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Ron paced Mongos waiting room. Hermione, his wife, had just been flooed there and was going into labor. He, who had only just found out, was going nuts inside. 'What if something goes wrong, what if she bleeds to death!' he thought to him self, 'I am never watching those hospital muggle shows again!' he vowed.

Just then his sister Ginny and best friend Harry came in holding their only, and newly born two months ago, child. It was a boy and was Harry's father's namesake. Ginny handed their son to Harry and walked over to her brother. "How ya doing?" she asked her brother.

"Oh, fine just fine Gin I am only going nuts!!!!!!!!!!!" Ron screamed while pulling on his hair.

"Shhh!" the secretary turned and said to Ron for what seemed like the millionth time.

"When I crack, she is the first to die!"

Harry walked over and patted Ron on the back. "Don't worry Ron. The worst they could do is drop the kids," he said jokingly. Ron didn't seem to find it funny because he took James out of Harry's arms and smacked Harry in the head. James giggled his cute little baby laugh. Ginny rolled he eyes.

"You two act like you are two! Harry leave Ron alone, he never picked on you when you were going nuts," Ginny said to the two men in front of her.

Ron stuck his tongue out at Harry as he frowned in defeat. Ginny rolled her eyes again and took the baby from Ron. "Come on sweetie. Lets get away from those crazy people," she cooed to him. They glared.

The secretary got up from her seat and walked over to Ron. "Yeah, I know, 'shhh,'" he said mockingly.

"No, Mr. Weasley," she said angrily, "You may go in now."

"Oh," he said slightly embarrassed.

Ron walked through the wooden doors and down the corridor to room 13B. He looked in the glass window to make sure he had the right room. There was Hermione. Her bushy hair had lost some of its wildness since they left school. Her eyes were still they same chocolaty brown and her bookwormishness still stood strong. And that smile that still made him melt never seemed to fade.

In Hermione's arms lay two squirming purple blankets. 'Purple? Purple doesn't help. Are they boys or girls?!?!' He took a deep breath, pushed open the doors to be attacked by his mother.

"Oh Ronnie! They're so beautiful!" cried Mrs. Weasley. She hugged him so tight that he feared that his children would grow up fatherless.

When Ron finally escaped the clutches of his mother, he walked over to Hermione. She smiled at him. "Ron," She said, "There is something I need to tell you."

'They dropped them! They're dead! Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!' Ron's thoughts were frantic as he tried to keep calm for his wife.

"You see Ron," Hermione began.

'Here it comes,' Ron thought flinching.

"One of the babies doesn't have a nose," Hermione said sadly.

"WHAT!?!" Ron exclaimed. He rushed over to the babies in Hermione's arms and moved the blankets so he could see they're faces. Both of them had very small, cute little noses. He glared at Hermione. She shrugged.

"Sorry, I didn't think you'd believe me," Hermione said with a laugh.

"Oh, everybody's a comedian," Ron growled.

"But seriously Ron we've named the kids," Hermione said to Ron.

"Okay, what are they?"

"Lavender and Pavarti," Hermione said casually.

"You've named our kids after the Trelawney twins!" Ron exploded.

"Ron I was joking," Hermione said, "Why would I name them that?"

"I don't know. But I do know that if I hear one more joke today I will explode!" Ron screamed.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Harry said, coming up behind Ron. Again Ron hit him.

"Ron! Leave Harry alone!" Hermione yelled. Harry grinned at Ron.

"Harry you wipe that smirk off your face! You already got yelled at," Ginny said to Harry like he was two. "Men," Ginny and Hermione both mumbled under their breath.

"Ron, we need names or we can't leave," Hermione said obviously getting annoyed at Ron.

Ron, missing the hint at naming them soon, replied, "So, we spend the night." This time his mother whacked him in the back of the head.

"Ronald Weasley! You name those children or I will!" She yelled at him angrily.

"Okay, okay. Just don't hit me again," he said backing away from her. "How about Emma?" he asked after thinking awhile.

"That's nice Ron, but Emma what?" Hermione asked happy that Ron had come up with a name.

"What about Caroline? You know after your mum?" He asked.

"Okay that sounds nice Ron. Now let me pick out the other ones name." Hermione said happy that there was only one more name to choose before they got to go home. "Ummmm… What about… Bridget?"

"Okay, Now a middle name would be nice 'Mione," Ron said jokingly hoping he wouldn't get hit for that comment.

"That's easy. Since Emma has my mum's middle name Bridget can have yours. Bridget Molly."

"Okay. Lets go!"

"We still have to get the birth certificates filled out Ron," Hermione said through closed teeth. Ron frowned.

"Fine." He said disappointed that they still couldn't leave.

"Ron, why do you want to leave so badly?" Hermione asked confused for once.

"I don't like hospitals," Ron muttered, crossing his arms.

"Well why not?" asked Hermione.

"Bad tonsillectomy when he was seven. Never quite got over the fact that his ice cream melted before he could finish it," Mrs. Weasley answered Hermione.

"It didn't melt, Mum, Fred and George ate it on me!" Ron said through gritted teeth.

"No, Ronald, it melted," Mrs. Weasley said, her face growing red.

While the two Weasleys argued, Hermione got dressed and had the birth certificates filled out. When she returned, they were still arguing. Only now, Ron was saying something about always having to suffer through corned beef sandwiches. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Come on Ronald, we can leave now," they continued to argue, "We'll buy ice cream!" she said a little louder. It worked.

"Coming Hermione. And can we get chocolate?" He asked

"If we must."


Later that night

After Ron had finished his ice cream and the girls had been fed they were put to bed. That night they slept without waking once. That would never happen again. EVER.

Ron, who talking to Harry over the floo network was quite happy. "I am telling you Harry, I don't know what my mother ever complained for."

"Oh you'll see Ron. Just wait." Harry said with a smirk.


The next night

6:00 pm

Kids put to sleep

7:00 pm

Kids wake up

7:30 pm

Kids put back to bed

8:30 pm

Kids wake back up

9:00 pm

Kids put back to sleep

11:00 pm

Kids wake back up

12:30 am

Kids put back to sleep

1:45 am

Kids wake up and Ron cries

2:00 am

Kids put back to bed

3:00 am

Kids wake up and... "'Mione PLEASE! I need to be to work in two hours!" Ron said to the previously sleeping Hermione.

"Oh, fine. I don't know why it takes you so long to put them back to sleep," Hermione said shaking her head as she walked down the hall into the girl's purple bedroom. She came back 5 minutes later.