Kurama and a Mysterious Wizard

Chapter One:

Kurama walked out of his taxi and came face to face with the bustle of England crowds. The driver drove off once Kurama paid and removed his bag from the back seat.

The sun shone at its highest peak in the sky, and a check at the clock tower confirmed Kurama's hypothesis of the time being noon.

As he walked down the street, he soon came across a building that bore a strangely painted sign reading 'Leaky Cauldron'. This being his stop, he walked into the ancient looking door and strode up to the counter. He waited patiently for the server to get through his customers before addressing him. "Excuse me sir," this caught the old man's attention after he had ignored Kurama, "I was supposed to meet someone here by the name of Dumbledore, where might I find him?" He asked politely.

Recognition crossed the old man's face before he said energetically, "Ah, Dumbledore's been waiting for you to come, follow me please."

Kurama followed the aged man to a table that was farthest away from the door. Soon he spotted an even older man with a very long beard, sitting in one of the seats.

The man, who he presumed was Dumbledore, spoke to him in a soft yet strong voice, "What is your name?"

"Minamino Shuiichi, but I prefer to be addressed as Kurama."

"I have waited for you, and I hope you are not fatigued by your travels?" His eyes twinkled slightly in the dim lighting of the Leaky Cauldron as he motioned for Kurama to take a seat across from him.

Once Kurama had placed his bag beside the motioned chair, he sat, looking across the table at Dumbledore, who was smiling at an unknown joke. Kurama was about to ask why he had been sent here by Koenma when he suddenly recalled all that the young ruler had said...


Koenma, the ruler of Spirit World, had just finished explaining the mission Kurama had been chosen specifically to do, and Kurama was slightly confused.

"Kurama," the ruler of Spirit World said through his pacifier, "this mission I want you to do for me must be done alone, none of the others will know about it, and it will leave this mission shrouded in mist to their eyes. All I will inform them is that you are off on your own taking care of something that only YOU can do, which is quite true." Koenma had added the last bit with humor clear in his 'closed' eyes.

"Why is it that the others cannot come?" Kurama asked calmly, completely aware of the annoyance that had begun to show on the ruler's face, yet he chose to ignore it completely.

"Well, I would think it would be quite obvious to you Kurama," annoyance had found a way to snake its way into his voice as well. Kurama frowned slightly at the pun, but his face smoothed when Koenma continued. "You see Kurama," he began, stating it as if it was obvious, "Kuwabara is too 'stupid' for this mission, Yusuke would skip all the classes, Hiei would kill anyone that got too close, and that leaves YOU! The most PATIENT detective of them all!"

Kurama portrayed himself on the outside as if nothing affected him, but on the inside his mind was working a mile a second to process the information he'd been given. 'Koenma wants me to leave Japan, go to England, become a 'wizard' AND go to a new school, a school of witchcraft and wizardry for that matter. What a mission,' Kurama complained to himself, almost smiling at the irony of a seemingly 'easy' mission. 'A million factors are involved, I have to stay undercover, find out as much as I can about this wizard murderer Voldemort, AND protect this boy Harry Potter all at the same time. Koenma's little speech only confirms the fact that he doesn't want the others to on this mission so they can blow it.' Kurama mentally sighed. 'This is going to be a LONG year,' irony clear in his mind's voice.

"Very well," Kurama finally spoke after contemplating his options, "It seems I have no choice but to complete this mission, I just hope you realize how fatal any small mistake would be."

"No duh Kurama," Koenma said with half-lidded eyes.

He mentally glared at the toddler before speaking in a completely calm voice, "I will begin to pack then, since you have already informed me on the... other... details?"

"Yes yes, hurry it up though, your flight leaves in 3 hours, that gives you 2 hours to pack, and 1 hour of waiting at the airport." With that said, Koenma 'dismissed' Kurama with the wave of his hand. Kurama raised an eyebrow slightly at this, but left without commenting on it.


Kurama was snapped out of recent memories by a polite clearing of the throat that Dumbledore used to catch his attention. Dumbledore had put a silencing charm on the area around the table so people were unable to eavesdrop on their discussions while Kurama had recalled events.

Once Kurama's attention was trained on Dumbledore once again, the Headmaster questioned, "I trust that you are the detective that I asked Lord Koenma for?"

Kurama only nodded once and was about to ask Dumbledore about the letter he received from Koenma about the school, but Dumbledore interrupted him once again.

"I am guessing that you wish to know about the letter I gave to Koenma for the Spirit Detective he chose for this... mission?" Dumbledore asked with that twinkle still in his eyes.

Kurama then realized his mouth was still slightly open and shut it with a snap. "Yes, that is exactly what I wished you to elaborate on..." Kurama let his sentence hang in the air.

Dumbledore smiled, "Ah yes, I will reinform you about the school and your 'job' this year, to make sure that Koenma didn't... forget to mention... anything." Kurama only nodded as a signal for him to continue. "Well, as you most likely have already been informed, you will be protecting Harry and aiding us in the destruction of Voldemort. I want you to keep an eye on Harry at all times, and therefore you have been put in the same classes as he. Classes that are for students wishing to be aurors." He paused to let it sink in. "I am not 'up to date' on your skills however, and I hope that you will spend the next month that you have before school acquainting yourself with the Wizarding World, magics, and such... I have already brought you all of the books you will need to study from to learn up to the level of the 6th year. I will pay for all of your supplies and I will give you extra 'spending money' that you can use to purchase a broom, a pet, and treats that you wish to have." Again with that twinkle of amusement. "I know you will not abuse the privilege of my paying for your wants and needs, so I have complete faith that you will not over spend all of the money I give you. I am not aware of any 'special traits' you might have, as far as I can tell, you are a wizard. I will not ask for you to elaborate on that subject either, for your abilities and weaknesses are to remain completely secret. I hope you have fun, as well, at my humble school, and I hope what you learn will be worth all of the trouble.

"Now, what do you wish to do? Would you like to go get your wand and other supplies now, or later?" Dumbledore finished his speech questioningly.

Kurama waited a moment to let it all sink in. "First I would like to know what I might need a broomstick for," Kurama started.

Dumbledore smiled so suddenly it made his appearance warm up considerably. "I would like you to play Quidditch," Dumbledore began, "It is a game played in the air on brooms. There are 7 players per team, one team per house..." At Kurama's confused expression he apologized. "I'm afraid I forgot to mention the 4 houses that students are sorted into..." Then he continued into a detailed description of each house and the qualities of the students who were in it before continuing with his lecture on Quidditch. "Now, there are 3 hoops on each side of the arena, all at different heights. There is one Keeper per team and they guard the hoops against goals. Chasers, there's 3 per team, pass a large red ball called a Quaffle back and forth between them, trying to score in the other team's hoops. Next, there's 2 beaters, they hit medium sized black enchanted balls called Bludgers at the other team. The Bludgers are very deadly and fly around the arena with minds of their own. Only when a Beater hits the Bludger with his 'club' does it attack a specific player. Then, last but not least, there's the Seeker. A Seeker searches for very tiny golden ball with wings that hides and flies around the arena. Once a Seeker catches the Snitch, the game is over. 10 points per Quaffle goal, and 150 points for catching the snitch.

"Does that answer your question?" Dumbledore's smile remained on his face while he studied Kurama's expression.

Kurama didn't know what to say, this game sounded like a LOT of fun, but he didn't know if he'd be a good player. "How do you pick who's what player?" he finally decided to ask.

"Ah, good question. There are tryouts for each part, I hope you will try?" Dumbledore's voice held a little hope.

'Well, it would not be that bad, and it would give me some amusement while I'm on this mission.' With that decided, he answered, "I think I will try for a Beater."

This obviously caught Dumbledore by surprise, he'd thought the boy would choose to be a keeper, seeker, or even a chaser! It just didn't seem... right... that a person as calm and intelligent as him would want to pick the more 'violent' of roles.

Kurama smirked mentally at the priceless look of shock on the Headmaster's face, now THIS was entertainment. "And to answer your question," Kurama started, "I would very much like to get a wand, broom, and perhaps a pet, seeing as you have already prepared everything else that I might need." Kurama allowed a small volume of respect to sneak into his voice as he spoke.

Dumbledore smiled again and stood, waving his wand to dispel the barrier. "Please follow me, I will lead you to your rooms for the next month.

Once they reached Kurama's rooms, he was impressed. This 'restaurant' and 'inn' was obviously not cheap with the satin sheets that adorned his four poster bed and the large writing desk. Kurama assumed this was one of the bigger and better quality rooms available, and couldn't help but let a gasp escape his lips at the sight. His packed trunk, and piles upon piles of books, that obviously held more in them than just what 6th years were expected to learn, were all over the room. Kurama turned to Dumbledore and bowed while saying gratefully, "I appreciate all of this Dumbledore, my stay will be very comfortable and most interesting." He stood upright and couldn't help but stare at the piles of books that were all his to learn from, with eager eyes.

Dumbledore seemed slightly taken aback by his gratitude. From his calm demeanor and careless way of looking at most things, he presumed that the boy wouldn't be so eager to learn. Now, though, he was proved wrong as he saw the boy's hands twitch, just begging to grab a book.

Dumbledore's merry and soft laugh broke Kurama out of his reverie and he stared at the aging man in surprise.

"Don't worry Kurama, you will have the rest of your stay here to read and study those books, but at the moment we must retrieve a wand, fitted robes, a pet, and a broomstick for you," Dumbledore said with his soft voice.

Kurama looked slightly disappointed but brightened up when he realized he wouldn't be able to try any spells until he got a wand, so he waited eagerly for Dumbledore to show him the way.

His eagerness only pleased Dumbledore more, and he smiled even brighter, some of the burden of Voldemort being lifted off of his shoulders by the boy's enthusiasm.

Dumbledore led Kurama down the hallway, toward the back of the building. Kurama was slightly confused by this but decided not to comment. The candles that lit their way glowed in the darkness, creating a sense of welcome. Kurama's confusion only increased when the Headmaster stood before a brick wall, stepping slightly to the side so Kurama could watch.

"Now, watch carefully, you'll need to remember this if you are to enter Diagon Alley again."

Kurama was about to ask what this 'Diagon Alley' was when Dumbledore removed his wand from his cloak and tapped some specific bricks. Kurama memorized the pattern before he gasped as the bricks formed an arch, which revealed the hustle and bustle of witches and wizards alike.

Dumbledore only smiled and stepped through the 'doorway' to enter Diagon Alley.

Kurama followed with wide eyes, his mouth slightly open before he regained his composure and strode off after Dumbledore. Kurama watched wizards and witches out of the corner of his eyes as the walked, taking note of the stores and things he might want to investigate later on.

Soon they arrived at a store which had 'Olivander's Wands' written in beautiful writing above the doorway. As they walked through the doorway, Kurama heard the shattering of glass. He jumped, startled as he stared in surprise at the young girl in front of a desk, holding what he guessed was a wand in her hand.

"Nope, that one won't do," an old man said as he shook his head and handed the child another wand to try.

This time when she waved it, it let out a glow and a divine wind blew the girl's hair around her in a halo.

"Yes! Perfect! That wand is the one for you!" Mr. Olivander said happily, celebrating as if it were some 'huge' event.

But the young girl was happy too, and her parents stepped forward from off to the side and gave her a hug before paying and leading her out the door.

Kurama stepped to the side and watched as Dumbledore was bade farewell to by the witches and wizard of that family. The Youko acted like he didn't know Mr. Olivander had come to stand beside him, and pretended to be shocked when the man's hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Ah, and who might you be?" Mr. Olivander's gruff voice spoke from behind him.

Kurama turned around to look him in the eye and couldn't help but smile. "My name is Shuiichi Minamino," he answered Mr. Olivander's question, shaking his hand.

"Hmm..." Mr. Olivander mumbled curiously.

Kurama cocked his head to the side and looked at him innocently.

Mr. Olivander waltzed off to the stacks of boxes and searched among them.

"Ah," he finally said, pulling out a box, "This is the one." He walked toward Kurama slowly and carefully removed the lid.

Dumbledore's eyes widened slightly, Kurama noted, as the wand was revealed to their eyes.

"This wand, is the only one of its kind. No other wand, no other... has the core, or the wood, that was used for this." With that said he placed the wand shakily in Kurama's outstretched hand, and what happened next, they weren't prepared for, Kurama mostly of all.