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And now, without further ado...

Duel Me?

By Dimfuin

Eowyn opened her eyes to the bright sunshine streaming through the windows of her bedroom. It cast a big block of golden light over the covers and she lay for a minute soaking in the warmth, gazing out the windows in admiration. She used to think Rohan's mornings were beautiful, but they were nothing compared to the freshness of mornings in Ithilien. She especially liked them from her room, because it had been built high up with many windows and always seemed as if it were floating above the lovely gardens and trees surrounding the house.

The sound of singing echoed out of the room adjoining the bedroom and Eowyn furrowed her brow, trying to make out some of the words. It was in Elvish, and though her husband had been teaching it to her for some time, she was still in the dark about much of the lovely language. However, she thought she could gather that it was the tale of Beren and Luthien that Faramir was singing.

Eowyn shut her eyes and drank in the peace of the moment, wanting to get up but not quite ready. She stretched her arms above her head languidly and felt herself beginning to slip back into a dream state....

WHOOSH! Cold air sucked at her limbs as the blanket was pulled off of her and she sat bolt upright, clutching at her nightgown and drawing it tight around her legs to ward off the chill air.

"Faramir!" she yelled, looking around for the culprit. He came out of the door of his study with an innocent expression, still holding a book in one hand.

"My lady?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. Eowyn was not fooled.

"How did you do it?" she demanded, gathering the covers back up and trying to put them over herself again. "I know it was you---don't try to deny it!"

"What was me? What did I do?" Faramir set the book down and advanced towards the bed but was stopped by Eowyn's withering look.

"Well if it wasn't you, would you mind telling me how exactly my covers got pulled off?" Eowyn's rage was quickly ebbing away but she fought to hold onto it. She loved the hurt expression her husband faked when she was mad at him.

Faramir smiled and knelt by the end of the bed, pulling back a thick blanket and then suddenly laughing. Eowyn put her hands on her hips.

"What, pray, is so amusing this early in the morning, my lord?" Eowyn asked.

"First," Faramir said, still chuckling, "It's not early in the morning. Eowyn, love, it's close to ten o' clock! And second, I think we found the culprit." He held up a small dog with black ears and a white spot on his nose. Eowyn's remaining anger melted away.

"Ooh...Eo, how did you escape cook? Come here you little angel," she crooned, taking the dog from Faramir's hands and cuddling it in her arms. "You're such a good puppy, yes you are!"

Faramir sat on the edge of the bed with a hurt air. "So, Eowyn, when you thought I was the villain you were prepared to punish me, but now that you know it was Eo, you do nothing!"

Eowyn laughed and set the dog on the bed. "Faramir, you know very well I love you more than any old dog. Of course, I simply can't remember the last time we kissed."

"Then you possess a very short memory, my wife, because I recall distinctly kissing a certain blonde-haired blue-eyed woman last night. But if you can't remember, I'm happy to refresh your memory." He leaned forward and took Eowyn in his arms, but as he bent his head to kiss her, a cry erupted from the cradle in the corner and Eowyn pulled away.

"Oh, Elboron!" she cried, jumping up, "Don't cry sweetie!" She bent and took the baby from the crib, rocking it gently. Faramir leaned back.

"And now it is the baby that bests me, eh Eowyn? Ah, but I suppose I am destined to be always second best," Faramir said in a light jesting tone, but Eowyn stopped walking.

"Did you have another dream?" she asked, coming closer. Faramir looked surprised.

"Nay, I had a very restful night," he smiled.

"Then what is wrong? You don't often use that tone of voice with me, nor that expression. Have I been ignoring you? Have you found something to remind you of your brother? It was not one of your father's books, was it?"

"Stop!" Faramir cried, jumping up and crossing the room in two strides to Eowyn's side. He wrapped his arms around her and looked into her eyes, ignoring the baby between them. "I was jesting, Eowyn, but it was in bad taste. I am sorry. I should not have said it."

Eowyn breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. I just wanted to make sure."

Faramir smiled into her eyes, entwining his hand with her free one. With a swift motion he leaned forward and placed a kiss on her lips, and then took the baby out of her arms. He tossed Elboron up and the baby giggled happily as he reached tiny grasping fingers down and caught his father's hair.

"Ow!" Faramir cried as the child yanked, and Eowyn swiftly reached for the baby. Faramir fended her off. "Nay, I don't mind. I've felt much worse pain in my life, Eowyn."

Eowyn laughed and turned toward the closet to choose a dress for the day as a maid scurried in and, seeing her mistress awake, hastened to help her prepare herself for the day.


"Hush now, my baby, be still love don't cry,

Sleep as you're rocked by the breeze.

Sleep and remember my last lullaby,

So I'll be with you when you dream."

Eowyn's sweet voice shushed her baby gently as she rocked back and forth in the rocking chair and held her son. Elboron cooed sleepily and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep slowly.

"What was that, Eowyn?" asked a soft voice from the doorway, and Eowyn looked up.

"An old Rohirric lullaby, Faramir. 'Twas just to make the baby sleep." She stood gently and tip-toed over to the cradle, setting her child down inside.

"How well my shield-maiden has settled into her motherly ways," Faramir murmured, coming up behind her and gazing at their son. Eowyn snorted ungracefully, though still quietly.

"I could still beat a man at swordplay any old day," she boasted, smiling. Faramir cocked an eyebrow.

"Indeed?" he asked.

"Of course!" Eowyn laughed. An impish look stole into her eyes. "My love," she began, turning toward her tall husband, "I do not believe I have ever battled you."

"What are you saying, Eowyn?" Faramir asked, putting his arms around her.

"Hmmm...can it be that I might be challenging you?" she asked, flicking a lock of hair out of his eyes.

"Eowyn, you have just had a child not eight months ago, and you've had no practice for weeks! You forget also that you are Gondor nobility now, love," Faramir smiled.

With another unladylike sound, Eowyn pushed herself away from her husband. "That's all you know! I practice daily, Faramir my love. I could beat you easily."

"Eowyn," Faramir said, growing a little exasperated, "think of what would happen if we DID do this. For either of us to lose would be degrading and improper."

"And who said anything I did was proper? Why do you love me, Faramir?" Eowyn asked, suddenly earnest.

Faramir raised his eyebrows. "Why? Because you are the soul of everything I love: you are beautiful, intelligent, lively, fiery, and you're spirit is so free. You are everything I am not."

Eowyn laughed. "Go back to "lively" and "your spirit is so free", Faramir." Eowyn came up and put her arms around her husband. "Do you except my challenge?" she demanded.

Faramir stared into her blue eyes for a long moment before finally saying, "Very well, sweet wife. In a weeks time?"

Eowyn nodded. "One week."