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Duel Me?: Part Eleven

By Dimfuin

"A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain,

Softly blows o'er Lullaby Bay.

It fills the sails of boats that are waiting,

Waiting to sail your worries away.

It isn't far to Hushabye Mountain,

And your boat waits down by the key.

The winds of sleep so softly are sighing,

Waiting to blow your troubles to sea.

So close your eyes on Hushabye Mountain,

Wave goodbye to cares of the day.

And watch your boat, from Hushabye Mountain

Sail far away from Lullaby Bay."

The soft sound of the feminine voice drifted over the banister into the fine weather outside and down the paths to the garden. Not a leaf stirred, the day was so still, and all the water in the pools lay calm and cool.

Èowyn smiled down at her son and touched the tip of his nose with her finger. How beautiful he really was! She had been so worried about him, the dear thing. She knew one thing for sure: never again would she be parted from her child for so long.

Secretly, Èowyn was beginning to suspect something else...something wonderful and mysterious. She was waiting to tell Faramir, though, because she needed to be certain about something this big before exciting her husband. Èowyn knew how hard Faramir tried to be a good father to their son. She knew his doubts that he wouldn't be as loving to his second child, that he would somehow warp into his father, but she also knew that that could never be. She knew his strength of character, and she knew how much he loved her and their children. And yet, this issue needed to be broken gently to him.

An arm slipped around her waist, and she caught her breath. "Did I startle you?" Faramir's voice asked behind her. There was a smirk in his voice that couldn't be masked.

Èowyn drew herself up. "Never," she lied. Faramir chuckled and kissed her neck.

"Liar," he murmured.

Èowyn turned, the baby cradled in her arms. "You should not be walking about so, my love. The healers said..."

"I do not care what the healers said!" Faramir sighed. "They would have me lie abed for weeks yet, no doubt. I cannot be still, Èowyn, not while there is so much work to do."

"Ah, but if you are to be of any use in the coming months you must recover sufficiently. Really, my lord, you are acting as I did when I was a wayward shieldmaiden in the Houses of Healing!" Èowyn admonished.

Faramir shook his head and reached out his arms for the baby. Èowyn smiled and lay the child in her husband's arms, brushing hands with him. "You are too thin," she sighed.

"I am just fine," Faramir retorted. "And yes, I will go back to my prison in a minute. I just wanted to see my son." He smiled down at the babe and rocked gently. "He's gotten so big, hasn't he Èowyn?"

Èowyn nodded. i Is now the time? /i she wondered. She looked up at her husband's face, studying it. He was gazing down at Elboron with shining eyes, admiring the baby's delicate features. One of Elboron's tiny hands curled languidly around Faramir's finger and Èowyn made up her mind.

"Faramir?" she asked.

He looked up and smiled. "Yes?"

Èowyn leaned back against the railing. "There is something I must tell you."

"What is it?" Faramir asked, slight worry darkening his face. "Is something wrong?"

"No, not this." Èowyn's voice must have expressed her excitement, and she went on. "I'm very happy about it. You see---"

"Another child," Faramir breathed. Èowyn laughed.

"You have read my mind, Faramir. Aye, another babe." She touched his arm. "Does this please you?"

For a split-second Èowyn could see the fear on his face, but in a twinkling it was gone. His eyes sparkled and he held the baby closer to himself. "I cannot think of anything that could make me happier. Thank you, Èowyn." He leaned forward and brushed his lips against her own. As they touched, the child in between them gave a startled cry and began to wail loudly.

"It never fails, does it?" Faramir moaned as Èowyn took the squalling child.

"'Tis what comes of having children, Lord Faramir," Èowyn replied. "And soon there will be another to care for."

Faramir smiled and hugged her warmly, avoiding the crying baby. "I love you," he said.

"And I you. Now off to your bed!" Èowyn laughed. "I don't want an ill husband anymore!"

As Faramir left the terrace, Èowyn suddenly called, "Faramir!"

He turned and raised an eyebrow. "You're...you're not wearing black!" she smiled.

Indeed he was not---his tunic was of dark green. Faramir nodded slowly. "It's still dark, but I'm working my way up," he said. Èowyn beamed at him.

"I will never deserve you," she replied.

"Nor I you," he whispered. And then he went inside.

The baby soon quieted, and she rocked him slowly, humming again. How things had worked out! Her Faramir was safe, and if his embrace was not as strong as it was previously and his walk not as brisk, that could be cured in time. She was reunited with her baby, and another was coming in a few months. Truly, Eru had been good to them.

And watch your boat, from Hushabye Mountain

Sail far away from Lullaby Bay

The End

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