TITLE: The Fixer- Book One: Binding the Soul

AUTHOR: Danielle

DISCLAIMER: All Joss Whedon's

SUMMARY: What if the PTB were so fid up with Angel and Buffy that they had to send someone to fix everything that they messed up. This is only the begging it gets better as you go along and more interesting.

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The Fixer- Book One: Binding the Soul

Chapter Thirteen: A Mass of Gold

"So where should we all stand?" Xander said sitting on the couch next to Cordelia who had her hands crossed firmly across her chest.

"Okay, I only said where everyone should stand like fifty million times," Aashna said giving him a look with her eyebrows rose.

Xander looked down and Angel smiled, "Xander just stay on the couch, we don't need you in this anyway."

Before Xander could reply Aashna said, "Take your shirt off."

Buffy snapped her head towards Aashna, "What?"

"Not you, Angel," she said.

"Why?" he asked.

"Cause for the ritual that's what you need," Aashna said matter of faculty.

"Any why for the ritual do I need to take off my shirt," Angel said, this time him with his eyebrows rose.

"Because I need to put the marks of your blood on it," she said with a small smile on.

Angel looked at her strangely before nodding his head. Right, blood controls everything. He went and stood in the living where the Buffy, Willow, Wesley, Giles and Fred surrounded him. Aashna stood on the side and smiled.

She was going against all of the rules, all of the destiny, all fate doing this.

Willow stood on the side and repeated what Aashna had written down for her. And though Willow never knew Latin or had taken it before she could tell easily what this said. Even though she wasn't sure if she was correct. The simple few words that she had written down didn't seem enough to make Angel's soul bind. She could have looked up those words up and done it herself years ago.

"Abusque divinitas conligatio inanis conficio anima!" Willow's eyes turned black and she went flowing in the air. Her body pressed up, gold flowing from her.

Dawn's eyes went wide, "What the hell..." she whispered.

Buffy was about to try and help when Angel yelled a roar. But everyone turned to Willow when she started to chant in English.

"Let this mate of mine, come to worth and celebrate his health of living with The Powers watching over. Bind his Soul, connect it to his soul's mate," her head started to roll back and forth and that's when Buffy noticed the fangs in Willow's mouth and that her eyes weren't black anymore, they were glowing gold. Just like her whole body. "Free he of his torture let him see the life of world in golden happiness. Let the creature in him leave."

Angel let out another roar and Buffy shrieked when blood started seeping out of Angel's chest like someone was tracing into it. She ran to him but got stopped by Spike who had his vampire face on.

"Get way from him," Spike growled.

"Get out of my way he's hurt," she shouted as she pushed him.

Spike grabbed on to Buffy's shoulder's and pushed her across the house and she collided into the stairs. She looked up at him with wide eyes at the strength that came from him but turned back to Willow when she started yell once again.

"To The Powers of Light you are starting again, I will once again stop, for you are warned. It has begun..." the gold around her soared to the sky. And with that final word Willow dropped form the sky falling on to heap on the floor, unconscious. Angel once again roared in pain, but fell to the ground.

Buffy ran over to Angel as Xander went over to Willow and as everyone was running around the house nobody saw Aashna crawling to her room. Bloody and seeming powerless.

Buffy climbed the stairs slowly and walked into Aashna's room. She saw her piled on the floor, bloody and obviously in pain, shaking and moaning in her sleep. This day was just getting worst and worst. Willow was now not talking about how she had performed the spell, Angel was in her bedroom sleeping and Dawn was terrified. She was just about to go and wake Aashna up when Aashna yelled at the top of her lungs screaming. Buffy stepped back, something had been wrong with Aashna ever since Angel had come.

She came once again closer to Aashna and was about to touch her cheek when a hand came out and stopped her.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," a man said with a dark hair.

Buffy pushed her hand away and glared at the man who she really didn't know, "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my home?" She whispered.

"Get out of this room," the man said in a whisper. Before Buffy new what happened she was pushed from the room and the door locked in her face. Her eyes went wide and she ran to Angel's room across the hall.

She saw him sleeping in her room and for a second she couldn't help but have those feelings well up in her again. Angel. In her room. Her Angel in her room. At least she had fifty percent of that question. She came closer to the bed and sat near it and watched him for a second. She kissed his sweaty forehead and smiled. She gently nudged him awake. Seeming disoriented he opened his eyes and looked around. He looked up at Buffy and smiled.


"Hey," she replied.

Angel looked at Buffy and wiped a piece of hair that was in front of her face. "Did you just wake me up to say 'hey' or was there a reason behind it?"

She blushed and then remembered Aashna in her room... with a weird man, with funny clothes. "Something is wrong with Aashna. She... something is just really wrong."

Angel winced as he tried to sit up. Buffy pushed him down with her hand but Angel still tried to get up, "Buffy, I have to see what's wrong with her."

"No, you're obviously in pain," she said firmly.

"Then why did you come here and wake me up in the first place?" He shot up.

Buffy got up from the bed then and glared at him and crossed her arms. "Shut up."

"No. Now help me get out," he said firmly as he once again started to rise.

Buffy stood there and watched as Angel slowly moved up and got out of her bed. He stood and took his shirt that was on her desk and buttoned it.

He glared at her, "Thanks." He said as he walked out.

"No problem," she shot back. But once he was gone she crossed the room and locked her door and went over to her bed and snuggled into his pillow and just wished for once that they could finally be happy together... And why did he always have to ruin everything?

Angel walked slowly towards the door to where Aashna lived now and was about to open the door when he heard a voice.

"What did you do?"

"Nothing, I just had to do the spell to make it work."

"So you could kill yourself? So people could find out about you?"

"You know that's not the reason."

"You're doing a mistake, and you know it. Once Angel finds out he might murder you to death."

Angel opened the door and stared at Aashna who was lying in the bed and...

"D-Doyle?" Angel gapped at the man that had died so long ago.

"Angel," Doyle said getting up from Aashna's bed and opening his hands wide.

Angel hugged him tight and at the vision Aashna let out a little giggle. "Very manly."

Angel let go and looked at Aashna then back at Doyle that had an amused stare in his eye. "You're the one that took care of her. That demon she said that took care of her after Whistler left. You took care of her after you died. You died to take care of her."

"You could say that but really Angel she isn't easy to take care of. Being a girl and all. She is very emotional," Doyle said.

"Hey!" Aashna said throwing a pillow in his direction.

Doyle ducked and the pillow went straight into Angel's face. Aashna had a mortified amused smile on her face and Doyle just smirked. Angel picked up the pillow and sat it on the chair next to him.

"Doyle why are you here, how did you... Who brought you back to life?" Angel said slowly, stumbling over his words.

"I'm here cause the Powers sent me and about being alive, sorry to disappoint but I'm not. Spirit and all." Doyle said making gold stings come out of hands.

"Oh," Angel said slowly, "I think I might need to sit down." He said as he collapsed against the chair.

Buffy walked slowly into Willow's room and looked at her redhead friend sitting on the bed. Staring into space. She came closer and Willow looked at her for a second before turning back and staring into the wall.

"Will?" Buffy said slowly as she approached her.

She didn't answer her but looked at her again.

"Will, what's up? What's wrong?" She said as she moved near her best friend and sat near her.

"Buffy do you think that I'm a good witch?" Willow said slowly.

"What?'' Buffy asked taken aback by the question.

"Do you think I'm a good witch?"

"Of course I think you're a good witch. You're like the best," Buffy replied still surprised about the question.

"But see we don't know that," Willow said looking at Buffy again.

"What's going on, Willow?" Buffy asked.

"There are a lot of other powerful witches out there that we don't know about, Buffy."

"What's you're point, so there are a lot of witches, you're still a powerful one, that doesn't change anything," Buffy said.

"I met one. Felt it," Willow said pulling the blanket that she had wrapped around her more tightly.

"What. When?" Buffy said getting more and more confused by the second.

"Toady, when I was doing that spell, I wasn't doing the spell," Willow answered, finally looking at Buffy in the eye.

"What do you mean you didn't do the spell? If you didn't do it, what did?" Buffy asked, sitting up from the bed.

"A witch. A really powerful witch," Willow replied.

"How do you know, maybe you just became more powerful when you were doing the spell," Buffy said, panic staring to enter her once again.

"It's happened before," Willow said slowly, quietly.


"When I gave Angel his soul the first time. Once I started saying it, something came in me. Stared doing everything for me. It it's power, it's magic, the witch gave Angel his soul, I never did."

"No what about when you were in LA? You did it then and by then you weren't weak," Buffy said, trying to make Willow see that she was wrong.

"She came again; she entered me, like I was some tool. I can do a lot of things but when it comes to going things to Angel, she comes and it literary kills me. The person that comes Buffy, he or she, there really powerful. They have these powers that I will never have. And I don't really think that power is good."

Aashna sat on the couch and looked at the people around her. Everyone seemed overly exhausted, not that she could blame them. After everything that happened she couldn't help but be pissed tired. That spell took everything out of her. She hadn't felt like that since she was fifteen. And ten. When she was ten that's when everything else started to happen. When she started to remember.

Everyone in the room looked at each other like they didn't know each other. She rolled her eyes. She could be herself now. It was over, for now. She just had to wait and see what happened. Hopefully it would be good. Hopefully they would be together. Buffy and Angel.

"So... how are those dolphins?" Aashna asked, laying back down against the couch and smiling at everyone.

Xander who was drinking orange juice spit it out and it came all over Cordelia's pants. She shrieked and Buffy had her eyes wide and started laughing. Willow had an amused smile on her face and Gunn started laughing.

Aashna started laughing like a manic and even Connor was snickering some. Aashna looked over at Angel who was smiling at her. And she gave him her sweet smile. Her real smile.

"Xander you ruined it!" Cordelia yelled at him, tying to wipe of the orange juice that was now all over her designer jeans.

"You'll get over it, it's only clothes," Aashna said sarcastically.

"It's Juicy! This cost me three hundred dollars!" Cordelia yelled.

"You know the whole obsession with Juicy, I don't see it. There jeans aren't even nice. The only thing they had was the sweats but they don't even sell those anymore. So really Cordelia you didn't lose anything. Those jeans make you look fat," Aashna said smirking at her.

Cordelia glared at her, "No one asked for you're opinion," she snapped.

"Oh and trying to wipe the orange juice off the jeans won't do anything. Only get your hands dirty," Aashna said ignoring Cordelia and smiling happily at Buffy who was trying her hardest not to burst out laughing.

Cordelia huffed and stalked out to the bathroom. "Bitch," she mumbled.

"Hey, I heard that. And it hurt my feelings!" Aashna called out after her but Cordelia didn't answer.

Angel shook his head and looked at Aashna, "Would it kill you to be nice?"


Connor burst out laughing and Dawn shook her head. "It's useless Angel, she does what she wants, and we've tried to tame her. Didn't really work."

"Yeah, I'm a slayer. We do whatever we want right Buffy?" She said, grinning.

Buffy shook her head. Everyone became silent and then Fred said quietly, "What now?"

"Will Buffy and Angel have to see each other like every week cause if not the souls will become weak," Aashna said simply. Angel nodded his head and looked back at what he had been staring at for the whole time. Buffy.

"So Angel's soul is bound?" Buffy asked quietly, "To my soul?"

"It should be."

"Then he can't lose his soul again? Right," Buffy asked slowly.


"Oh, that's good then," Buffy said not looking at Angel.

"Well I think we should all go to get some food or something," Aashna said looking at everyone.

"Good idea," Willow said, her eyes understanding her intent and pulling Xander with her.

"Let's go, Connor, Dawn. Wes and Giles how can you guys not come?" Aashna said pulling them with them.

"Uh yes then. Gunn and Fred would you like to join us?" Wesley said.

"Okay, let's go," Fred said getting up.

"See you guys," Aashna said waving at Buffy and Angel.

They closed the door and Buffy looked at it. She sat on the couch and wished that she was in the room with anyone but Angel. Angel came to the couch and sat next to her.

"Buffy, I really want to talk about this," Angel said, looking over at the blonde.

"About what?"

Angel looked down and then back at Buffy and took her small hand in his. He twined them together. He smiled and then looked back into her eyes. "I love you."

Tears welled up in her eyes and she looked away, "That's uh nice."

"You know I want this... I want be with you forever," he said.

"But?" She said catching on to what he was saying.

"No buts to it. I want to be with, but we're going to start over, okay," he said smiling at her.

"Start over? Like clean slate, no questions asked?" Buffy asked looking at Angel for the first time.

"Yes, I want to be with you, but no bad memories. No thinking of the past, a new start, okay?" He asked slowly.

"Okay." She said looking at the love of her life. "What kind of start over, like friends start over?"

"I think we need to get to know each other before anything happens. I want to be with you Buffy and you know that. But I don't want to be in a relationship with a stranger, right?"

She smiled back, "Yeah, I guess so. But eventually right?"

"Right," he said as he hugged her close to him. He cupped her face in his hand, "We're meant to be together, I know that now. And nothing is going to stop me, okay?"

She shook her head as tears welled up in her eyes.

"There will be things out there that won't want us together, but I'm going to fight for use and I need to know that you will to."

"I will, unless you do something really stupid," she said with a small smile on her face.

"Okay," he said with his smirk. The same smirk she saw him wear on the first day they met.



"I know you want use to be friends and all, but just now, can I have a preview," she said looking up at him with huge eyes.

He smiled down at her and kissed her.

THE END...Till the next book that is.