She knew it was greedy. Shizuka couldn't really help it. To be honest, no one could really blame her. One was exciting and clever, full of tricks and surprises. The other was gentle and protective, always there to offer his support. So she played the part of the blushing innocent, neither accepting or rejecting their advances, but feigning unawareness of their affections.

Besides, it was fun watching them fight. She admitted to herself that part of her was flattered that two boys so different and attractive would fight for her attention. What Shizuka really enjoyed (and this was something she couldn't even think about without blushing) was how well they looked together. Such an interesting contrast of Honda's solid hazel and Otogi's flashing green. Honda pouncing and grappling the other to the ground, Otogi struggling and pushing back against him.

At first the fights were just that, a fight to prove one's true strength to the other. Shizuka understood, however, and watched the slow change that came over both of them. More and more of those scuffles ended with a friendly arm slung around the other's shoulder or a sheepish grin and apology. She wondered if they knew how much they were coming to appreciate the other's company.

The target of their affections remained Shizuka despite their growing camaraderie. It was getting harder to keep up the act. It might be a careless brush of a hand across her shoulder. Or those rare and precious moments when she saw an open and unguarded smile shared between them. Or with her. It was hard not to smile back at them.

She visited her big brother much more often now. It was so much fun to be with him and his friends. They would all met at the game shop and go play games at the arcade or duel in the park. Sometimes when everyone else was busy... sometimes it was easy to pretend it was just the three of them. Just her and Otogi and Honda.

Like the time when Honda wondered off in the park and returned with two ice cream cones. He handed one to her and started eating the other one himself. Otogi made a noise and looked slightly hurt. Then Honda tossed a small frozen juice bar at Otogi. It was a moment she treasured. Otogi's brief smile, so awkward and grateful. She sat nestled between them that day, sitting between two people she had come to care so very much about.

She knew it was greedy to want them both. Even more greedy to want them to want each other as well. If she ever told them... It could hurt so much. But the fun they could have together...

Just the three of them.