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Ron woke the next morning and his lovely black eye still remained. He rolled over to find that Hermione had already woken up and gone down stairs. And from the lack of crying he heard, he guessed that the girls were both being fed. 'Thank the lord for that,' he thought to himself.


Harry and Ginny's House

Ginny sat at the table with a large piece of parchment in front of her. Harry walked into the kitchen, still appearing to be asleep. "What are you doing up so early?" Harry questioned.

"Making my list," his wife replied. Harry threw a questioning glance at the paper in front of Ginny.

"Ways to Kill My Brother?" Harry asked. Ginny nodded happily, "Don't you think covering him in honey and dumping him on top of an ant hill a little harsh?"

"Harsh?" Ginny laughed, "I didn't think it was strong enough!" She had this mad glint in her eyes as she continued to write her list.

"Okay, I'm gonna go..." Harry said, heading to the fireplace.

"It's the weekend, you have the day off," Ginny replied, still not glancing up from her list. A sudden erupting of screams was heard from James's bedroom. "The baby's crying, go see what he wants."



"Yes ma'm," Harry replied, grudgingly dragging himself up the stairs to his son's bedroom. He picked James up and the baby stopped crying. "That's a good boy," He told him. James replied by stealing his daddy's glasses and smiling. "That's right, Mummy is a psycho."

"I heard that!" Ginny bellowed from the kitchen.

Harry put James back in his crib. "I'm gonna go hide in the closet, okay?" Harry asked. James giggled. "Don't tell Mummy!" Harry said as he closed the closet door, it was the perfect place to hide from Ginny's PMS rampage.

"Harry, get out of the closet!" Ginny yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Harry stepped out of the closet and glared at James. "I'm never telling you anything again." He picked the small child out of the crib and went downstairs.

When he entered the kitchen Ginny was still working on her list for destruction of Ron. "Umm... Gin?"

"Hmm?" She asked without looking up.

"I'm gonna take James to The park okay?" she didn't reply and he took that as an okay.

He was about to turn to go to the fireplace when she stood up. She walked over to Harry and the baby and gave them both pecks on the checks without saying a word.


Ron and 'Mione's house

Harry stepped out of the fireplace to see Ron sitting at the table with the girls. He was making "funny" faces and they were giggling. "Hey, nice eye. Wanna go to the park with James and me? You can bring the girls," he asked as Ron glared at him for the comment of the eye.

In the end he stopped glaring and went to the park with the jerk he called friend.


The Park

After walking through the park for about half an hour, Harry stopped at a familiar face sitting on bench near the swing set and jungle gym. It was Tonks, watching Aiden and Lydia tugging on each other's hair. Tonks held Sirius in her arms, and fishing through his diaper bag for another bottle.

"Hello, Tonks," Harry said, walking up to her.

"Hi," She replied, still searching in the bag. "Damn it," she said, "Where is that bottle?"

"Tonks?" Ron asked cautiously, "It's in your hand."

"What?" she asked, looking up. "Oh. What happened to you?" Tonks asked, spotting Ron's black eye.

"Ginny punched him!" Harry chimed in before Ron could reply.

"Harry!" Ron yelled angry that he let it slip that his LITTLE sister had given him the black eye.

"Poor man. She PMSing?" Tonks asked as she put the bottle in the baby's mouth.

"Yes," Ron said through gritted teeth.

They talked with Tonks a little while longer, exactly three cracks about the eye longer to be exact, and then they went back to Ron's.


Back at Ron's

Ron walked out of the fireplace and into the living room. Hermione was asleep on the couch with what looked like a finished copy of whatever the Hell it was she had been writing. He looked at the double stroller to see that both the girls had, in fact, also fallen asleep.

He gently lifted his girls out of the stroller. Slowly he walked up the steps and into their bedroom. He gingerly set them down so that, for once in their little lives, they could stay a sleep for a few hours.

As Ron walked down stairs he could hear Hermione waking up. He stopped and watched as she hurriedly gathered up the papers and rolled them up. Then she went into the kitchen. Ron went down the rest of the steps and watched from the kitchen door.

Hermione was sending the papers with a large owl. As soon as she had it tied on the owl took off, leaving Hermione in the kitchen to do dishes, not knowing (for once) that the girls and Ron were home. Now she would.

Ron walked slowly and quietly into the kitchen. Hermione didn't turn around. He walked a little closer and she still showed no signs that she saw him. Finally he got close enough to her that he could wrap his arm around her waist, and that's exactly what he did.

Hermione jumped a little, but as soon as she saw his face she relaxed. Then she glared at him. "Ron! That was not funny! Look at the water all over me!"

Ron looked and indeed there was water all over her front. "Hehe, um... sorry," he said backing up a little.

"You better be sorry! I just put on new clothes right after you left because the girls..." Ron cut her off. He knew she was about to start a rambling rampage.

He put her out of her misery by placing his lips over hers. He rewrapped his arms back around her and she relaxed into him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

When they broke she put her head down on his shoulder before looking up. "Very funny Ron. One of these days that's not going to work," she said as she turned back around to finish her dishes.

"Yes, but that my dear has yet to happen," He told her as he sat down at the table.

Hermione turned on her heel to glare at Ron. "Ronal Bilious Weasley I could just smack you some times."

Ron looked at her in shock. "I told you my middle name in confidence," he pretended to look hurt that she had even muttered that horrid name his mother called 'precious.'

Hermione stuck out her tongue.

Before either of them could say another word, there were two loud cries from upstairs. Ron who had been leaning back in his chair fell over. Hermione rolled her eyes and moved towards the doorway.

Ron quickly picked up his chair and followed his wife out the door and up the steps.

As it appeared Emma had gotten hold of Bridget's hair and was refusing to let go. Bridget's face was now beet red from crying.

Hermione untangled Emma from Bridget and her and Ron each took one of the twins. "Come on Ron, they're probably hungry. They haven't eaten in a while," Hermione said while gesturing for him to follow her down stairs.


Later that Night

Both of the girls had been put to sleep, the house had been clean, and two new parents had nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

Ron and Hermione walked up the steps into their room. Ron fell back wards on the bed while Hermione quickly changed into her nightclothes. After that she too, fell back wards onto the bed.

Ron turned to his wife and smiled. "What?" she questioned him.

"Nothing," he said as he leaned forward and kissed her. Hermione kissed him back and they soon were quite awake.

Ron jumped out of the bed and turned out the lights. He got back into the bed and repeated their previous actions that lead to some new ones. (A.N. if ya know what I am talking about ;) )

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