Akane held onto her mother as tightly as possible, as they both lay in the middle of the street. Akane feared to move, the shock of the whole incident creating a terrible static in her mind that kept her from realizing the warm pool that was forming against her back. The girl of sweet sixteen scrunched her eyes tighter, still in disbelief of the whole ordeal. The cacophany in the background seemed like the buzzing of angry bees, accompanied by the shrills of hundreds of ghosts and demons that had come to witness the event in the grasp of the forboding and ominous night.


There was no response, but Akane still refused to open her eyes, "Mom?" This time, her pleading was accompanied by her arms tightening around the woman's torso, as she lay on top of her.

Eventually, the sounds around her drew closer, almost as if the angry spirits now saught to close in and claim her. Feeling the panic finally began to make it's presence known, Akane's voice grew frantic, as her eyes opened, only to stare at he parent, "Mom? MOM!"

Mohagany eyes stared back at Akane dispassionately, concentrated only on her, locked only onto the girl's face in a manner greatly intimidating and frightening. In the back of Akane's mind, she understood intellectually what that stare ment, but it wasn't possible, her mother's grip was too strong on her. The woman that gave birth to her held onto the daughter with a determination that only a parent could realize for their child... perhaps even beyond life...

"MOM!!! MOOMMM!!" Akane began to scream, finally allowing her concern to rule her. She rolled her mother over, still clinging to one another, and then Akane noticed.

The blood, there was so much blood.

The demons and ghosts were upon her now, grasping and clawing at her, seeming to rip her soul to pieces. Akane shouted, wildly kicking away any that came in contact with her, still focusing on her mother. Akane was too hindered to fight proficiently, while the cherished woman in her arms remained clinging fast to her daughter. the spirits and evil beings around her finally separated the two women, finding the older woman's strength even then far greater than the younger's panicked and determined fighting.. When it was finally managed, Akane was able to see her mother in full...

Her anguished scream echoed all the way to the black, starless sky.