Kurama, Sesshoumaru's General: Rewrite


Chapter Three:


"Get up, human filth! Today is the day you die!"

Kurama looked up from the half-stale bread he'd been taking bites of, not feeling intimidated in the least by the guard currently sending the humans spiralling down into terror. He could smell some fighters amongst the group keeping their calm and focusing on staying alive, but most of the bodies down in these prisons were merely cannon fodder. Kurama wouldn't have been able to save them even if he wanted to.

Especially now that he'd measured Sesshoumaru in person. Unless he could calculate a plan where the survivors could escape… but there were too many variables, and he didn't have enough information. It was beginning to vex him. Back home he had connections, valuable information about multiple powerful demons that could threaten him, and he knew the way the political situation worked.

Here, he had none of that to tilt things in his favour.

The door to the cell he shared with a few other humans swung open with a clang. The demon grinned, holding chains in his hand. Kurama met the demon's eyes steadily as the bulky dead-weight attached his manacles to the chains in his hand, intending to string them up like fish. When the demon appeared almost unnerved by his cold eyes, Kurama smirked slightly. He still had it.

But then he caught himself. The Youko part of his personality was coming to far to the fore, with all the terror in the air and his current situation awakening the most cutthroat and calculating part of his brain. He would survive this… but at what cost? Shuuichi had been the first casualty… would Kurama be the next to fade away?

"Get moving!" the guard shouted, tugging on the chains. Kurama almost didn't move by accident, the demon's pull was so pitifully weak. When his split second hesitation in moving was corrected, and he fell with the yank, the demon over-extended and landed on his ass.

Kurama couldn't help but feel vindictive amusement.

Ten minutes later, Kurama was wishing he could kill all the humans himself if only so his headache would go away. Which told him that he was beginning to lose the mental fight for dominance if he was getting bloodthirsty. Closing his eyes, he breathed as shallowly as he could and tried to stay sane long enough to get his ass out of there.

"Alright you pile of human trash! Beyond this door is the arena you die in. Try to go out with a splash, eh? Hahahaha!" he crowed, throwing the doors open and shoving them through. Some humans tried to stay back and not go into the arena, but that was foiled quickly as the humans already in the arena started running and dragged the stragglers attached to them through the doors.

Kurama moved with the crowd, already calculating was he could get himself detached from the herd of sheep that would inevitably die in the next couple minutes. If they were lucky.

The sun blinded him for a moment before his eyes adjusted, and when they did he couldn't help but stare at the large centipede-like creature currently chomping at the guy at the beginning of his line. Looking around for a weapon, he narrowed his eyes in irritation when he found none. How were they supposed to survive if they were all attached to one another like a string of sausages?

But then again, they weren't supposed to survive.

Eyeing the centipede, he wondered if its teeth were strong and sharp enough to break the chains. Yes, he could probably break them himself if he powered up, but it was likely one of the more powerful Generals would kill him if they found out he was a half-breed. Mixing the blood had never been looked well upon in the Demon or Human Realm, so why would that be any different here? Best to remain under the radar until he could calculate enough variables in his favour to make blowing his cover worth the possible repercussions.

The centipede yanked its head at that moment, sending Kurama sprawling forward and almost faceplanting into the ground before the sheer force of the movement ripped his entire chain into the air. The linked humans whipped around in the air, some of them getting snatched out of the air and eaten along with their metal manacles. Kurama managed to land on the things back and wrapped his chain around one of the spikes there, using the moment the centipede pulled the chain taut to snap it himself and make it look like it had been an accident. Jumping off the centipede's side, he made a run for the edge of the stadium, keeping his spiritual senses open possible danger.

It didn't follow him, quite happy with its human sausage chain. From there, he could see some of the other humans had been lucky enough to break away from their fellow cannon fodder and were huddling together in groups along the edges of the stadium. Leaning against the wall, he resolved to wait there. As he didn't stink of terror like the other humans, the centipede was less likely to come after him itself. As it was of a beast-like mind, it associated such terror with 'food' and searched for its prey by scent.

Unfortunately, his plan didn't last long. A second round of humans were released into the pit, but these ones were different. They had weapons in hand and seemed to be directed by one gladiator. Kurama watched, slightly impressed, as they took the centipede demon down with strategy, capturing it with chains before gutting it's weaker underbelly.

Kurama didn't bother joining in the cheer of victory, knowing it was far from the end.

As if on cue, a large door to Kurama's right started opening, and the redhead mentally cursed as he saw the pack of wolves that came out, running towards him. Running towards the centipede, he quickly assessed the pile of dead soldiers on the ground and picked out a suitable weapon. He'd never been a fan of using a sword, but he was not unfamiliar with one. Grabbing it off the ground, he turned around just in time for a three-eyed wolf to jump on top of him and try to rip his throat out. Gritting his teeth from the effort of holding back against the mindless beast, he skewered it through the chest and threw it off of him when it collapsed. Getting quickly to his feet, he slashed at the head of the next wolf and scowled when he missed and it pulled back to circle him with two other cautious pack members. Keeping up his guard, Kurama calculated multiple ways he could deal with the approaching attack.

Before he could completely make up his mind, one wolf jumped at his back and he was spinning on his feet with perfect balance, already having calculated the weight and wield of the sword into his movements. With a smooth slash, he cleaved its head in half.

Or at least, that had been his intent. Instead, the dull blade got stuck in the wolf's skull and he was forced to abandon it or get torn to pieces by its packmates. Moving by instinct, he flipped backwards, over the attacking wolves heads and away from the rest of the pack attacking the group of humans. Landing on his hands, he pushed off the ground and flew backwards, bringing his hands up in preparation for the wolf that was right on his tail. Grabbing its forepaws, he let his feet hit the ground as he bent his body into a crouch. The curve of his back worked like a wheel, and just as his momentum brought him to his shoulders, he tucked in his head, coiled his legs beneath him, and nailed the wolf right in the stomach, sending it flying over him and into the wall behind with a loud crunch.

By expelling most of his kinetic force through the kick, his body was slowed enough that he could land on his feet easily enough and not go crashing into the wall himself. Sliding for a few feet, he used the time he spent bringing his body to a halt to examine the current situation.

The third wolf had abandoned its pursuit, thankfully, having some modicum of self preservation despite the fact that its brain was the size of a peanut. It joined the rest of the pack, attacking the humans that were easier prey.

Kurama used this time to gather his breath, knowing that unnecessarily expending energy this early in the game could easily result in his death.

Unfortunately, the world had other plans for him.

A sword stabbed him through the stomach, and Kurama gasped at the sudden explosion of demonic energy behind him as his new enemy stopped hiding its demon energy. Jumping forward, he ignored the feeling of the blade slipping from his body and turned around to see who was trying to kill him next.

A lizard man with a tail. A grin showed off rows of sharp teeth, and the sheer length of the sword it had buried in his gut worried him. If he couldn't get close enough to attack hand-to-hand, he might have to resort to more… extreme measures. Not to mention he was bleeding rather heavily from this stomach wound. It hadn't hit anything vital, but that wasn't luck. That was skill. The demon hadn't wanted it to end so pathetically.

Kurama was angry with himself that it was only the demon's own arrogance that had saved his life in that moment.

Grabbing a seed from his hair, he slipped it into the wound as the lizard came at him again. This particular plant didn't require that he use his demon energy to feed it and give it life, as it fed on blood. It would serve as a temporary patch for the wound and prevent the chance of blood loss taking him out of the game.

Slipping into a stance that would allow him to easily move onto the offensive or defensive, he prepared for the next attack.

And was surprised when a blade came flying his way. Catching it out of the air, he couldn't stop himself from frowning in confusion at the act.

"I've been watching you," the lizard said in a surprisingly clear voice considering how long its tongue was. "You don't move like a normal human. You've had training. And experience. No inexperienced warrior could have calculated the precise timing and strength it would take to throw that lesser wolf demon like you did. What are you doing among this rabble?"

Kurama tilted his head to the side. "I'm afraid I don't understand your question," he began serenely. "I am here for the same reason everyone else is. We are slaves."

The lizard frowned. "But how did you come to be a slave. I find it difficult to believe that someone of your calibre could be so easily captured by slavers."

The redhead just shrugged. "Fate. Timing. Bad luck. There are many reasons for things that happen in life, but I choose to focus on the things that I can change. I will survive this tournament," Kurama said, resolute. "And if I have to kill you to do it, I will."

The lizard grinned. "You should have passed out from blood loss by now." His head tilted to the side. "I find myself looking forward to your future matches."

Kurama frowned. "You stabbed me with the intention of taking me out of the tournament, did you not?"

A toothy grin. "Perhaps. If you survive the first round today, perhaps you'll find out why." And without another word, the demon vanished without a trace. Kurama tried to find him with both his senses and eyes to no avail. He just wasn't there.

But he'd left the sword with Kurama behind. Looking down at the blade in his hands, he couldn't keep the smirk off his face. Green eyes flashed gold for a moment before returning to their original colour.

This was turning out to be quite interesting.

-Toki Mirage-

I've been going on a Yu Yu Hakusho binge cuz I didn't realize there were episodes past around number 96. :P I kept reaching the 72 minute mark, though, so I decided to vent my excitement through this fic, which seems to have finally livened up in my mind again.

Happy reading!~