Prophecy. I was on my way to Sunnydale trying to get you. But you're here now so that wouldn't matter would it."

Angel nodded his head, "What is it about?"

"Something with the one with the hair of sun and the one with the ground, uh, evil turns light and creates uh krypton or something like that and then how something gets bonded to something, I have the paper here somewhere," she said looking in her small bag pack.

"That's for Angel and Cordelia!" Fred said excitingly.

"Sorry to ruin your happiness but when prophecies say hair of sun they mean they were born with it they didn't highlight it. Anyways I'm almost sure it's about Angel and Buffy."

Cordelia was about to shriek her anger when Angel put his mouth of hers. "Why don't we talk about this later and get all refueled, okay I can show you your room." Angel suggested. He let go of Cordelia started walking up the stairs, Aashna following him. "Oh you guys should all go home so we can be ready for tomorrow."

TBC- tell me what you think... it gets better I promise.