Kagome sat on her porch swing reading the letter from Sango, with a small smile tugging at her lips. She raised her eyes up to meet the ones of her husband of five years, who stared at her with the most loving look.

Inuyasha grinned as Kagome swung back and forth while cupping her blossoming stomach. Her yellow sundress lifted slightly as a nice summer breeze caressed their bodies.

"How are Sango and Miroku?" Inuyasha asked as he sat down and put one arm around her shoulder and the other hand intertwining with hers on her stomach.

"Sango says everyone is doing fine though the twins are a handful," Kagome snickered, "she also said one day she's just going to fly out here dump Miroku and be with the new two men in her life."

Inuyasha laughed thinking of how he could actually see Miroku knocking on his door smiling sheepishly.

"Yea, I think just my two babies will be a handful," Kagome said as she watched the trees sway as if dancing in the wind.

"TWO? We are not having twins are we?" Inuyasha gulped and stared at his giggling wife.

"No, honey you're my other baby!" Kagome laughed harder as Inuyasha pouted silently.

Kagome leaned back into her lovers embrace as she thought of what had happened since she had left New York., where her best friend still lived.

Inuyasha had asked Kagome to marry her a few months after getting together, though it was sudden, she had agreed happily. Miroku had popped the question to Sango two months after their wedding.

Sango got pregnant with twins soon after their wedding and nine months later they had welcomed two beautiful baby boys into the world. And of course Kagome and Inuyasha were the godparents as Sango and Miroku were going to be after the birth of their child.

Sango and Miroku had decided to stay in the bustling city while Kagome and Inuyasha decided to move farther south to live in the country.

They had moved to a gorgeous ranch with a couple of acres of land to go with it; where rolling hills painted the picture of true happiness all around them.

Inuyasha still couldn't believe he had an incredibly sexy wife who was five months pregnant with their first child. He was beyond lucky to have both Kagome and his soon to be baby gracing his life with their beauty.

Inuyasha knew Kagome wanted a little girl but what she didn't know was that he wanted one to. He smiled because Kagome thought he wanted a son, though that we would be wonderful also, he wanted a Daddy's little girl.

Kagome braced herself on the side of the swing as she held her stomach while slowly standing up. She grimaced thinking how pathetic she probably looked, but that was ok cause she still had her old gun somewhere just in case Inuyasha decided to make a comment on her appearance.

While her weight continued to bloom higher her face got rounder and her cheeks got rosier, and she felt embarrassed because she thought she looked like a plump version of her mother. Though she did love the glow she had, a mother's glow. It made her so happy knowing she was going to be a mother!

Inuyasha helped Kagome into the house as the sun was slowly setting behind them, gracing their backs with a wonderful warmth that made them both smile and turn. And as dusk turned to night a very happy couple snuggled on the couch eating Kagome's new favorite food, pickles, ice-cream, and mustard as Inuyasha wrinkled his nose but smiled in endearment.

"I'm so lucky I have you," Inuyasha whispered in her ear.

"Shh I'm eating!" Kagome snapped as she continued to eat.

Inuyasha smiled and shook his head, Kagome always got so testy when someone talked her while eating now a days. But that was ok with him because he loved to just look at her.


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