Shaman Queen

Akane sighed heavily as she left the graveyard and headed back home after visiting Ranma on the anniversary of his death. He had killed himself one year ago today and she hated herself more and more for it. She blamed herself for never trying with Ranma, always never giving him a chance to explain. Well, she didn't have a choice when he was found laying on the floor of the dojo in a pool of blood and a tanto sticking out of him. In his hand had been a letter saying that he loved Akane but couldn't hurt the others honor by just chosing one nor did he want to force himself on her though he really loved her with all of his heart. The thought that Ranma died without ever knowing her true feeling toward Ranma brought a fresh set of tears to her face.

"What'cha crying for, tomboy?" Ranma asked as he walked next to Akane who ignored him praying for the delusion to go away. At first when she started deeing him, Akane thought that it was real until she was forced to see a psychiatrist about it. She learned that it was just her mind and heart playing games on her, her guilt making her see the image of the man she loved so much but never got the courage to tell until it was too late.

She just looked straight ahead refusing to pay attention to the figure beside her. She almost walked into a boy about her age who had spikey dark hair and seemed to give off a care free spirit. Next to the boy was what looked like what she seen in her texts for school, Amidamaru.

"Hey, you okay?" the boy asked, "Di d you two get into a fight or something?"

Akane shook her head nervously looking at Amidanaru, Ranma and this boy. This boy saw Ranma, was that what he was getting at?

"Y-You can see him?" Akane asked.

"Of course I can," the boy replied, "All shaman can see spirits. Isn't he your guardian spirit?"

Akane tried to answer but instead she gave off the impression of a fish before falling back in a feint.

The boy sweatdrops as he looks at Ranma, "Sorry about that, the name's Yoh and we better get your friend somewhere to get checked out.