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It was weird. Here I am, at the anime convention, dressed as Sakura from Naruto and yet I'm buying a replica of Sakura's star necklace. Sakura from CardCaptor Sakura. Weird. Maybe I'm just weird for finding that weird. That could be it. Now that looks like a very interesting booth, I thought to myself as I walked over. The booth was run by two people dressed up as Kiminrio Watanuki and Yuko Ichinhara from XXX Holic. A great manga by the way. As I reach the booth, I get an odd feeling. No one else is looking at this booth. Which is odd in it's self, after all, this is an anime convention. Someone other then me would have noticed this booth. They might even think it's a gift from god. I wouldn't put it past some of these people. It takes me a minute to realize Yuko is speaking to me.
"Welcome to our shop."
"A shop that grants wishes?" I ask sarcastically, but I notice once again how everyone continues to walk by. Weird.
"Yes." She replies just as seriously as before. I feel a certain dread coming on. "No need to worry. This is all a part of hitsuzen. I'm correct in assuming you know what that means?"
I find I can only nod and dumbly repeat the definition that I've for some reason committed to memory. "Hitsuzen, a naturally foreordained event. A state in which other outcomes are impossible. A result which can only be obtained by a single causality, and other causalities would necessarily create different results."
"Then you know I can grant your wish with a payment of something of great value." Yuko states.
"But you don't know what my wish is." I reply. "You don't know anything about me."
"Oh, but I do." She says with a smile growing on her face. This cannot be a good sign. "I know that you truly believe that other dimensions exist, that magic is a real force in our world. I know that you feel hitsuzen is real to an extent. I'm also aware that you are uncomfortable in this dimension. That you don't belong here."
I stared at her. She was right of course. I really do believe in all the things she said. So what do I say? I know what she's going to ask next and I'm afraid, not of the question, but of the answer.
"You have a wish, and I can grant it. Do you want me to grant your wish?" There it was, the question that would change my life.
"Yes, I wish to have it granted." I find myself answering.
"Now for your payment. Your wish comes at a high price." She looks at me deeply and I start to think this could have been a mistake, but I know better than to try to talk myself out of it. "I'll take your favorite book."
"My favorite book?" I ask as I look into my backpack for the book she is referring to. I never go anywhere without it. Even though I've read it a thousand times, I never grow tried of it. I find the book and take it out. It's a little dog eared, but still in good condition. I hate having ruined books. It's the second book in a series, but it's my favorite one. The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. I hold it out to her. I feel sad that I have to give it away. I'll miss it greatly, even if I bought another copy it wouldn't be the same, for one thing, they don't make it with this cover anymore. I'll miss it but it's worth it for my wish to come true.
"Watanuki?" Yuko asks him as she takes my book from me.
"Will you bring me that box?" she asks pointing to a box at the corner of the booth. He mumbles something as he goes to get it.
"You'll take good care of my book, right?" I ask. I couldn't help it really.
"Of course, it's a treasure." She says with a smile.
"Thank you." I say and smile back.
"Here's your box." Watanuki states setting it down.
Yuko opens the box and takes out a black kitten. "This is your guide, Artemis." The black kitten looked up at the sound of her name, her bright green eyes full of intelligence.
"Hello." Artemis says. Now that is a shock, lucky for me I've seen so much anime that this doesn't completely freak me out. Completely being the key word in that sentence.
"Nice to me you." I said as calmly as I could. "I'm Sage." As I pick up the kitten I feel a warm glow surround us. The sound of waves fill my ears, but I manage to hear Watanuki ask Yuko what my wish was.
"To go to a dimension she truly belongs in." was the answer.

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