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Chapter 3 Amnesia.

"How do you know my name?" okay that was not supposed to be said out loud.

After I said it though, Kakashi gave me this look. It was a mixture of surprise and annoyance. As though I should know how he new the name I'd picked 5 minuets ago. And yes, that still is bothering me!

"We've met. In fact not only was I in charge of your Chunin exam, you came up to me and introduced your self as the girl that was going to kick everyone's ass." He answered with a board tone of voice but he was giving me a penetrating look with that eye of his. "You're kind of hard to forget after you say something like that."

"My, Chunin exam?" I admit that sounded stupid, but I'm so confused!

"Yes your Chunin exam, the one you passed with flying colors, and did in fact kick everyone's ass in." The look now has suspicion and even confusion in it. "You don't remember?"

"I…passed?" Yup my brilliant answerer is yet another question! I think I'm in shock… Do people know when they're in shock? Anyway I'm going back to my, this is a dream theory. There is no way this is happening. I look to Artemis for the answers, but she looks just as confused as I do. You know that's another thing, how in the world am I able to tell what she or Kakashi are thinking? It just seems obvious but it can't be that easy to read them.

"You don't remember?" Kakashi asks again breaking my train of thought. I found myself shaking my head as a negative. I'm also about to blurt out that I know next to nothing about what's going on. Of course at this moment Stalker boy has made his move. He's laughing at me. It's an evil laugh, and no I'm not over reacting. It's exactly like the laugh Dosselmeyer has.

"So the great Okami san can't remember, her own rank?" He asks mockingly. I give him my best glare, and I'm not the only one giving him death looks. Artemis and team 7 are too. Ha I win!

By the way, I do actually have amnesia. Hey I should tell Artemis that. Anyway I can't remember anything past three years ago. Hell I don't even know if Sage is my real name! I guess this helped my feelings of not fitting in, in my old world. Wow it's odd to think that.

"And who the hell are you that gives you the right to laugh at me?" I'm pissed and I'm ready to let this ass know just how pissed off I am. I don't like being laughed at for my amnesia, call it a sore spot if you well. For good measure I add, "Also stop following me, you have grapy stealth skills, and it's irritating to have an ugly shadow all day."

Oh I think I hit a sore spot on Stalker boy. He looks agitated, oh wait, now he's giving me a cocky grin. Jerk. "You don't remember me, must have hit your head on your last mission. Is that why you took so long, forgot your way home?" can you believe he's continuing to mock me!

I've had enough and before I completely realize what I'm doing, I sprint with a speed I didn't know I processed. My foot connects with his smirking face nicely before he can even react. I feel the other's eyes on me, but I'm in a state of satisfaction and confusion to really react to it.

"I'll get you for that!" Stalker boy snarls at me as he wipes the blood off his chin. I roll my eyes at him, it's a bluff really. I now know that I have speed, but I don't know anything beyond that. After all he could easily kill me, especially considering he's a ninja, and ninja kill people.

"Enough Sukoshi san, you've cause too many problems today." Kakashi intervenes not even looking up from his book. "Okami chan has to make her report to the Hokage now."

Sukoshi, AKA Stalker boy gave us one last glare before going on his marry way and I stick my tongue out at his retreating back. Hey I won after all, although Artemis has hit me with her paw again for my rude behavior. I glare at her. She was no help in this at all.

After a moment of silence Naruto breaks it with a question. "How could Okami be a Chunin? She's our age for crying out loud!"

"She's been a Chunin since she was ten." Kakashi states as he walks away.

Naruto and I have the same reaction, shouting what or in my case how at the top of our longs.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow at me along with giving me a cross between quizzical and death look. Sakura had look confused before she noticed Sasuke looking at me. She instantly changed to furious. It's scary I tell you! The vibes of hate are unbearable. So I get away from her as quickly as possible.

"Wait! You know me right?" I question Kakashi, having caught up to him in my attempt to escape Sakura's wrath. "Then could you tell me what Stalker boy, I mean Sukoshi san was talking about? And what is your name? Or should I keep calling you, You?"

"My name is Hatake Kakashi." He answered looking at me out of the corner of his eye, "Sorry, but I don't what your mission was."

"Oh, am I really a Chunin?" I feel this need to keep asking until he tells me he's lying. It's Kakashi after all he lies all the time in the manga.

"How ca you not know if you're a Chunin or not?" Naruto demanded.

"Easy, I think I have amnesia." I say with a smile, yup I'm at the point were the hole thing is ridiculous. Come on talking cats, crazy stalker, Naruto giving me the, you're crazy look. It all points to me having fallen asleep in the arcade at the convention! I'm about to nod to my self knowingly, luckily my talking kitten prevented me from doing that by batting me with her paw again. I think she can read my mind, that or she just likes hitting me.

"You think you have it?" Naruto asks, yup he's giving me the, you're crazy look.

"Well yeah, I can only remember my name, the village's name, and little facts, nothing big, just stuff about ranks and theories on chakra." I give him a smile; after all I know I've confused him. It's fun really, I highly recommend confusing Naruto. "Hey, what's your name anyway?"

Okay clearly I know their names, but I'm not supposed to, right? "Uzamki, Naruto." He states proudly, "I'm going to be Hokage one day so don't you forget it!" Yup I smile.

"I wish you luck!" Yup even if I'm dreaming some one other then Iruka should be able to give Naruto encouragement, "It's a great dream you should peruse it."

Awe they are now giving me the three headed dog look. Yup cause Sakura and Sasuke were listing in and all three have decided I'm a nut job. Go me! Oh but Kakashi is doing that one eye smile of his! You have no idea how happy this makes me! Wait who am I talking to? Oh right my self. Dose that mean I have no idea how happy I am? Hum best leave that train of thought for later.

"So what are your names?" I ask Sakura and Sasuke. Hey might as well ask every one.

"Honora, Sakura."

"Uchiha, Sasuke."

"Nice to meet you I'm Tenshi Okami, and this is my kitten Artemis." I inform them holding out Artemis, who is glaring at me. I don't know why it'd be rude not to introduce my "guide".

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