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Chapter 1

Fifth period was always the most boring of all her classes. Science, I mean, who really needs to know how to mix chemicals? Well, maybe scientists do, but she didn't plan on being one. The teachers monotone voice didn't help much either. Mr. Young, who was probably alive when the dinosaurs died out, (A/N: ironic, huh? He use to be my science teacher. I thought he fit perfectly into this story with his monotone voice and everything), decided that today was the perfect day to give one of his lectures on something or another.

As he began to drone on about the fascinating (coughyeah rightcough) subject of molecules, most of class prepared themselves for a long, long period. About half of the students used this time to catch up on their much needed sleep, while the rest either talked to their neighbors or doodled on their paper.

Videl looked over to her right to see Gohan diligently taking notes, or so she thought. Upon further inspection, she saw him writing a note, but not on the teachers lecture. Just as she started reading it, he looked up at her and gave her the famous Son grin. She could feel her heart beat quicken and her cheeks redden so she gave him a quick, small smile of her own before she turned away again.

After a few more minutes, she was finally able to calm down. She looked back over just as he finished. Once again, she tried casually to look at the paper by pretending to stretch. Half way through her stretch, Gohan turned to her again and smirked.

"If you want to read it THAT bad, you could've just asked. Besides, it is for you." Gohan said as he put the note in her outstretched hand. She grinned sheepishly and replied with a quick, "thanks." She opened it up and it read:

Dear Videl,

How's it going? Man, this class is so boring! What is he talking about? Molecules? Didn't we learn that last semester? Anyway, do you have any plans tomorrow? Bulma's having another one of her parties. You wanna go? It'll be way fun! I'll give you a call today when I get home. I've got the chibi's to take out camping tonight so I'll call you before I go. Hey, you could come with us to if you want. What do you say, wanna come?



Videl finished reading the note and started to scribble something at the bottom of the paper. She quickly finished up and passed it back to Gohan. He opened it up and started reading it.


I would love to come to Bulma's party! Her last one was great so I'm sure this one will be just as fun. Thanks for the invite! About the camping, I'm not sure. I'll have to come up with some excuse to tell my dad before I can go.



Gohan finished up just as the bell rang (A/N: I know, that was a short period, but I had to hurry it up a bit for the story to run smoothly. Oh, and by the way, it's a Friday in the story). He and Videl walked out together and headed for their lockers, which just so happen to be right next to each other. As they walked, they made their plans for their weekend.

"So, you gotta talk to your dad first?" Gohan asked.

"Yeah. I don't think he'd like it if I told him I was going camping with a boy, so I'm gonna have to make up something to tell him," Videl answered in return.

"Ok, cool. I got some stuff I got to take care of first anyway, so it all works out for the best! When should I stop by to pick you up?"

"Um, how about 5:00? I think I can convince my dad to let me out for the night by then and also have all my stuff ready, too."

"Great! 5:00 it is then. I know Goten sure will be glad to have you come. He sure does talk about you enough."

"Goten is such a cutie! I just love him! So, what kinda things does he say?" Videl asks as they reach their lockers.

Gohan puts his stuff in his locker and grabs the capsule with his lunch inside. He waits as Videl stuffs her things in and shuts her locker. He thinks about the many things Goten says, especially those about he and Videl getting married. 'He's got to stop listening to mom and her rantings!'he thinks as she looks up at him with a questioning gaze.

Gohan blushes and starts to walk toward their spot by the big tree. While they walk there he responds by saying, "Well...ah, you know, this and that. Just how much he likes you and how great you are. You know him."

"Ok Gohan, you're not telling me something. What'd he say?" Videl pursued.

They neared the tree to see Sharpner and Erasa sitting there, but there was something unusual about the way they were sitting. Suddenly, it dawned on the two nearing the tree, Erasa was sitting on Sharpner's lap!

Slowly, a smirk reached Gohan's face as he asked the two, "So how long has this been going on?" The two, who were starring at each other moments before, looked up startled, but calmed down when they saw Videl and Gohan.

"Gohan, my man! Did I say thank you enough? Well, thanks again!" Sharpner said to Gohan. Videl and Gohan took their seats next to the new couple and uncapsulized their lunch. Videl always got her lunch from the huge feast that Gohan brought as his "snack". At first, Gohan complained saying he wouldn't have enough food, but soon, he gave in and let Videl have as much and whatever she wanted.

Videl looked at Gohan before asking, "Gohan, what is he talking about? What does he have to thank you about?"

Gohan looked at her with a sheepish grin on his face. "Well, ah, you see, I, um...." he was cut off by Sharpner. "You mean, you don't know?! My man Gohan hooked me up with this oh so lovely girl in my lap."

"Sharpner, you flirt!" Erasa says as she leaned into him and gave him a kiss. After a little while, they had seemed to forget about their company. "We're still here you know!" Videl yelled to get their attention.

The two teens pulled away reluctantly. "Now, what the heck do you mean when you said Gohan hooked you two up finally?! I couldn't even do that!" Videl yelled once again.

Sharpner took this as his key to answer her question. "Well, you see, Gohan came up to me on Monday and said that he could tell I had it bad for Erasa. I was like shocked and I said like, he couldn't tell anyone! Then he was all like, I could help you get together with her. I was like, no way! Then, he said he would give me advice on how to, like, be a gentlemen. He said that, like, Erasa had told him once that, like, all the girls liked the gentlemen type. So, he taught me what to do, say, act, everything! Can you believe it? Gohan's a lady's man! He knew exactly what to do! I was like, shocked! It's as if he had lived here his whole life and not out in the mountains!"

Sharpner finished his rambling just as Gohan finished up with his share of lunch. Videl and Erasa both looked at Gohan in surprise. He grinned sheepishly once again and rubbed the back of his head in that Son way.

"YOU were the one who changed Sharpner into this totally lovable guy?! Wow Gohan! If I didn't have Sharpner, I'd so be after you now!" Erasa exclaimed in excitement.

"Geez you guys! It's no big deal! I mean, I just told him not to treat women like things, but as, um....." Gohan didn't finish by the fact that he was too caught up in his own embarrassment.

"You know what he said? He said, and I quote, 'you treat women like they are godesses, for they all are in their own way. But you never, I mean NEVER, treat them as possessions or things.' Yep, that's what he told me," Sharpner said as he also finished up the last of his rather small lunch. He grinned at Gohan and in return, Gohan gave him a quick glare.

The two girls turned to him in awe. It was obvious that they saw him differently now. "Wow Gohan, that was wonderful! It was like, Shakespear or something! That was beautiful!" Erasa said with hearts in her eyes.

Throughout this whole time, Videl had remained silent, surprised in how romantic Gohan was, especially without knowing it. 'Wow, he's so wonderful! He's so sweet and romantic and he doesn't even know that he is! Oh, I wish he was mine! What????!!!!! What am I thinking?! Well, I guess he is really cute and strong and perfect.....maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he was mine....' these thought went through Videl's mind before she shook her head to get rid of them. She turned to Gohan, her lunch also finished now, and said, "Wow Gohan, who would have ever thought! Where'd you learn all this from?"

Gohan, who was beyond embarrassed now, just shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, Videl. You told me once what every girl wanted in a guy and I kinda made my own conclusion from there. Besides, you know my dad, he was a great teacher. He taught me that every women out there was worthy of respect. I don't know though, I came here and met you guys and then there's my own mom, and I guess I just kinda figured all girls were like that...." He looked down with his face a crimson color.

Videl's face also was red, but not nearly as red as Gohan's. 'He's so sweet....' she thought. "Gohan, you are such a sweety! Such a charmer, too. The only thing to make you absolutely perfect is a perfect body," Erasa once again replied with the oh so familiar hearts in her eyes.

Just as the color started to drain from his face, he looked up, only for the color to return by the words Erasa had said. Videl looked at Erasa with an uneasy look. "What?" Erasa asked when she looked at Videl.

"Ok girl, you're so gonna have to tell me this one," Erasa once again said as she got up and pulled Videl off to the side so their conversation couldn't be heard.

"Ok girl, spill it. I know you're hiding something," Erasa said in her stern voice she uses hardly ever.

Videl looked at her. The red color started to return to her face again. She knew she had to tell Erasa something and it had to be the truth, too. Erasa some how knew when she wasn't telling the truth. " Well, you see Erasa, well, um, ah, Gohan doesn't have that bad of a body actually," she said.

Erasa looked surprised. Then her eyes narrowed and, once again, she used her stern voice to ask, "ok, I know you have it bad for Gohan. I also know that you're not telling me the whole truth."

Videl was about to argue and disagree when she thought better of it. "Ok Erasa, you got me. Yeah, I guess I do have it pretty bad for Gohan. I mean, how could you not! He's perfect! Man, I am so glad I've finally told someone!" Videl said to the surprise of Erasa. She knew Videl had liked Gohan ever since he first started school, but she didn't think Videl would finally admit to it.

"Ok, that answers one question, but you still haven't told me what you really thought of Gohan's body."

Videl smirked an evil smirk before excitedly saying, "With his shirt on, Gohan is extremely cute, but with his shirt off, he's ssssooo hot! Oh my gosh does he have a body to die for! You so wouldn't believe how well built he is. It's just something you have to see for yourself."

Erasa was shocked, to say the least. "Now this, I got to see!" Suddenly, Erasa got an idea. She excitedly whispered her plan to Videl which Videl agreed to quickly.

Once this was said, she dragged Videl back over to their lunching spot. Gohan gave Videl a questioning look, but she just shook her head. The bell rang and they headed for their next period together since the four of them had the last two classes together.

Sixth period went by fast and uneventfully. As the bell for seventh period rang, they headed off for P.E. Videl and Erasa nodded at each other before they went ahead of the guys saying they would meet up with them later. As the two girls reached the gym, they found the teacher sitting on the stage. They ran up to Mr. Stockey (A/N: also another old teacher of mine) and told him their idea for to do today in P.E. He agreed readily.

The boys came into the gym and looked for the girls only to find them talking to Mr. Stockey. They walked over to the girls and their teacher.

"What's up you guys? Why'd you ditch us like that?" Sharpner asked the two girls as the four of them walked over to the bleachers to take their seats.

"Oh, well, we just had something to talk to the teacher about and it was kinda personal, ya know?" Videl said in almost a bit of a rush. Erasa nodded her head in agreement. The boys looked at them, then seemed to buy their story.

"Ok kids, today we're gonna do something new. Since we don't want to make it unfair, we're just gonna have the guys play today, ladies will play tomorrow. So, let's start our game of basketball! Sharpner, you're captain one. James, you're captain two."

Many of the guys cheered at the announcement of their basketball game. Gohan just groaned and sank in his sit slightly. 'Just great, another sport where I have to hold back on my powers. This one's gonna be tough,' Gohan thought before getting up to join the rest of his male classmates.

Sharpner got his picks first. Seeing as to how he owed Gohan one, he figured he'd pick the guy first, make Gohan look good. Gohan jogged on over and waited for the rest of the picking to come to and end. As the last of the boys found their way to their team, Mr. Stockey stood up to make his final announcement before the start of the game.

"Alright kiddies, here's the deal. In order to tell your teammates apart from the other team, we're gonna have Sharpner's team go shirtless. If you've got a problem with that, then you can sit out and receive an F for the year. Are we all agreed?" Mr. Stockey looked out over the boys to see them all agree.

Gohan looked terrified. 'What?! Now everyone's gonna know I'm not so weak as they thought! They might even start asking questions! What if they figure out my secrets?! Well, I guess it's not so bad. I can finally stop the teasing and, who knows, maybe they'll all leave me alone after this.' Gohan smiled a very fleeting smile at the thought of being left alone for once. He looked around him to find the rest of his teammates had already taken their shirts off and were all looking to him. He looked up at the bleachers to see all the girls watching him in great anticipation. Finally, he looked to Erasa and Videl. They also seemed to be watching him cuntently, Videl with a smirk and Erasa with an anxious look.

He sighed one last time and slowly, almost teasingly, took his shirt off.......

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