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BEEP BEEP BRUNCH. That was the sound of Kagome Higurashi's alarm clock smashing against the wall.

" Kagome get up honey you'll be late for school," kagomes mom said from behind the door.

"Yeah mom I'm up I'm up," kagome half said half yelled.

Kagome grabbed her bath gear and left to take her shower 'I cant believe I have to go to another school' Kagome had been kicked out of so many schools she had lost count it was mostly for getting and fights and talking back to the teachers.

After getting out of the shower Kagome went through her closet to see what to wear. Kagomes family was the second richest family in the world.

She chose black dickies with chains and combat boots up to her knees she got a black shirt that had a mutated monkey on it and read 'I like monkeys just not this one.'

She put two belts on a loose one that hit her right thigh and the other snugly around her hips. If you couldn't guess she was a punk.

Kagome ran down the stairs and grabbed some toast and kissed her mom, " love you mom gotta go," and with that she left.

Kagome hopped into her black Ferrari with silver flames on the side. She sped off while listening to Likin Park's song numb.

When she got to school Kagome looked at her watch and saw that it was 5 min. till first period. 'Omg if I'm late on the first day mom will have a cow' with that she ran off like hell was on her heels.

 Kagome got to class just when the bell rang she walked up to the teacher to let him know she was here.

"Oh, class we have a new student um,"the teacher stopped and looked at Kagome.

"Kagome Higerashi," she said with obvious attitude.

"Well make her feel welcomed class," the teacher than left after telling where to sit and saying he would be back.

Kagome sat where she was told she was sitting by a girl her age wearing almost the exact same outfit.

"Hey I'm Sango," she said with cheer.

"Hey kagome as you know," kagome said,

"Let me see you're schedule,"

Kagome handed her, her schedule.

"Wow, you're in all my classes that's weird but hey I'm not complaining," Sango looked truly happy.

"Awesome now I don't have to look everywhere for my classes," Kagome was relieved.

After that the two hit it off and started talking then she was introduced to Kagura, Kanna, Miroku, and Shippo. Shippo was only 15 while they were 16 but it was because he was smart and got passed up.

Kagome herd snickering and looked behind her and saw the preppiest

 person on the planet. She had tons of makeup and gallons of  perfume.

"What?" Kagome asked clearly annoyed.

"We were just talking about you're awful sense in fashion and in how we don't need anymore punks in this school." She said with a smirk.

"Well bitch it dosent matter what you think and if I were you I would shut the fuck up," Kagome said with pure anger, "oh, and by the way bitch what's you're name,"

"Kikyo and that's really none of you're business you  second rate hoe," Kikyo sneered at her.

"Yo bitch you need to shut the fuck up or else you're gonna get you're ass beat," Kagome had stood up and now towered over the seated girl.

"What can you do you gothic bitch," Kikyo had by then stood up and was still shorter.

Kagome hit Kikyo in the face and kneed her in the stomach. Kikyo had a bloody nose and was keeled over holding her stomach.

"Don't mess with me prep cause get on my bad side and it's deadly," kagome had a deathly serious face.

"Kagome Higurashi"

Kagome turned around and gasped at the person who said her name.


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